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I am taking part in a spaces cherished childhood toys event today.
I am fortunate to have a mom who is still able to remember back that far and she told me some stuff that amazed me!
Don’t ask why, but when I was very small I attached myself to a, what I think now is ugly, stuffed monkey. That thing got dragged everywhere.I would not even sleep without it nearby.I am still laughing thinking about this.. So I looked on E-bay and low and behold here it is..are you ready for this…. ugly right??
Well anyway she said that later on about 8 yrs old, I left that and went into the more finer things in life and was unable to part with my tea set. Yep I am the one who is still in love with dishes and such even to this day..It all started with this setMy mom had a whole set too and my sister and I would play tea party for years and years with this one.According to e-bay its worth only 30$ today but to me its priceless!! Now I don’t know if you can call a tea set a toy but I think I cherish it more than the stupid monkey..!! I still have the tea set and found the monkey recently when I was getting ready for a garage sale.
Boy that monkey has seen it’s day..but the china set is in perfect conditon in its original box!! Which one do you think I cherished the most???   Can you remember what your most favorite toy was???? If you can remember I will just bet you can find a picture of it..I found a picture of this ugly monkey..there are so many things that we cherished as a child that are stuck in our memories. Thanks Sassene for a trip down memory lane..Check out her site for more cherished childhood toys…maybe you have one too!!!  Her space is listed here!!


This space has the most wonderful writing and photos. I was on a space-walk this morning and was just amazed….you must check her out if you love will love this site! Here is one of her photos>>>>>>>>..


WOW  it really is a cool day here in Michigan..we had temps in the 50’s this morning..I wondered why I could breathe it easier..yep that’s cold air! It has been so long since we have seen these  lows that I really appreciate what we have. I was out on my space-walk this morning and I stopped by this space..I think there are some lessons learned there for sure….check out his space if you can today.

maxine67gh.jpgwellHAVe a Good Day!!!, i should go. i need to sit under some hot water


Well well…Mamacita has got herself a new baby in the house
and his name is COLIN…awwwwwww congrats Mama..I thought I was the only one who named her computer!!!!

And it was on sale, too.

Why look, it’s Mamacita with her new computer!

Wow, she sure looks happy.

She’s been online for almost an hour and hasn’t been kicked offline once!

Tomorrow she’s going to start putting all her MP3’s on her new hard drive.

Look at that smile; she must really love her new computer.

His name is Colin.


If you are in the U.S.A or anywhere its hot today..keep cool anyway you can. I know this weather seems to affect everyone
in different ways. It so oppressive that I tend to stay indoors and wait it out. I know there are those who dont have the choice they have to work in it and have no shelter from it. Take care out there and shall we all get through it the best way we can. If I was close to a beach I might just do it this way…..42-15213967 - Two children with swimming belt in surf, (Miami Beach, Florida, USA)but I think I will just stay cool this way…Image Preview !!! Photos by yahoo imagest0030ue.gifKEEP COOL!!!