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Remembering Katrina in Blogs…

There is no Space Walk Wednesday today.
 Instead I set about trying to find blogs from people that were really there and
experienced the horror of Katrina. I got more than I bargained for. So many
blogs of varied types that it was hard to choose one from another. So many stories
of hope, loss, despair and triumph over adversity.
I started with the directory at MSN spaces..and surprisingly they listed so many
other places to find blogs other than MSN spaces.
I ran across one at blogspot that gave me hope..she talked about how it had
been one year and now things were different. You can find that one HERE.
I also found one that was written by two guys who went down there to do
their write about it..the pictures are unbelieveable and the blog was
stopped earlier this year because it won an award for journalism. If you go back
and start back in Sept of last year and see what they wrote about you will
know why. It was called EYE OF THE STORM. Most of the blogs were written by
journalists or photographers doing the job of covering a tragedy. 31 million blogs listed
at Google. Way too many to wade through. I learned the term "blog swarm" where
all bloggers talk about the same topic on the same day. Most of those were about Katrina.
Blogs about lost animals and lost family members,trying to find jobs and supplies it was
endless. I only got through about 100 and had to stop. The overwhelming thought was
that a year later we can find people still suffering from trama and loss. Last night Brian
Williams stood in his shirt sleeves, like he had done a year before on the NBC news, and it was like time had stood still. The scenery looked the same, maybe not wet and covered in water, but the same. I felt sadness over what had not been done, and what still needed to be done. This was our country he was standing in, THE USA ,and it looked like a war zone still. A year from now will it look any different???
I felt sad to hear that so much money had already been spent that we raised in this country and so much left that had not even been touched. A lot of the money that Pres. Bush Sr. and Pres. Clinton raised went to COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES to help them reopen.
You have to wonder what kind of impact this is going to have on the young people who went through all this and survived it …later in their life. One woman said…"my 3 year old has seen more death and dying in her small lifetime, I have to wonder what kind of person she will grow up to be."
It isn’t just the USA, where people are suffering, I know that..but it does come home remembering last year and what is still happening in our own backyard.


I sit here thinking about how last year we sat waiting  and watching Katrina come closer to our
shorelines and wondering what exactly the damage was to be. Liitle did we know then that so
much would occur. A whole year later and some neighborhoods don’t look like they
have been touched. They sit as empty reminders.People’s lives were destroyed, people were displaced and towns were virtually wiped off the map. Promises were made and some kept, but more not.
People vowed to come back to their cities and start over. Red tape and lack of funds stopped
all that. Insurance companies failed to pay for flood damages due to the levee’s breaking.
Hearts broke all over the country watching this whole national tragedy unfold. I never will
forget Oprah taking her show inside the Superdome where the people were, against their
advice, to see the "real" tragic story of those who lived and died there.
A small boy in the done staying with his family said it all.."AMERICA WE NEED HELP…WHATCHA GONNA DO?"
We raised money, and we gave time and blood and supplies and still more was needed. Still
more IS needed.  We will bounce may take years, but we will survive. The country
won’t forget. The news will keep us up to date on progress and the lack of it.


img58/2489/240dsutherlandksutherlandemmysight060828vbucci7172851cu1.jpg  My favorite show 24 walked away with at least 4 Emmy’s for best drama and one for Kiefer Sutherland who plays Jack Bauer, two other technical Emmy’s.. If you haven’t watched this show..YOU SHOULD!! I was so thrilled that Kiefer finally won for his outstanding performance playing a guy who saves the USA from terror in every season. If you watch the first two hours of this show..I think you will agree with me. It is sitting on the edge of your seat TV. It will be shown on Monday nights on FOX TV starting in January. I wish it were earlier..but it’s worth the see..they don’t re-run the show (usually) and so we get one show right after the other. I can hardly wait.   If you don’t watch this show you dont know JACK!!!  He is worth getting to know. 
LETS talk about how the tribute to Dick Clark which was very well done and his speech was wonderful. He was unnerved at the fact that people stood during his introduction as a tribute to him. I was happy to see them acknowledge his long career while he was alive to enjoy it!  The fact that the original "CHARLIE’S ANGELS" all showed up on stage together was wonderful. They looked great and their speeches were also very caring and appreciative of Aaron Spelling and what he did for each of their careers. I noticed that a lot of emmy winners were in the HBO, or cable category now. So many I hardly recognized because I never see them, no wonder the major network shows did so poorly. Most of the better made shows are always on cable now. It is the way of the world I guess. The one time my jaw just dropped open was when the elegant Candice Bergen walked out on stage in something that I just had to say out loud..WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!  I love a show that ends on time..and this one did…they made Dick Clark proud! 


WELL looky what I found explains all the pains we have all been
going maybe you knew this..and maybe you didnt..but here it is………..

BETA Definition….. BETA – A term given to a product that isn’t ready for public consumption, but is good enough for a wider testing scope. Many companies publicly release their beta software to a fraction of their users to let them get experience with the new software while the company gets feedback on bugs and features.

WHAT THE ??? So WE are the testers and we are the ones who are doing all the
work and they are waiting for US  to  T E L L T H E M  what the problems are!!!!
WELL no damn wonder that it is taking so long for them to fix things on this
MSN SPACES blog nightmare. I wonder if BLOGGER is the same now? I mean they are calling it BLOGGER BETA..So this will go on and on for a long time..not just a series of a few weeks. The process of this just depresses me. Can you imagine weeks and weeks of blogging problems and headaches…UGH! Everytime I see the word BETA from now on I will think of us MSN SPACERS going through so many trials and tribulations.. 
What we go through for progress…it had better be good in the end!



SO they are taking away Pluto as a planet..what’s next??
Come on.. wonder what Pluto thinks about that? I mean
that planet is so far away it might just get wind of what we
decided, that it gets mad and says..Think I will send all my
little green people to visit that place called EARTH and do
some butt kicking.heh heh….


If anyone has figured out how to maneuver these spaces easier then clue me in! I have tried to edit some things
and to just delete a simple link and all it does it click me back to my front page. Grr.. I seems to have a mind
of it’s own or something. I wait and wait for the links to light up on many occasions so I can edit one and or
delete it and it never goes into the edit mode. I have clicked on a comment to see what someone said and it takes me
right back to the page over again. It never opens up..WOW after over 3 weeks you would think that these little
problems would be solved. I don’t know how many techs they employ all over the world but it sure means something
when there are still things that are hard to get through.
Well that’s my gripe of the day…
We had a helluva storm here last night and nothing like Indiana though. I
think I heard the rumble all the way up here. Our power went off, I was glad I unplugged everything ahead of
time. The lightning was the cloud to ground kind that makes your whole house shake. They had 100 mph winds
and much damage in Indiana. I believe it. We were warned ahead of time too. It made me wonder what folks
a long time ago must have thought when they go no notice at all. Just hear it coming and wondering how
bad it would be. They relied on the Farmer’s Almanac and hoped it was corrrect. 
My Dad would tell me how his father used to watch the sky. With fields of corn that could be destroyed
and barns that could catch fire with lightning strikes. They watched the skies. They could tell in wind shifts
and the smell of the air sometimes.My Grandpa would say.."It’s fixing to rain here directly" and I would think’s he know that?                       img217/8546/006jj6.gif
 "CURDLEY SKY NEVER LEAVES THE GROUND DRY" I said that last night as
I lowered the windows on our glassed in porch. I saw the clouds all bumpy looking. That means RAIN IS COMING..
I thought..I didn’t know how much, but I knew it was coming.( Mom on the other hand knew all day yesterday
without even seeing a weather report. Her arthritis was telling her plenty…this was not a was
a major shift in cold fronts etc.)  MARE’S TAILS are those whispy long streaky clouds that look like they are
sweeping the sky.".MARE’S TAIL sweeps the sky dry…". Oh there is a tech term for those clouds but I
just know if I see the mare’s tail the skies will be clear and no rain.
Funny the things you remember, that you grew up with, that come back to you in the blink of an eye. It boggles my mind.




Here is a space I found also from Mo Moments space..It’s called DONNA’s PLACE. She calls herself "Yellow Jeep Blonde" becausee she loves to ride on the beach in her yellow jeep. Donna is a divorced, 45year old data base administrator.."The water the sand, cold beer  are her favorite things..SHe says… 
"I’m a cross between a computer nerd and a beach bum from the deep South (and proud of it). Love driving my Jeep on the beach.Love to laugh! And LOVE my two boys (who are all grown up)!"

I started reading some of Donna’s entries and came across the story of her experience with the TV show PRICE IS RIGHT. Here is a sample of her entry from AUG 10..

."So I got on the bus.  We got there about 1pm, got our tickets (they’re first-come first-serve) and got in line.  Luckily, since southern California has such beautiful weather year-round, it wasn’t bad standing outside all day.  While we’re waiting in line, I was making friends with people from my bus and the busload of college kids behind us.  And everybody was talking about what they wanted to win.  Me – I didn’t want to win anything.  I was just there to watch.  Well, they started letting us in, but on the way in, you had to go through this little 30 second interview process.  There was a man and a lady with a clipboard making notes and asking everybody different questions like "Where are you from?" and "What do you do?" and such as that.  Some people were nervous, but I wasn’t.  I wasn’t trying to get on, so I was as comfortable as could be talking to them. [I had heard that they liked people who were from out of town, folks with funny names or different accents]  I don’t really remember what they asked me, but I remember that they didn’t ask me where my accent was from and as the lady was shewing me away, I said, "You didn’t even ask me where I was from. . ."  She said, "I didn’t have to."  Hmmm.  I guess a southern accent is a southern accent.  Anyway, we went in and got our seats.  Then the same lady with the clipboard went up on stage and was looking around and making more notes.  They were figuring out who they were going to call down."