updownSINCE moving to my new place over a year ago, I have learned that there are truly two separate kinds of tenants..the upstairs people and the downstairs people. Some would LOVE to be living downstairs but can’t because there were no openings at the time they rented. SOME took upstairs apartments and have not been happy since. Some rented downstairs, for many reasons, but are not happy because of WHO is living above them. You just cannot win sometimes. 

Downstairs people seem to commiserate over the noise and the fact that someone is always walking over the top of them. Upstairs people complain that it is too hot “up here” and the tenant downstairs runs their heat high or tv too loud. It is always something. 

stair-clipart-STAIRSWhy can’t people just be tolerant of others? Who knows..but if I was not happy  I think I would just MOVE some place else. I would not sit and complain over every little thing. I hate packing and moving though..just hate it and would avoid it at all costs. I unpacked right away..when I got here. I don’t know where everything is exactly but I think I am getting a handle on it now. What brought this whole thought on was a person from another building who stopped me in the parking lot. She said “How are you doing with your new tenants? Mine are nice.” I said..” is what it is, you get what you get.” “Well if they cause you any trouble, report them to the manager.” She has lived here a long time and I guess she has seen a lot of people move in and out. She knows what things occur. I say don’t look for trouble..just go with the flow until something happens. THAT is just what I am doing.

CAN you guess what I am an UPSTAIRS or DOWNSTAIRS person??? (some of you will know ;-) )



If there was no FACEBOOK I guess I would be spending my days here at my blog. Lately I have had times when my log in page at Facebook says.. “SORRY something went wrong we are working on it and hope to get it fixed as soon as we can”. It is almost always in the middle of the day. Is this a sign to stop using Facebook so much?Do we panic and wonder what to do with our time? The world without Facebook.. what would it be like? Twitter would be over run with tweets and probably CRASH.

facebook Oh I have cut back on my hours on-line and give my mind and self a break a lot lately. It is for my own good.

readI am reading books more and enjoying the quiet time. I sure hope kids NEVER forget that real books can open the mind to all sorts of possibilities. Libraries are wonderful places for young and old. I enjoy not hearing about the latest ISIS attack or politics and who did what to who. A simpler life is much better for me all the way around. 

It says it is almost the end of September. The leaves are still green here and the trees full. Up north some color can be found but we are at least two full weeks behind last year. I am enjoying this Indian Summer weather it cannot last long enough in my book. Winter is long in Michigan. Hope you all are enjoying the season.




autumn blessingsI cannot believe I almost let August go by without one entry here.Autumn is right around the corner.  I guess I have been busy getting through the hot days and nights of summer. Gone are the blogging days when we never missed a day to post what was happening in our world. Facebook and twitter are so immediate to everyone blogs take a back seat. It’s been 10 years now since that horrible hurricane  Katrina reached our gulf coast states and destroyed so many lives. I add this photo here. It was something that I could not believe. A stadium full of people who were trying to survive in the floods that occurred that day. dome20evacueesTen years later things are better but not back to total normal. Many homes will never be rebuilt and many moved away and relocated. Here is a link to a good report of how things are going now.

Here in my neighborhood..People are moving in and out in a pretty good pace here in the complex. We have had a weird summer of cold days and then really hot days. The local county fair came and went and the farmer’s market is loaded with vendors selling the last of their crop for the year. Soon apple and pumpkins will take over. Just didn’t seem like the summer lasted long enough this year…I dread the long long winter months. So for now I will just keep this here as  a reminder..beach












ONE whole year since I moved into my place. How hot and steamy I recall that week.The smell of the fresh enamel,and new carpet. It was a joyful time. Wondering how I would furnish this new place, gathering things one by one, it became HOME. I have redone the cabinets and the closets at least twice. I am still finding lost items since 2011. It was a thrill to know I still HAD some of them. DSCN6573   I got on a nautical theme while shopping for a painting to go on my pure white walls. It changed everything..I loved the sea so I brought it inside with me. DSCN6724I was reading a Fung Shui book which told me that shells were very good and brought good luck so I placed them everywhere and made my place more beach friendly.I got candles and arranged displays and it all came together nicely. CIMG2290 I never dreamed that within that year I would deal with two more managers, a flooded bathroom and bedroom, a broken window, and  having to replace the garbage disposal. Birds who refused to give up nesting under the siding beside my patio and dive bombing me every time I stepped outside.The maintenance man Aaron started calling me “troublemaker” after his third visit to stop the birds from nesting.  Seemed no one else was having as many problems as me. The lady who lived in my apt stayed here for 25 years, and she rarely let anyone keep things going so lots had to be redone. Good for me I got all new things, bad for Aaron. quakehousegraphicAnd then there were 2 very unusual earthquakes. It blows my mind. We never have those in Michigan but now we do. Walls and cabinets rattling it reminded me of my years in California. Yes, life here is full of changes and change is good, it keeps me on my toes. Today the manager called and I get my new window tomorrow. It has been two and a half months since this whole thing started. Now I have to deal with all that duct tape I put on it to keep my air conditioner in the window. Well at least that is an easy fix. Wondering what is next…guess I will wait and see.



Summer is not officially here but it sure feels like it. Dig out the flip-flops and sun hats and many lotions to keep us from burning up. We have had a ton of rain here, more than what we really need, and things are pretty saturated but these kids took advantage of the sunny warm day and had a ball.When was the last time you ran through a sprinkler?? A very long time for me. I felt bad, in a way, because so many are suffering in California with a bad drought. The waste of water would be hurtful to all those who are having to conserve every drop. Where I live we do not pay for the water and technically we are not supposed to waste it, but fun is fun as long as it’s just once in a while.  CIMG2733

CIMG2730So also seen this week was this.. shocking…

blue lipsYes, blue lips.. they kinda took me off guard. I am not used to this new trend of bright unusual colors on lips.I have seen people on television wear all colors but not up close.  We are living in 2015, the trends are all over the place. Retro clothing like bell bottoms  paisley and platform shoes from the 70’s is back. I just don’t remember us using the purple,blue, black,green lips back then. Can you tell I am old and set in my ways?? It seems June is flying by someone last week posted that CHRISTMAS is only 27 weeks away. I prefer to keep summer alive.. have fun!!wish_you_were_here