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       FOOL’S  DAY  !!!!!!!!!


 Yep I am a computer surroundings participant..
 I have a different computer sitting there now but the SPACE
pretty much is the same. I am crammed into a small little space in a small room. I didn’t have a corner cabinet so I had to improvise
with two tables. It works out great… and’s a lot messier
right this minute…good thing I don’t have a digital camera!! 
Have a great SPACES day!!!!



BAGHDAD, Iraq – American reporter Jill Carroll was set free Thursday, nearly three months after she was kidnapped in a bloody ambush that killed her translator. She said she had been treated well. Carroll, 28, was dropped off near the Iraqi Islamic Party offices. She walked inside, and people there called American officials, Iraqi police said. "I was treated well, but I don’t know why I was kidnapped," Carroll said in a brief interview on Baghdad television.

ALL of Michigan has been praying that this brave

woman would be released unharmed. She hails from Ann Arbor, which is not very far from

my home. This is great news for her family who has tirelessly campaigned for her release.





LISA IS VOTED OFF…………img221/6472/lisa0at.jpg
I was sure surprised to see Ace and Katherine in the bottom
three tonight ..but I was not surprised to see Lisa there. Poor Girl
made a very bad choice of singing a song by Kelly Clarkson
former American Idol winner on the show that made her famous.
Very Bad Simon said..the song was way too much for her voice. Blame it on her youth I guess, she is only 16 and maybe she has a long way to go to get to the place that some of the other contestants are. I thought all the choices for songs were not really the greatest. I have heard Mandisa bring down the house and she just didn’t. The judges really did have some harsh things to say about almost all of the contestants.  In the end…16 year old LISA Tucker from Anaheim was voted off.
Next week I hope the choices they make are better suited for their singing styles.


 I was asked for help from a friend and I sure can’t deny her help if I can be of any. She has diabetes and is having some real problems lately. I heard from her that the new pump is the way to go with the new insulin for diabetics because it distributes the insulin all over the body. The "pen" type insulin does not work according to the reps from the company she talked to… it delivers the insulin and then it sits there in little pockets under the skin and distributes when IT wants to. Very weird?? Lots of highs and lows that way.She has had lots of side effects with this new insulin pen.
After using the reg pork insulin, for over 40 years, my friend cannot use it because they don’t make it any more. She is trying so many others with very lousy results. Highs and lows all over the place. It is a miserable way to live indeed. I don’t know how she does it! I don’t think she likes the idea of a pump to be placed on her or not.
Anyone out there got any ideas of how this new stuff is supposed to work… let me know…here or at my e-mail she could use all the
help or advice in this area she can get. I think that progress should have been made a lot more in this field. The companies that want to sell this new pump idea will be making all the money because they will have exclusivity on the product. She tried the new pen and it did not distribute the insulin like it was supposed to just like the rep from the company said. She doesn’t have medical coverage that would pay for the pump and the pump costs about $3.000!
What do people do, I wonder, if they cannot afford the very thing that keeps them alive? It is a very hard life indeed. I wish her luck and am saddened by the idea that so many are in dire need of help out there. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!!


Spring has sprung here in Michigan with temps in the 50’s and 60’s it is glorious to smell the fresh air and see the birds busy making nests in our large pine tree. This morning I heard DOVES calling and that is a sure sign that things may very well be turning for us here.
I have chosen my own space this week for the wednesday space walk…LET ME EXPLAIN….
I have started a space walk space where I can place all the spaces that I have featured in one place. Somewhere you can visit and go find other deserving spaces that I have featured or will feature.
This blog is really getting full now of all the spaces that I love and I needed another place to put some too. You won’t find any picture albums or book lists there just spaces that are really deserving of your attention.  SO check it out…. You can find it here.
ANYONE see the American Idol show tonight? What was going on? Seemed like the judges were pretty harsh on most all the contestants. I sure don’t know what they were looking for but I thought they did a great job. Hard to tell who will get the lowest number of votes. I think a woman will be voted off this week though, the men were pretty strong again.
Enjoy your day!! 


No not me but….I got a friend that has moved at least 4 times in the past year. Her addresses and phone numbers are on post it notes now ’cause I can’t keep up. She laughed because she had even changed cell phone numbers too. Told me the only thing that hadn’t changed was her e-mail address. I would be dizzy doing all the details that it takes to move that many times.
She has it down to a science though..not so much clutter in her life makes it easy to just up and move when the need rises for it. I guess if I had to pack it all up I could make an
easy way for myself to do it too.

Her job being so crazy now has necessitated her to move to yet another city. This time she pays less rent and is closer to her family and to ME!! That’s important! I welcomed the move for monetary reasons too. I mean why pay more when you can get a good deal?
I told her…. YOU are not moving again….stay put for awhile! I hope she does this time.

Her boss promised her a management position and when she got all moved he gave it to someone else.!  A person from the outside with little or no management experience. My friend had been working for the company for over 20 years..HOW RUDE!
I was shocked and so were a lot of others. Here she had moved to be closer to the main headquarters and then he re-negged on the deal.What kind of Boss does that? Well then the thing is to stay or to leave?
She opted to stay on for awhile and it has been all but misery there. Now someone else is retiring at another branch and they will be leaving in May and so she has the opportunity to be manager there. So again she moves….but this time..the owner announced that she would be taking the position to the whole staff. I feel much better about it this time. Try living holding your breath for the next big disaster. It is like a roller coaster, ups and downs.

Rumor has it the whole business could be sold and then what?? I hate the thought of that happening. It could go under or all new management come in. I guess that’s life though you take what comes or move on. It isn’t easy moving on after working for a place for that long. You hate to have to change and kind of start over again, especially if you are over 50. I wish her good luck this time and I hope it all works out okay. There are lots of opportunities in this world I guess you just have to keep looking for them.

What would you do if that were you? Would you move on to another job and to heck with them or stick it out?


Giving my temperament I could only take so much and I would be outta there!!!  I hate to MOVE!!!

Have a great Monday.. it will be nice this week I am sure looking

forward to it….