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Talking about What’s in your purse…Survey




What’s in your purse…Survey

I just changed the contents from one purse to another.  Everytime I do this I remove stuff and don’t put it in the new purse.  Somehow, within a day or two all of this ‘stuff’ has magically reappeared in my new purse.
Let me take an inventory:
Coin purse
2 sets of keys (car, truck, house, garage, shed, post office, etc.)
Tissues, new and used (I remove the used tissues)
Cell phone
Coupon folder (remove all outdated ones)
Screwdriver and spare screws for eyeglasses
Rolaids (half pkg)
Bottle of Tylenol
Bottle of prescription med
Powder pak
2 sticks of Extra chewing gum (add a new pack)
Address Book
Appointment Book
Dental floss
Copy of living will for Jim and for me
Card listing my meds
Card listing Jim’s meds and his allergys
Receipt from Farm ‘n’ Fleet (remove this)
Good luck charm my son gave me when he was 8 years old (came from a box of cereal and I would never under any circumstance remove this from my purse)
Benedryl tabs ( Jim is allergic to practically everything)
Tube of hand cream
Portable toothbrush (carryover from all of the nights I spent in the hospital with Jim)
Magnifying glass
Eyeglass case
I just checked this list over.  there is nothing on there that I can leave out of my new purse.
What’s in your purse?
OK I took the survey over to Beth maries’ and kept adding things I forgot were in mine..
Like sunglasses and keys and tiny flashlight etc., these things add up.. I think the bigger purse you carry the more you add in it and not notice it. If you are a mom
you have a ton of stuff in, food,clothing..who knows what… and how much does it weigh.. I recently went to the store and a lady actually ask the checker to weigh her purse..It weighed 12.5 pounds. I gasped!! What the  heck did she have in there? I carry a light purse and I like it that way.   HOW ABOUT YOU???   Big, small, what do you carry.. and what the heck have you got in there???
Thanks BETH for the Fun……….


APRIL 26.. 
"Mutterings…."Well I totally read everyone’s Spaces yesterday..And didn’t post much here. Frankly I have been having a few bad days back to back. UGH!!
Oh I have so much to say today..and I am not a writer and my grammar stinks and my spelling but here goes..
( is there spell check in here :))
Here’s the scoop. Met up with an old friend. Which was all good and well. Till we got to talking about my health.
This person is one who as long as I go on her turf she is okay with my issues..I think it means if I go to her things are a okay with me.
There is no question right now…I fit in that you don’t look sick category. but the fact remains there are limitations, I have due to what I have been through.
Health is kinda like that when you lose it to an illness and find it in remission..When you do it several times. there is a point. that things become tough…at least that is where I am in this thing.
Anyway…Basically she could not get past the point of you look understand the rest.
I had to explain some things which she didn’t take to well saying it didn’t matter ya look just fine!
Okay so heres the deal with that:
What is up with people to assume that I am fine just on the basis of how I look? Why can’t some understand that cancer is cancer no matter how you look your age or what ever?
Why in the world can’t some accept that it happens and it takes a toll no matter who that person is?
Frankly I don’t understand people I really don’t.
But then they don’t want to understand my experience with lymphoma…and the issues of what extremes they went through to deal with the Head and Neck issues of it..
It scares people it frightens them off.
The fact is I have a lot to be thankful for…but went through a lot to get to this point..The limitations are at times endless.
But some are just blind to the fact of it..because I don’t look sick..Thats really blows my mind.
WTH are people thinking?
The Fact is Cancer changed my life..But its only one aspect of my life. It is what it is.
Life goes on reguardless of it..but in much bigger louder way.
The darn things is some put up a 10 ft wall and ignore its happened to me and or chose not to see a darn thing pertaining to it. I didn’t have a common cold here. ( colds don’t go one for nine years nor does that concept pass inspection with me)
I don’t know people amaze me..they stand behind the wall and expect to learn about whats happening..when all they need to do is ask me.
I am really trying this go around to not dwell on some of the things I lost, and I don’t see how one can do it when those around them refuse to see whats gone on or is going on.
Maybe I am going about this wrong..trying to be happy get on with life ..Go out daily and finding what I lost or re establishing some of what I needed to gain back. Maybe its the simple fact of some thinking * You have had cancer three times..You should be dead!* Maybe I just can’t take the old stigma of how people think about it. I mean there are many more people now living with cancer then ever before. Due to things changing and the things is …I know a lot of the old stigma for me is dead.
So my old friend and I talked and coming to the car…she noticed my handicapped sticker.. Oh and that was a dam ordeal in itself..She just couldn’t get it and is standing in the parking lot fuzzing big time about it.
I lost it guys…I truely don’t think she heard one word I said.
Having extensive surgery to the head,neck , radiation and countless surgeries and chemo..or chronic fatigue.
Whats not to get? Whats to get having a stage 4 cancer? Whats to get about it ?
I finally decided she is the handicapped one in this case. Not me unable to understand and learn or support.
The sad fact is no one enjoys being sick.
But the only handicap I know of is bad attitude..Its the worst one ever.
The way I deal in this and I have to is to think of this as chronic and deal with it a day a time..It doesn’t change that it happened. Its doesn’t change that it could come back at anytime. It doesn’t change that I could die from it one day.But we all will die..I just know it can be sooner..Thats the difference.
I don’t know I guess I can’t understand the stigma of years and years ago..Just hanging around in the year 2006..I can’t. Cancer like any other illness out there can kill you deader then dead I guess but so can heart problems and diabetes.
So think about it ..Yes cancer basically sucks..there is no doubt in my head believe me I know about the head part of it more then most out there. But the fact reminds we better get off our butts..and realize that those with it have it..and need a hand up..once in a while verses a kick in the pants..Just cause we are in remission it doesn’t mean its over..Its not believe me in my heart of hearts I wish it was..but its like tons of things are flying at me constantly on this..and I really don’t know what to make about it..I could surely go back to bed pull the covers over my head and wait to die..But hey its not my style or has it ever been. I am no Quitter.
So about that wall that anyone has on it…I can’t teach nothing if you don’t ask..then if you ask and block what I have to say it makes it worse yet..
As for my limitations..well they are just that. But the things is I don’t limit me..even with them. I find ways to do what I want to do reguardless of them.
I work so hard because I am trying to figure where I stand and fit now. To not see it is just a blindness unacceptable to me. Missing the struggle is just bs to me. It really is. cause I struggle just as others out there do just differently.
Anyway I just had to get some of this out..I don’t get people nor do I understand the inner workings…It amazes me how they shut off when they hear the word Cancer.
Or we just can look at someone cause they look fine.
and think their life is fine.

I am healing,,we do heal.
Even after the healing there are scars, we are left with.
Though no one wants scars having them can be positive.
Scars remind us of what we have in endured.When ever we see that scar we remember the pain we endured,and hopefully what ever lessons we may have learned with the experience.

Life is funny sometimes we lose part of ourselfs..but if we look hard enough…we are blessed with so much joy..if we look hard enough to find it.
Have a great day everyone"..




       HAVE  A  GREAT  WEEKEND  !!! 




IN one of my groups we were discussing how bad call-waiting has gotten around this
country. How some people use it very rudely. I remember when it first came out and I don’t recall it being used like that then.
I mean some people put you on hold and forget you and never return at all. Some won’t even tell you they are leaving for a moment, they just leave and you hear dead
air..nothingness. I forget why in the world this was invented..oh yeah so you wouldn’t miss
a not the call you are presently on important enough to tell them you will be right back in a second.??
I had call waiting a brief time in California when I lived there, and I would find out who it was, and tell them I was on with someone else, and would call them
right back.
Is not that the way it was supposed to be used??????
We have become a society that is so rushed that we forget what the darn thing was invented for. Let’s not forget that most people have caller ID now and can tell who was calling and can call back whenever they want to.
I am not against the technology of it, I am against the people who are using the new technology and using it badly. I worked at an answering service for years, I am very used to being put on hold. I am against being put on hold forever though, and being forgotten..I will hang up!

Politeness will get you far in this world , so watch your habits and see if this pertains to you. The way in which you portray yourself to the outside world on the "phone" will tell people how you are as a person. This is what I believe anyway…Don’t put yourself in a bad light to others by leaving them on hold
like their conversation was not important enough to that off my chest..sorry for the rant but I just had to have my say!!!
WELL, enough of that for now….I have voiced my opinion…WHAT’S YOURS???? 


 YES..I saw most of it..I can’t believe the way they had bad things to say about Katherine’s song..I mean maybe it wasn’t her greatest performance, but don’t go overboard on her..I am so glad that Simon apologized to her it was so uncalled for. Glad America stood up for her too!!!img269/1467/katharine3yi.jpg I think Kellie really had a bad night.. so she was voted off.   bye  bye Kellie!!                                      img99/2714/kellie4pp.jpg                                                                        
I was glad that Taylor stood still for once and just sang the song..I have heard him better though too.img269/4471/taylor1ur.jpg Paris was goodimg269/1760/paris2ee.jpg and so was Elliot.img269/6454/elliott5uj.jpg
CHRISimg106/3461/chris2ez.jpg last night though he was really at the top of his game! That was one spectacular performance..If he doesn’t win.. I will be as shocked as I was when Clay lost to Ruben!


 her running and riding a motorcycle and watching people. She is married and lives in Florida and loves to write about her life and daily happenings. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM A  RECENT ENTRY IT SUMS HER UP NICELY….
March 05
30th Anniversary and the Hundred Mile Hug

BikerP and I were married 30 years ago today.  We were in college and both of us were student senators.  He was the representative from the Ag School; I was the Graduate School representative.  Politically, we didn’t sit on the same side of the fence and had ahem interesting discussions, but we were still very good friends.  Best friends, as a matter of fact. 


We were married 30 years ago today in a small church.  Married on a Friday; honeymooned over the weekend; back to school on Monday for mid-term exams.  The life of students.


The 30 years have been interesting.  We’ve had joys and tears.  We’ve seen blizzards, floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, delivered babies and witnessed death.  We’ve been camping, hiking, running, shooting, bicycling, fighting fires, and been paramedics, raised kids, loved grandkids, laughed, yelled, loved, prayed, slammed doors, argued, made up, saved lives, managed a homeless shelter, been layreaders, lay Eucharistic Ministers, cried, worried, nagged, moved, been poor, remembered being poor, hungry, remembered hunger, hurt, injured, sick, grieved.  And we enjoy life."


I am sure you will love visiting her space over and over….


You can find wonderful spaces to visit here




 Ok what is a PLUS size anymore? I mean they consider a 14 a larger woman’s size nowdays.
I am shocked to see store signs with large plus-sizes starting at 12 , 14 and 16!!!! Are we all supposed to be size 8 and 10? Well in a perfect world maybe…….
I have been a plus size for a long long time and I never ever thought I would see the day when
a smaller size would be included in the category

"Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is adding more racks of plus-size apparel in its "George," "Metro 7" and other lines due to increased demand, said spokeswoman Linda Blakley. And the larger sizes hang right next to the smaller sizes.

"You can shop all the lines in one section," Blakley said.

Old Navy, a unit of Gap Inc., carries plus sizes in 250 stores nationwide, up from 55 stores nearly two years ago, said spokesman Greg Rossiter. Old Navy started offering them online in 2000….

Charming Shoppes Inc. of Bensalem, Pa. announced last month that it was rolling out a chain of plus-size lingerie stores nationwide called Cacique. The stores will carry sizes 12 to 28 and feature larger dressing rooms with tri-fold mirrors for viewing at different angles."

Size 12 is not considered a plus size or is it?? There is money to be made with the regular working folk out here in America that buy clothing in the larger sizes. Retailers are waking up to that fact. They better…. because we have lots of money to spend and need some variety and tasteful clothing.




Talking about Krakow: The world’s best cell phone? – Wireless World –




Krakow: The world’s best cell phone? – Wireless World –


I am telling you that my sister has this is by far the worst phone she ever got! I have had at least 6 cell phones myself and I wish we could get this new one the author of this article speaks about. The cell phone belows sound quality is awful..the signal is terrible no matter where she is. She complained to tracfone and all they say is…really …just buy another phone.

She switched to another phone ..same model and still

had problems with it…same awful sound..DO we really need the bells and whistles..can we just use it like a phone for goodnes sake..I DO..I dont need the darn

color screen to play games on and I don’t need the

fancy ringtones and extras.

This article talks about a phone that is not available in the U.S. yet. I say HURRY UP!!!  WE could use it…the sooner the better………….the picture below is so similar to the phone in which he’s amazing, but beware if you purchase it you could be in for some trouble…. I have a nokia myself and have no problems and it is the best one so far that I have owned!

ANyone else out there got a great cell they recommend??????