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HOw DOes YOur GArden GRow?

 How do they do it? How do they get anything to grow in this heat and dryness. I know we had a storm a day or so ago and that helped a lot..but people here are struggling to get things to even grow in these temps. Now I know out in Neb. and Okla. and parts in the west are even worse! How can they afford to irrigate and  keep the plants alive?  We have two gardens in our little two block area. One is mostly zuchinni and tomatoes and the other well he planted everything he could think of I think..including sunflowers! I see him out there with his hat on working like crazy trying to weed it and keep it going. Mind you we are on city water here..two blocks from mainstreet. This costs bucks to keep it watered and cared for!
Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just be so out of it you had no idea what is going on..BUT you know something isn’t quite right? You have the feeling that there is something urgent or just WRONG! Well last night I did that..
it was late and I woke with a jolt! I bet I hadn’t been asleep two hours when  it hit.
THAT SMELL..that dreaded smell that you avoid at all costs! The a/c was running and bringing in that smell like it was right in the room with you. No it wasn’t GAS it was worse…S K U N K !!!img248/746/stink18fx5.gif Seems that the garden that the neighbor toils over so avidly..had a visitor who really was hungry until the other neighbors dog got involved. WHEW! I would have hated to be any closer because it was bad where we are here. I have had a dog who got tangled with a skunk. In the middle of the night…well your night is ruined completely! 
 Well I hope he enjoys his garden because he will never forget the smell as long as he lives. I saw him this morning..let’s just say he didn’t linger very long out there, hankerchief tied over his face. NOW how do you get skunk smell off your vegetables? DOES it ever go away even if the veggies are cooked? I wonder??
I am sure not going to find out..I am staying as far away as possible..Yep this heat.. the smell is still lingering pretty strong. It will be near 100 today..Poor guy
I wonder if he will just up and leave home, But you always have to come back sooner or later….   POOR Doggie..I bet the Vet got a SOS call really early this
morning. I heard there is something good they can use these days to neutralize
the odor..I wonder if it works on vegetables too?? lol  

Talking about Frying Eggs on Sidewalk




                 HAPPY BELATED  BIRTHDAY CHERYL!!!!!!!!

               Read Below…


Frying Eggs on Sidewalk

I have already written about oil and gas prices so today I was going to write about global warming…but why?  We already know how hot it is outside.  We can look and even see that it is 100 degrees at the refugee camps in the Mediterranean.  There are people living in small pup tents along the coast.  We also know that from January to June of 2006, it was the warmest year on record in the United States.  We know that the British underground has reached 117 degrees and the road surfaces are melting. 

Yesterday it was my birthday and the kids got together their tooth fairy money and wanted to buy me something.  I thought on it and then told them to get on their bikes and go to the corner store and buy a dozen eggs.  I told them that I wanted to play with eggs today.  So I got a dozen eggs for my birthday.  I wanted to do something unusual with the kids.  A grandma thing I guess you can say.  I took pictures so they could use it as their science project this year. 

We decided to find out if it was hot enough outside to fry eggs on the sidewalk.  From that project we went to cooking hotdogs on the sidewalk.  9 found a dark manhole type cover and cracker her egg and put it on the manhole cover. 

11 got out a black pan with a glass lid.  We let the eggs warm to room temperature and it was only 88 degrees outside (10 A.M.).  I told them to wait till later when the temp would reach 100 or more but 11 was anxious to prove that it could be 50 degrees outside and you can still fry an egg in the bright sunlight if you had a black pan and glass lid.  So we did it at the temperature of 88. 

I did not realize that my grandkids did not know how to crack an egg.  Before I could get to 9 she had cracked hers on its skinny bottom.  She put her finger in it to let the egg drain out.  Then 11 cracked one into her frying pan and it was a bad job and the yolk broke.  I cracked one in it with the yolk intact.  So the rest of the eggs were used teaching kids how to crack an egg. 

After doing this I would certainly recommend putting Pam on the manhole cover. 

Yes Margaret, you can fry eggs on a sidewalk.   9 ate the eggs for lunch.


After all of this 9 wanted to find mermaids online.  We actually found one that washed up on shore in Florida.  it was being sold on Ebay.. I added her picture.


Regarding Yesterdays Post:

Yesterday on CSpan there was a vote in the house that would require oil and gas companies to reinvest in finding alternatives to fossil fuel and to do several things that would be beneficial to Americans. The House, the people whom represent us, voted down the bill.



HAVEN"T been able to visit too much lately we have had power troubles
around here on and off. A big storm came through and blew us out for awhile right at the time when we needed it most. SO HOT! Had to leave home to stay cool. That car felt so good and so did the stores! We are in for more I see,  for the next few days I am just praying that it stays on this time!
WE are a state surrounded by water… makes it nice that we can go a few hours from home and get to a big lake, that is more like an ocean.( Well, I mean you can’t see the other side of it.) I don’t get there very often anymore..but I do remember the waves and the sunsets in the summertime. It is always cooler over there on the beach than here in the middle of the state. I know some people who go there for the summer and stay in cabins and just relax. A nice getaway. All the beaches are loaded these days, and during the weekends like this one the charge is 8$ a person to get in. Yep they charge nowdays on some of them. I like to find the remote places though..where no one is
 One of my favorites is up north in the Upper Peninsula called  PARADISE. My friend took me up there once and we had a great time..not many people up there either. Above is a picture of the beach at Paradise. It was taken from the old lighthouse built in 1904 that is still being used today. Nice to remember trips of the past especailly when the weather is hot and you would rather be where it is cooler.
I hope you all are staying cool in this heat too.!


 Here is a great space called  Steppin Outta The Box…
Andrea is a married, office worker, mom of two, living in Akron Ohio. She writes about her life and the happenings in Ohio. She has a degree in sociology, considers herself spriritual and full of
faith, a church goer all her life.She has a daughter who is really into softball so they are traveling the state in tournaments this summer. She loves to go camping, loves yoga, shrimp, gardening, and is crazy about her red VW ladybug. When I decided to write about her space..I had no idea what picture to use and she wrote and said LADYBUGS…. So simple!!
Here is a sample of her recent entry………..

"Summertime Boredom
Times have certainly changed.  My girls and their friends all had the highest hopes for the Summer of ’06.  It was gonna be the summer of parties and "hook-ups"; of adventures and secrets.  So far, they seem terribly disappointed.  "There’s nothing to do"  I hear.  "C-town is SO LAME" they whine. "The weather sucks!"  Well that one might be true.  These kids have so much to keep them occupied with more channels on TV than one could possibly watch, with computers and myspace and instant messaging and cell phones with text messaging…and yet they’re ALL BORED STIFF!   Let me just say, I did not raise my children to sit inside in front of the computer or TV.  When they were little, they were outside playing from morning til night.  They’re teenagers though and I can’t very easily send them out to play.  It’s a scarry thought of what they might get into these days if I actually kicked them out of the house.   Now it’s been a long time, but I know I enjoyed my summers when I was their age even though there was no such thing as a personal computer and we only had 3 channels on TV (3, 5, and 8 and sometimes 45/49 if the rabbitears were just right.) I could drive but could only borrow the car once in a while in the evenings after my parents came home from work.  I had a babysitting job most weekends.  The kids on my street mostly just hung out.  Sometimes we played "street soccer."  One summer we all learned to whistle with two fingers.  Another summer we played jacks.  Another summer we learned to play chess of all games!  Sounds dorky now but it’s what we did…and we didn’t die of boredom!  "
I like Andrea’s take on life in her city..  I think it is similar to mine growing times have changed for all of us.
Visit Andrea’s space today and check out what’s going on in Ohio.


Under waterfall!!

I saw this picture and I just had to put it up it looked so cool and refreshing and then I decided to change up the space and get
in gear for August. Can you believe it is almost here and summer will be leaving us soon? Where did it go? I still cannot believe that those poor people in New York in the Bronx are without power. What is this the seventh day? What the heck is going on… why can’t the find the problem??? To suffer in the heat is awful and then to not have any hope of solving the problem day after day.. I am sure there are some hot tempers brewing there now. Makes me wonder what is next, from coast to coast the heat is awful and blackouts or brownouts are sure to happen if it keeps up. It always does. Saw some of the British Open on tv, boy those greens are dirt and hardly any grass at all. England is hotter than it’s been in a long time. I pray for our troops who are over there in Iraq and must be torture on them!!
Is this global warming that GORE was talking about? We must be in it now!  That link explains it pretty well and tells us what we can do ourselves to help out. I have changed all the light bulbs in my house almost..I am working on it slowly..every little bit helps I guess.
Not much going on here in the berg town for the friends who keep asking’s those lazy days of summer I guess. The house next door is almost free of renters..It’s up for sale and she had to get an eviciton notice to get them out. Yep they trashed it good too. Left so much trash it took three weeks to clear off the porch of their leftovers. Good riddance they kept a great house looking like a dump. The  moles are back despite all the grub killer I put all over the yard.  Boy they make it hard to mow the grass! I am using some pellets now hope they work!
Well wherever you are today I hope it is cooler than yesterday..we are having a cooler spell but I know the heat will be back to make us sweat very soon.


WOW Iwas visiting Maureen..(who likes to be called MO by the way.) I got carried away by the story of her dad and his recovery from a recent stroke. If you haven’t stopped by her is the time to do it..she has documented her days after the stroke with dealing with her dad. I must say it is
very compelling and heartwarming too. Please give her your
visit today..she could use all the support from her space friends she can get.  MO MOMENTS  will keep you coming back to read what is happening in her life. She was recently featured on my space walk space also..her job ahead is a long one and I send her my thoughts and prayers for her dad’s recovery.