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It’s a good day here for a change..
WE are
supposed to have 65 degrees here by this
afternoon!! A real fall day that I thought
we would not see again this year…
makes me want to get out and do so many things.
Mostly just get why am I sitting here
blogging?? Makes me wonder? lol
I have so many errands to do and they have
to be done before it snows again. I said again..
because it has snowed here already at least
an inch. The winds pulled a lot of debris all
over our yard the last two days so I will be
out there trying to get it cleared off while the
air is warm. Getting the garage all cleaned up and
the car washed and cleaned while the air is warm.
I heard by Friday we will have 27 degrees here, so
must use this day to do as much as I can.
I will be baking cookies some time today in
order to be able to have them for the kids
who come by that we know. They love the
decorated pumpkin sugar I have to make
them every year. I used to make popcorn balls
which were easier..believe me..than these cookies are
to bake and decorate. Anyway you look at it the day is
a busy one..I will enjoy it fully.!!
Here is the recipe for the sugar cookies..
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar  (must use this!)
1 cup butter ..(I use blue bonnet sticks)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp almond extract
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cream or tartar

Cream Wet, Mix Dry, Blend together with mixer or by hand.

Chill the dough ..(very important if it is too sticky it will not roll out.)
Roll to 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick & use cookie cutters, place cookies on

a floured cookie sheet, and bake…

375 degree oven, 7-8 min (or till done They don’t turn too brown.)

These make the most wonderful cookies for any holiday..I have used it for years.



The Cardinals out beat the Tigers in the last of the
world series playoffs. I guess it was really their
time to win. The Tigers did play but made many
mistakes along the way. So many, in fact that I began
to figure on a St. Louis victory about two days ago.
The just didn’t get back into the groove that they
were in before that long week off before starting the
series up. Congrats to all the ST. Louis folks they
deserve it for a series of games well played.
I was so disgusted to hear that someone or some
people STARTED that fire in Ca. knowing all they knew
about the Santa Anna winds etc. I am glad they are
offering a large reward to find whoever did this.I lived in 
Ca. for years and I know that anyone who lives out there
knows the dangers of what those winds and dry timber and 
brush can do this time of the year.There is no doubt that
this fire was deliberately set. Four
wonderful firefighters lives were lost in that fire so far.
One firefighter is litterally in a struggle to stay alive
as I write this. WHAT is in the mind of a person who causes
all this tragedy on so many others lives??? I just cannot
fathom it. My heart goes out to them all.
I went shopping yesterday for several items that are must
haves this time of year. I had to buy a new cover for the
Air Conditioner that hangs outside the window. Mother
refuses to take it apart and take it inside so, we have to
make sure it is covered up every year. After all winter long
the covers are beaten and nasty. I think this is my 4th one
so far. Trying to put one on on a higher window is a task in
itself. I used everything I could think of last year and still
had to use nylon rope to secure it. It faces the west wind
and sure gets a beating  all winter. Companies are in it for
the money so they don’t make them to last for sure.
Then there is the inside. We have struggled to make sure
the thing is covered and secure so that air doesn’t get inside.
BIG HASSLE there. I saw a cover yesterday at BED BATH
and BEYOND for $20. that looked nice..but would it work and is
it worth the money to try it out.? NOO..I decided to use something
else over it.Did you know a simple little thing like a door
draft, that you lay on the floor is $20. also, I got one for
5.00 at BIG LOTS that is wonderful and does the job just the same.
AND BEYOND??? I like the smells of christmas etc..but BROTHER!!
I walked in the door and about got knocked out! I almost waked back out..I really
did! I had to catch my breath and walk FAST!! Scented pine cones and
candles and potpouri all over the place…whew..I about had an
asthma attack. If you want me to shop in your store don’t try to
knock me out with all that stuff.  Precisely why I wont visit the
HALLMARK shops in the malls, overwhelming fumes.
It is so bad that the minute you walk in it covers you and when you
go out it lingers for a long time on everything. HOW DO PEOPLE WORK IN THOSE
PLACES??? I bet they have breathing problems for the rest of
their lives.Wrap a present from there and  for quite awhile,
even after Christmas you can still smell where it came from.
Anyway.. I think I will check the Big Lots store for my
bargains now..they are getting in all their Christmas stuff and the
store is truly dangerous..there is so much to see and the prices are
so good. That place is my second vise…my first one is WALMART.
ahhh YES I am a one of those people…CHEAP!! LOL..


Boy what a great game they played too. I love
to see a game go back and forth and have so
close a score. 5-4 !! It was a great game and the
Tigers just could not hang on long enough to pull
off the win. DARN. Rain is supposed to be a
big factor tonight. I think the cold and
the rain both are. You could see the pitchers
breath when he would stand on the mound.
It is weird to have it be so cold and them playing
in the world series.  CONGRATS to the Cards
for pulling that win off.
Tried the chicken pot pie recipe I found on
Cindy’s space today..the smaller version of it..I
liked the ease of making it and the taste was
pretty good. I am leery of Bisquick recipes..they
sometimes don’t turn out the way they are supposed
to when I make it!  LOL..It did hit the spot though on
a cold rainy day here in Michigan. Thanks Cindy!!
Just about this time or earlier next month..a new book will
be coming out. I can’t wait..see my best friend
Sue is the author of it! Reserve your autographed
copy of this mystery today….
Here is the space and website for it :
The wait has been long..years in the making
but they tell her that it is at the printer now
and she and I are very excited to hear that
I can’t wait to see it in the stores and buy one
and tell everyone I KNOW THE AUTHOR!!!


Yes..there really is a wednesday space walk this
week..despite the slow server..I got one
posted over to my spacewalk space. I had sadly
neglected that spot with all this server business.
The space I selected was an older one I had
already featured awhile back here.
I figured if MSN is monitoring my space there
or getting some ideas… let them..They
 might as well see some of the great ones.
SO this week’s feature is listed there. It is
an all new write up because things have changed
at that space over the past year or so.
Check out the SPACE WALK SPACE
and see if you are the lucky space this week!!!
PS. No game 4 was cancelled due to rain.
I sure wish they had called it a lot sooner. I am sure
waiting in the rain all that time was a real bummer
for the fans. I hope the delay in having the game
won’t mess up the momentum. Tigers really need to
step up or the Cards will just run them over! LOL

One Sweet Cartoon

I think this is one of the sweetest cartoons I have seen in a long time.. brought tears
to this caregivers eyes… it sure did.. I rarely read the comic section of the sunday
paper. My mother does…and she just looked at me and handed me the paper.
I saw the look on her face and I knew it must be something powerful. Mom
was Dad’s caregiver.. as was I, and it really hit home. Anyone
who has been one or is one sure knows these scenes all too well….
  Hosted by Free Image Hosting Service
Thanks Lynn Johnston for putting it so well….


Wow the Cards just whomped the Tigers
5-0!! I think that is great. Now all the Tigers have
to do it come back and win one and we are
all tied up! I was impressed with all the pagentry of
the new Busch Stadium. The Clydesdale horses and the
wagon traveling around the stadium and the whole
thing was pretty nice. The crowd was really pumped
up and I was sure they would do well.
Everyone is talking about what the Tigers
Pitcher had on his hand when he was pitching.
The coach of the Cards called attention to it and so
the pitcher (Kenny Rogers) washed his hand
right away before the next inning. NO fines or
anything were drawn against him. I have no idea what
it sure didn’t look like any dirt I ever saw.
In fact it looked sort of shiny to me….and many others.
Guess no one knows but Kenny. He is one heck of a
pitcher though. I bet the Tigers would win every game if
he pitched them. The game may get rained out tomorrow
only time will tell. I hope not though..a day of rest is not
good for anyone’s momentum.