MY prayers to his family who must be heartbroken over his death. The world mourns the loss of his great heart and loving gentleness. We will laugh for years to come with a sense of sadness. Rest in the Peace you find out there among the stars in heaven. WE WILL MISS YOU. 



SO many changes here at WordPress.. I know it has been awhile since I last updated my blog here. The whole setup is new.Not sure how I will like it either.  I broke my own rule of blogging at least once a month. Time flies and you get busy and things happen.. many things. I can’t imagine blogging daily or even weekly any more. I guess I have just changed. Did Facebook influence that…yes it did. I can update there and reach a lot of people where here I cannot any more. 

Some of you know that Sis has been ill. It has been a roller coaster ride getting her back on track. So many hospital trips, different doctors and specialists. Her case is not an easy one. So now that things are progressing better,I feel I can focus on ME..


I am finally moving on.. I have waited for two years.. I have been on so many waiting lists for apartments I can’t remember where they all are. I got a call while standing in the ICU of a major hospital. I was watching them work on my sister at the time. I almost did not answer it, but I did. I was waiting for another call and thought it was them. The voice on the other end was surprising and asked me.. “Do you still need an apartment?” I explained I did and what was happening. She told me to call back. I sure needed that good news then. It came at a hard time but it was welcome.  So things are moving on slowly.. I am moving in things and finding things that were lost in storage. apt3 

It will take a while to do it all but I know I will be happy there. I will try and update more here and let you all know.  In the meantime.. 

ONE Special lady needs our prayers. OUR blogging friend from back in MSN SPACES days is facing another hard time with a hard illness and can use all the support and prayers you can give..BETH MARIE is her name and she can be found at her blog. Stop by and give her some love and encouragement. I know she will appreciate it.  Many Thanks!! 




DSCN8833Not sure what these are but they seem to be everywhere in our yard, I love the color of them. Trees are slowly blooming and tulips are up in some places. I can say I was surprised to see them having the winter we did. Last two nights frost warnings so many flowers have wilted some in the cold. I sure love to look at the trees but my allergies have other ideas. DSCN8864

Lots happening here trying to find a new place to live and move on is number one on my list these days. I guess when the right place comes along I will know it. Waiting is so hard though. I just don’t want to wait until fall or winter to move. Starting early and hoping it will get me someplace soon.

Good news is my latest tests at the eye doctor tell us the meds are working so my Glaucoma is being treated correctly. I am happy and hope it stays that way for a long time.

Here is the most darling photo of my niece’s boy at Easter.. he had a ball playing at our local park. We got to spend some time with him and he wore me out. Has so much energy I wish I could bottle that stuff and use it sometime. DSCN0022

Took flowers to the cemetery and fixed it up nicely for Memorial day. I added some of those solar lights in the pots of flowers. It seems that lots of people are doing that here. Lanterns, figurines of all kinds and even some hanging ones. Nice to drive by at night and see all the lights shining. They look great!

Not much more from here, hope you all have a wonderful, safe memorial-day





Easter Egg tree 3

Easter egg ornaments on a tree.. Would you have the patience to add that many? The guy that does this lives in Germany and is 76 years old. Go here for more info on this beautiful apple tree full of real blown egg ornaments. I am just amazed. Here in the USA weather being crazy like it is..most of the ornaments would be so wind blown..I am afraid of what the tree would look like before Easter came.

Stuff happening here but not a lot I can talk about right now, GOOD things though and I will share when I can. I am hoping we are over the shoveling part of our spring weather and into the umbrella stage. Hope you all have a great SPRING and EASTER. 

P.S. Sending my prayers to our blog friend TOODIE in the sale of her home and move back to WISCONSIN.



March blew in and with it COLD and more SNOW. Goodness we just cannot seem to get rid of it. My driveway is pure ice now, Despite the warm ups it froze up hard and is treacherous to maneuver. I take an ICE pick with me to make my venture to the mailbox across the road to the right of the driveway. I have a cell phone in my pocket in case I fall and no one sees me. It is a winter I won’t soon forget and I hope it leaves SOON. The white is so tiring..I wonder now how folks really do it living in the northern countries. White is boring. DSCN9937The fence on the right is almost covered now and the snow is over knee-deep. Some is shoveled that direction and some just drifted there. Soon the warmer temps will come and the crocus will begin to pop up. RIGHT NOW, they must be very confused. Below is March 2012. I sure hope we see some of these by late April. 




WHAT!!, did you miss something.. no..not really…YES, I know I am quite early..but I can’t take the horrid cold and white color everywhere. I want some color, some reds and blues and yellows. I decided to move my spring up a notch. The flowers are red,the bush is a blooming Quince. We had one in our yard at our old home as long as we lived there. It does bear fruit but ours never did get where we could use them. The local kids would get them off the bush and throw them at each other, because they were so hard.  Even the critters would not eat them. The blossoms are just beautiful though. 

Every additional inch of that white STUFF we are getting makes me just cringe and getting stuck in a bank of it over my knees didn’t help. Here I am trying like crazy to shovel my way out of it, laughing in a way, because it had been literally decades since that had last happened to me. In my boots, in my clothes..cold white stuff melting on my socks. ICK! The furnace exhaust pipe had to be free of anything in front of it. The ice had piled up so high it was nearly blocking it. So someone had to trudge through that mountain of white and get it cleared. That was me. I just did not take into consideration how high the drifts were. TOO darn high.Snow Enough already Cartoon_thumb[1]

Seems everyone is screaming surrender here..the only exception is this guy..Snow-PlowHe is making tons of overtime pay covering up our mailboxes and driveways that we just cleared out. I have given the high sign to many although I know they are just doing their jobs. The local drivers are making money too..lots of it for about five minutes work. Our drive, being a long one, has been plowed at least three or four times compared to NONE in the past 5 years. We have a machine but some of the stuff we have been getting is just too much for it. We are all crying UNCLE that is for sure. 

SO I am done with my rant..I am done with the white stuff I won’t mention its ugly name. I am positive I am not alone on this either. It has been a relentless winter this year. I will wear my four layers of clothes and dream of warmer days..not hot..just warmer..I would even take 40 or 50 degrees.. that would beat our 20 below wind chills for sure.  Sooooo I will leave you with..

STAY WARM AND WELL out there in blogland..