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WOW  it is already Wednesday! Time for the Space Walk….
now with all the holiday activity, I really havent been "walking" much but I have a neat space that you might just like…(please click on the blog button at the top of the page to view the entire entry.)

 Here is a really neat space from a stepmom and she lives out west in the USA.. She writes about her struggles as a very busy step mom who has to handle all the mom duties and what happens in her life. Here is a short section from her space…..

"We walk in the door after picking kids X and Y up from the school bus and it begins immediately….." I’m hungry, can I have a snack"…. "yes you can have some apples or oranges"….. "but I can’t cut them myself"….. all of this while trying to hook into my work email from home so I can finish my projects.  "Can’t I have some cookies too?"….. you can have one cookie….. "but I want two"….  "I don’t like those cookies, can I have something else?"…. "that is all there is, you can wait until dinner."  "Can I watch TV in the living room?"….. I don’t know why I get this question every day…. the living room is off limits… always has been always will be.  "I don’t want to watch TV in the playroom….. I want to watch it downstairs"…. I haven’t even gotten to dinner time where Kid X and Kid Z like ranch dressing with their carrots, Kid Y does not, Kid Y does not like sauce on her pasta either but Kids X and Z do although Kid Z does not like cheese on top of his sauce but Kid X does, Kid X does not like milk and has water, Kids Y and Z have milk, Kid X likes oranges but not apples with dinner, kid Y only likes apples, and Kid Z usually spills his water or milk all over the table at least once during every meal…… this is about the time that my anxiety starts to swell in my chest and I start to turn into the wicked stepmother… and mother.  The needs for these kids never end………. "
Give this space a visit today and see what else she has to say about her life as a
"Stepmonster"..I think you will like what she has to say……….



Time for spring cleaning……….I have been trying some new things here at my space so pardon my little experiements…I will try to get  finished as soon as I can..but playing with this tweakertoy is really
wonderful…I just know as soon as I get it all figured out MSN will change almost everything around and I will have to start over again.
Isn’t that the way it always is?  Well stay cool and have a great day!


 After shopping in 90 degree temps with my elderly mother, I was reminded that placing people and pets in a car in that kind of heat is so dangerous. I had a discussion with my mother about how..even though she "doesn’t think it is that hot" truly is hot in there!
I had the shields up and the windows down some..but our first blast of hot air really threw us for a loop. The pavement seemed to sizzle and the air was equally hot and humid. It felt like the fourth of July instead of Memorial day. We turned on our A/C and it worked fine..thank goodness! Less than a week ago we had the heat on here..this was really too fast a jump to SUMMER!
I looked for a thermometer that could be hooked inside the car to tell exactly what the temperature there was no question that I was not just "exaggerating" the fact. I didn’t find a fancy one but a cheap one would do. I placed it in the car, not by a window but up front where she was sitting and watched it rise. I had her watch it rise too…110 degrees was where it stopped!
I think the solar shields kept the heat from being even higher.
Why is it so hard to convince someone that it is TOO HOT to stay in the CAR??? THEY do not feel this heat the way WE feel the heat I guess. Poor circulation or thin blood could do it. I have had the same stern discussion with my mother for years..YOU ARE NOT STAYING IN THE HOT CAR! It is just too much.
I am still very happy that my mom is still with me..fussing and
disagreeing with me all the time over this and that.
Today I received word that Beth’s mom passed away and was truly saddened, but glad that she suffers no more. A year ago I knew nothing of this woman or her daughter..but through the MSN spaces, she has become a friend. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.  
BE SAFE out there today and tomorrow…Have a great day !!


 SO I am looking for my watermelon in the WALMART store
minding my own business..nice as you please..I am looking and thumping and weighing them. I have heard that the heavier they are the more juice they have in them, and the riper they are.
I hear a lady across the bin say that won’t work you have to check the bottom to see if there is any yellow on it…YELLOW? I say.
Yes..yellow..if there is some yellow then they have laid on the ground and they are more ripe. Hmmm I had never heard this. Maybe it’s true..who knows but she insists..finds her "yellow one" and I keep looking .. she is bragging to her hubby that she did find the best one and turns to get it to the cart, SPLAT..drops it and it breaks all over the floor!!!
She yells and all kinds of people show up to help out. NOW  being me..I am just curious to see if the "yellow" bottom made it riper or not…SO I amble over to the other side of the bin and sure enough there is the proof………… was light pink and  didn’t even LOOK good. She looked at me and I looked at her and I said..well I guess that just wasn’t to be your melon. She was
so disgusted and embarrassed she walked away without a melon.
I kept looking for mine and found a dark one that sounded hollow. My dad told me to thump them and more hollow sound meant more ripe. My brother worked in a truck stop a long time ago and the watermelon trucks would come in there and they told him to look at the ends of the watermelon. That must have worked he brought us some juicy ones from the truckers.
WELL happy to report the melon was delicious and ripe and juicy.
I dont think I will  be looking at the "yellowbottom" melons from now on. In looking for a picture of a melon for this entry..I came across a picture of the new YELLOW watermelon…OH MY why change the traditional melon? Has anyone ever had this melon??
I dont recall seeing one in the stores up north here at all. Maybe they are rare..who knows..but can you imagine the look on that womans face if when it broke it was YELLOW inside..HAHAH
I really would have loved to have seen that!!
WEll Hope your weekend is going well…it is hot here and I like it for a change…better than rain or snow that’s for sure….


IT has been hectic here the past few days with company,  and I have been unable to visit my space friends like I would like to. I haven’t forgotten..just been really busy…
I got up today and was slapped in the face with a dreaded summer reminder…….HUMIDITY!!!!
This is the first day we have had it… this spring… this bad.
Reminds you fast that you are nearing the summer season..Our forecast for the weekend looks great with 80 degree days and sun. I sure hope it holds out..would be nice since most 4th of JULY holidays it rains on us or is so uncomfortable we can’t move at all…
I placed the WEDNESDAY space walk on my spacewalk space.
I know I featured it before a long time ago, but thought it was time for a visit with an old friend. With hurricane season upon us again thoughts are with all those in the gulf states.
Check him out he will enjoy it I am sure…
I thoroughly enjoyed the finale of IDOL last night it was the best one they have ever had. I was reminded how well these young singers are,  watching them sing all together. I thought the end song "I had the TIME OF MY LIFE" was so appropriate for what has transpired all these months. Hearing Kat and Taylor sing together they make quite a duo…I was sure happy for favorite….long wait til next season…..sigh….
Well  better wrap this lots to do…….


The idol finale was great tonight..I think Taylor sang well and so did Katherine..I am biased for Taylor Hicks though
as an all around singer-entertainer personality. Now the
wait is over..tomorrow we get the results on a two hour finale!  Bringing back all 12 finalists will be nice to see them sing one more time.
IN the poll that I had here on my space..I think that there were more people who were for Katherine than Taylor.
The entire final vote will be very close in my opinion…
TAYLOR HICKS!!!            img220/5627/taylor6lv.jpg MAY HE BE AS SUCCESSFUL AS THE LAST AMERICAN IDOL!!!


 What??… you say… is that?’s when you call a person to come to your home and tell you about what arrangements can be made ahead of time for when you .."depart this earthly planet".
Now talking to a elderly person about those kind of plans, is not an easy task. They are apprenhensive and don’t want to even think about looking into what needs to be done. My mother told us stuff that she wanted that just surprised my sister and I and we had no idea she was thinking along those lines. I really wondered later if I would have thought of those things. Probably not.
WE had the pleasure of sitting with someone from our local funeral home and talking about what needed to be pre-planned.

Out came the books..several of them…of …ehhh…. well let’s say
final resting places for your that delicate enough? ( I hate to blurt out the word they use…coffins…)
SO she tells us there are gasketed ones, and ones with no gasket(GASP)  and steel ones and wooden ones and pricey ones and "discounted" ones.(OH LORD! ) It was mind boggling to say the least.
There are, medium and expensive. There are so many costs for this and that, all put on a sheet that includes the
carrying charges and the etc..etc…etc….
NO WONDER older folks don’t want to go into this stuff. Let the kids or relatives handle it!!!
I was just blown away at hearing some of the minor stuff that, I wished in a way, that I had never contacted them in the first place.(.no wait..I didn’t contact mother did..)
Then it hit me this was not an ORDEAL, but a real LABOR of LOVE, to sit through all this stuff just to make sure that WE..the CHILDREN would not HAVE to!!!
WE didn’t get emotional, we swapped stories..(my she had a ton of them..I bet they hear and see a lot in their line of work!!)
WE were surprised at how things had risen in price since the last time we had been faced with this sort of thing. (12 years had passed since my father had died), and so much had changed.
There sure is a different feeling out there now about how things are done and what kind of things CAN be done.
WE learned that if you pre-plan it you pay one price and you are SET no matter what the price may raise to in the FUTURE! The little fees that the newspapers may charge or the city government may then charge would be the only cost adjustment. WOW…… that is something to think about!!

You can deal with the little details, without being so overwrought with the pain and loss, that you really know if you need that extra added  something or not.
MUSIC, extra services, that really would not be something that you needed.
It all adds up!  In our case, we cut the prices by a lot by going through all the

IT is nice to have someone take care of it all for you, that’s for sure..their service to you is so welcomed at a bad time in your life. They can do more things than you can imagine.
ONE that struck me was..arranging extra money into the package so that if you had relatives and they wanted to travel to the would be PAID allowed for plane tickets!! NOW that is something I never would have thought of..but THEY do.
WELL I am ramblling on now… but I got to say that, if you can handle this, emotionally and monetarily, and go to the trouble of PRE-PLANNING..I would say it is well worth giving it a thought. My mother did and it is a wonderful thing she did too.

I hope you all have a great day..and that I gave you information that was or will be useful to you in the future.