Summer is not officially here but it sure feels like it. Dig out the flip-flops and sun hats and many lotions to keep us from burning up. We have had a ton of rain here, more than what we really need, and things are pretty saturated but these kids took advantage of the sunny warm day and had a ball.When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler?? A very long time for me. I felt bad, in a way, because so many are suffering in California with a bad drought. The waste of water would be hurtful to all those who are having to conserve every drop. Where I live we do not pay for the water and technically we are not supposed to waste it, but fun is fun as long as it’s just once in a while.  CIMG2733

CIMG2730So also seen this week was this.. shocking…

blue lipsYes, blue lips.. they kinda took me off guard. I am not used to this new trend of bright unusual colors on lips.I have seen people on television wear all colors but not up close.  We are living in 2015, the trends are all over the place. Retro clothing like bell bottoms  paisley and platform shoes from the 70’s is back. I just don’t remember us using the purple,blue, black,green lips back then. Can you tell I am old and set in my ways?? It seems June is flying by someone last week posted that CHRISTMAS is only 27 weeks away. I prefer to keep summer alive.. have fun!!wish_you_were_here




CIMG2506This series of plates I saw at the Goodwill store and HAD TO HAVE.. Lyrics to Amazing Grace. Love the clouds.. I dedicated it all to Beth Marie and they hang in my dining area.

On the same trip I bought a candle.. an EMPTY candle. It was big enough that I could replace the inside with another candle. I am really “into” shells right now so this large one I could not resist. It smells like vanilla.


Mostly all I saw this week was 3 days and nights of  loud machines and wet carpet and plenty of work cleaning up a big mess.My apartment was the only one with a lot of damage.  Plumbers took 8 hours to clean out a tree root lined sewer that clogged up our entire building. It was HOT, noisy and stinky. Glad it is over and I did not have to pay the huge bill!!






It was sunny out and I sat and watched the clouds drift by in the sky. You came into my mind. Oh how I would miss you. I will miss your wisdom and humor and advice. I prayed that soon you would not be in pain.

When I started my blogging 10 years ago, you helped me in so many ways. I had no idea what I was doing. I do know that we all got pretty close and became a sort of “Family” of bloggers. This was BEFORE Facebook, so mostly we kept in touch daily from our blogs. You were my close friend…. but more like a “Sis” to me. You sent me encouragement and support when life dealt me so many hard blows. Your phone calls and gifts were so very special. I will cherish them forever.


This morning you left us here in this place and we grieve for the loss but do know in our hearts.. as you always said…


 “When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe one of two things: there will be earth upon which to stand, or you will be given wings to fly.” 









First attempt at making a fake flower arrangement for outdoors.. I have changed it THREE times.. don’t know what the problem is with me .. but anyway.. had to bring it inside…weather changed and SNOW fell. I KID YOU NOT it got cold and stormy and very windy. Most everyone else took all the outdoor things inside too. Those are large shells I placed in the planter.. just can’t get enough of the beach I guess. CIMG2418CIMG2420Picked up a nice photo of Daytona Beach at sunrise for 1$. Framed and signed with date and what the photo was. Nice to know its origin. I liked the frame first BEFORE I knew what it was. Yes, it’s a little rippled in the frame so your eyes are OKAY!! ;-)

CIMG2441Poor neighbor’s garden had no idea SNOW was about to show up again. The flowers are drooping but still there. CIMG2447Snow clouds and covering the roof of the building across the way.. April 22. Last year we had temps in the 80’s!





REBLOGGING this in memory of my brother.. gone now 24 years but not forgotten.

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MY younger brother DAVID  has been gone  22 years now. It seems even longer to me  than that. It seems like only yesterday that  I was living in Ca. and had not been back to Michigan in 7 years.  Jobs and money always got in the way of coming back to visit. Life happens you get busy and you lose track of what is important. On that April morning I heard a knock on my door, it was very early in the morning.  I thought that it was odd so early in the day to be awakened. It was my aunt..she had come to deliver the bad news, that my brother had died in a car accident. It was a shock to my soul. I could hardly stand up. I sat…

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