Easter Egg tree 3

Easter egg ornaments on a tree.. Would you have the patience to add that many? The guy that does this lives in Germany and is 76 years old. Go here for more info on this beautiful apple tree full of real blown egg ornaments. I am just amazed. Here in the USA weather being crazy like it is..most of the ornaments would be so wind blown..I am afraid of what the tree would look like before Easter came.

Stuff happening here but not a lot I can talk about right now, GOOD things though and I will share when I can. I am hoping we are over the shoveling part of our spring weather and into the umbrella stage. Hope you all have a great SPRING and EASTER. 

P.S. Sending my prayers to our blog friend TOODIE in the sale of her home and move back to WISCONSIN.



March blew in and with it COLD and more SNOW. Goodness we just cannot seem to get rid of it. My driveway is pure ice now, Despite the warm ups it froze up hard and is treacherous to maneuver. I take an ICE pick with me to make my venture to the mailbox across the road to the right of the driveway. I have a cell phone in my pocket in case I fall and no one sees me. It is a winter I won’t soon forget and I hope it leaves SOON. The white is so tiring..I wonder now how folks really do it living in the northern countries. White is boring. DSCN9937The fence on the right is almost covered now and the snow is over knee-deep. Some is shoveled that direction and some just drifted there. Soon the warmer temps will come and the crocus will begin to pop up. RIGHT NOW, they must be very confused. Below is March 2012. I sure hope we see some of these by late April. 




WHAT!!, did you miss something.. no..not really…YES, I know I am quite early..but I can’t take the horrid cold and white color everywhere. I want some color, some reds and blues and yellows. I decided to move my spring up a notch. The flowers are red,the bush is a blooming Quince. We had one in our yard at our old home as long as we lived there. It does bear fruit but ours never did get where we could use them. The local kids would get them off the bush and throw them at each other, because they were so hard.  Even the critters would not eat them. The blossoms are just beautiful though. 

Every additional inch of that white STUFF we are getting makes me just cringe and getting stuck in a bank of it over my knees didn’t help. Here I am trying like crazy to shovel my way out of it, laughing in a way, because it had been literally decades since that had last happened to me. In my boots, in my clothes..cold white stuff melting on my socks. ICK! The furnace exhaust pipe had to be free of anything in front of it. The ice had piled up so high it was nearly blocking it. So someone had to trudge through that mountain of white and get it cleared. That was me. I just did not take into consideration how high the drifts were. TOO darn high.Snow Enough already Cartoon_thumb[1]

Seems everyone is screaming surrender here..the only exception is this guy..Snow-PlowHe is making tons of overtime pay covering up our mailboxes and driveways that we just cleared out. I have given the high sign to many although I know they are just doing their jobs. The local drivers are making money too..lots of it for about five minutes work. Our drive, being a long one, has been plowed at least three or four times compared to NONE in the past 5 years. We have a machine but some of the stuff we have been getting is just too much for it. We are all crying UNCLE that is for sure. 

SO I am done with my rant..I am done with the white stuff I won’t mention its ugly name. I am positive I am not alone on this either. It has been a relentless winter this year. I will wear my four layers of clothes and dream of warmer days..not hot..just warmer..I would even take 40 or 50 degrees.. that would beat our 20 below wind chills for sure.  Sooooo I will leave you with..

STAY WARM AND WELL out there in blogland.. 




JUNE 24th 2005  that is the day I began blogging. I am in my 9th year. I have had 2800 posts with almost 15,000 comments and 74,000 views over those 9 years.  I can hardly believe it!! It was at MSN that blogging started.  Something new I could do while learning more about a computer. Boy did it take off. I had an old used computer loaned from a friend and I named it RUPERT after Rupert Bonham  who was a player on Survivor, one of my favorite shows. I started from scratch on dial-up and very slowly learned how to use it and made friends in the cyber world. I made daily trips to the library to learn all I could about how computers work. There the computers were so much faster. I soaked it all in like a sponge. Blogging is not like it used to be, a close intimate community of caring people. Our own little family. As the years have passed I have blogged about events in the world and my life and its up and downs. A way to express my thoughts and goals in life. I am so grateful to have this way of communicating with others. I have had three desktop computers, two laptops and now the tablet. Times are changing and I post a lot less than I used to. It seems life is quicker with Facebook. I will try to post more this new year. Share whatever is on my mind. 


Today the ice from 1/2 inch of rain over the snow is keeping me from getting out and about. Yesterday our satellite dish went out because of the snow piled on it. The rep on the phone said..” we can send someone out to check it for a fee” ..ahh NO thanks.. the drifts of snow are up to your hind parts and the dish is on the ROOF.  Hard getting to the roof to get it off..the rain helped melt it off though.. just what we needed.  One wonders if it will freeze over and then no more tv for awhile. Life goes on. Went to the mailbox, hadn’t had mail in four days..it was covered by the snow plows throwing snow. They won’t deliver mail if they cannot get to it. The neighbors box  was thrown off, ours survived. Sis shoveled it out took almost an hour. Snow was about two feet deep. WHEW..winter is wild and scary this year. I thank God for our snow thrower. It worked like a charm and we have saved many back aches. I have drunk more hot chocolate, tea and hot soup than any other winter I can remember. I guess along with getting older we seek the things that comfort us don’t we!!

dividerI start 2014 and hope for goals to be conquered and life to get better. I hope you all have luck with all your dreams for the new year too. 



SO what new toy did you get for Christmas?? I got a new 8 inch tablet and must say I use my laptop a lot less than I used to. If you had told me this a month ago I would have told you that you were crazy. NOT use my laptop..not possible!! No way! When I finally turned it back on nine whole days had passed.. N I N E !! I can do everything on my tablet that I can do on my laptop ALMOST.. and a lot faster.. some things are best left to using a more secure computer though including blogging.  Guess I have been behind the times a whole lot, if I had known what I know NOW..I would have done it a lot sooner.

ANYWAY here is hoping you all have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!! 






Well here it is December!!  I managed to get through a bad bout with a  Bronchitis type virus that lasted from November well into December. Talk about hanging on. Pretty weak and confined to home, I am on the mend finally.Praying it doesn’t come back again. Snow has come and hard to think about venturing out in the frigid air. 

 Missed our Thanksgiving dinner this year. I had most of the ingredients just none of the appetite for it. Saving it for Christmas this year I guess. Hard to get into the swing of getting ready for the holiday.. I have little energy and no appetite for the cookies and goodies.  Guess I better get a move on as time waits for no one. I bought Sis a cover for her windshield. It is a dandy…works like a charm.I highly recommend it.  No more scraping the frost or ice off it at nearly midnight when she gets off work. Santa had a great idea there for sure.                                                      cocoa1

Cold snap is across the nation and seems everyone is involved in one way or another. Anything we can do to help ourselves is a good thing. I got extra batteries when I finally got out of the house so just in case we lose power we are all set. Speaking of losing power..  our Microwave lost its will to live. Poor thing had been working daily almost 10 years!!  Back in those days you bought one to last! Now days they have a life of about a year,  if we are lucky. We got a new one and it seems to be doing the job. I had to revert back to the OLDEN DAYS of heating things on the STOVE.. boiling potatoes and making cocoa on the stove like MOM did it back in the 50′s. I was still amazed at the TIME it takes and how a machine like a microwave helps move us along a lot quicker. God bless that inventor for sure!!

Well not much more from around here. Hope you and yours have a truly blessed Christmas.