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Trick or Treat !!!!











Halloween weekend










Survivor Update

This week both teams had a large puzzle reward challenge
that resulted in Yaxha winning and getting a chocolate covered
dessert fantasy. They left the jungle with some of the chocolates in hand and returned to their camp. It was a birthday for one tribe member that prompted a visit to the Nakum camp and an offer of fellowship for the afternoon at the Yaxha camp complete with leftover chocolates and use of the swimming hole. Some members of the Nakum tribe went reluctantly and did not like the idea of blending in too much with the Nakum tribe.I had never seen one camp visit another camp voluntarily..I thought it was really against the rules but apparently not.
The immunity challenge was next and it involved an elaborate game of wrapping members of each tribe up like mummies tied to each other. Nakum ended up winning this challenge. .. and Yaxha went back to tribal council. After a 4-1 vote 39 year old
Police Sergeant from Mass…. AMY O’hara left the tribe..and then>>>>>Jeff announced that in the dark of night the rest of the tribe was to take new buffs and go to the Nakum camp and make a new name for their tribe. I don’t recall the tribes ever merging in the dark of night before but this time it is a great surprise to the other camp who when the Yaxha tribe comes calling they are sound asleep. 
Expect a lot of angry fighting next week between the macho
men of the new tribe as Judd is used to getting his own way…
and the women now out numbered 6 to 3 have to survive as best they can without getting voted off.
Amy is pictured in the hat on the far right side. ( photo courtesy of

LET’S EAT !!!!

I got these pictures in my e-mail yesterday and things are
rough for the squirrels these days when they have to resort to
a change in diet……..This squirrel took his time, but managed to chow down on two pumpkins that they had placed on their porch..mind
you they were not carved either ..he had to start from "scratch and gnaw"……….It’s a darn good thing he had a place to stop and rest while he was at it!!!! 


Have I got a space for you!! ….It’s a Michigander this week on the
Wednesday Space Walk space of the week. She hails from my home state..and lives in Roger’s City in the northern part of the state.
Her name is PATTY and she is retired and has lots of neat things on her space about all kinds of stuff. You can find her at "Patty’s corner of the world" inviting you to have a cup of coffee with her… and sit and relax for awhile.    Her space is located  so stop by and see her and check her out…. my thanks to Cheryl over at  for leading me to this great space this week……… and remember………..


HEY.. Steve Vaught is having some really interesting
times along for his walk these days across the U.S…he has spoken to OPRAH via satellite on her show and talked to a high school class of kids about his journey… STEVE says…."Oprah’s interview was fun but the best part of the day came later. I didn’t know this but the documentary crew had an appointment back in Elk City with a high school psychology class and I was invited.  So I went there and spoke with the kids for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  I told them that I wasn’t nervous about talking with Oprah but that they scared the hell out of me.  They were a great group and had some of the best questions that I have been asked so far this trip."….

And finally, as for the question of my weight I am now 337 lbs.  I have seen a decrease but I think that it is due to water weight loss. But the good indicator is that I have had to adjust another two inches from my backpack belt. I will keep you posted on the weight but if it isn’t clear by now let me say again that I am not measuring the success of this journey by a number on a scale, I am measuring it by the feeling that I have inside.  There is no magical correlation between reaching New York City and being trim.  In fact I have recently come to realize that New York actually represents the beginning of the lifelong trip that I have embarked on not the end.

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Below..Elk City..Oklahoma…




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