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Just wanted to give compliments to Dr. Phil
for trying to get to the bottom of the case with
a 3 year old from Berrien County Michigan who is
allegedly being abused by her father.
I saw some of the show and was shocked to see
that this little girl has such a violent reaction when
coming home from his visitation with her. Screaming that
"they touched my pee-pee."  hmmm whether she
is or isnt..I sure hope they get to the bottom of what
is going on. There have been lie-detector tests and
attempted hypnosis of the father and some have been
failed. I hope Dr. Phil is "like a dog with a bone" and
wont give up until he finds out. This poor child should
not have to suffer.  Here is a link to the story…



I mean he is a friend of OPRAH and is on her show
at least once or twice a month now. Each time he comes
on you learn so much and he is a great teacher. He sells his
book and his theories that go with them for you to
try or not. While he is on the show..he shows you human
people’s  body parts..they are preserved and clean but
they are parts. He shows you livers and hearts and
lungs and gallstones and this week it was a human
BRAIN! Fascinating stuff. It’s the way in which he
explains things that has me so stuck on watching when he
is on.
I wondered if he teaches.. so I googled him…
"Dr. Mehmet Oz is perhaps the most accomplished and respected cardiothoracic surgeon in the United States. Born in the US to Turkish parents, he works at Columbia University New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he also holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business at Penn. This remarkable doctor operates on some 400 patients a year, is a Professor of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University, director of Cardiovascular Institute at Columbia Presbyterian, directs the Heart Assist Device Program and is the founder of the Complimentary Medicine Program. He is married with four children, and is 45 years old."
It didnt say that he taught classes. He should. So many young upcoming so called doctors could learn a few things I think.
Today Oprah was priviledged to hold in her hands a human brain. It was in preservative and you know by the look on her
face , the smell of it was pretty bad.  He explained how the brain works and what glands do and what things mean it was
really interesting to the audience and the viewer to hear. I make it a note on the calendar when I hear he is going to
be on the show. I know by the end of it I will have learned so many new things. Make sure you catch him sometime…you probably will leave thinking about some of the things that he covered in the hour that he was on. I know I do!!
That winter storm that everyone else out west got is headed our way here in Michigan. The news talks of
at least 6 inches of snow in some places and ice and snow in others between now and Friday morning.
People were rushing and the stores busy here again today. I put up the Christmas lights out side my front door
and hung my wreaths. It was so much nicer to do it in 64 degree weather than 20 above and snow. Most
people herebouts had the same thought. Wherever you are… I hope you stay warm and well, safe inside
with your family.
Have a great day !!!


That anyone who can run a computer would know how
to use a digital camera. They are not as complicated as
all the things that go with a computer ,and all the problems
that can go wrong. I am having a time trying to NOT push
the button all the way down like my old camera, I had for
probably 15 years!! This new way of doing things does take
some getting used to. I agree… I like the idea of deleting the
picture if I don’t like it and starting over. I like the idea of
seeing the picture immediately.  I owned several polaroid
cameras back in the day..I used to get so excited that we could
see what we took so fast. I like the idea that I dont realllly
have to take the pictures in to be developed right away because
there are so many on a card. To take a video with such a small
camera blows me away. It just doesn’t seem possible..but it
is! Picture and sound from this small thing…who would have thought
it???? Progress is amazing. I know there are smaller cameras than
this one and that too amazes me.
I am still getting used to the smallness of the camera.It fits 
in the palm of my hand or in my pocket. AMAZING!!  Mine
was large and heavy and could take it if it was dropped, and
did so many many times. It was dropped off the top of a
horse I was sitting on, to the cement driveway and still worked.
It was waterproof, and boy was I many times I really
was taking pictures in conditions I should not have been.This one works
better with warm batteries..warm is what the book said..keep the
extra batteries warm when in cold weather. HUH..well thank GOD I
have extra pockets in my coat. So many things you have to be
careful of. It blows my mind.
My old camera had a 10X zoom, this one has 3. I am still learning
this digital stuff and so I think it is
good that I start slow and work the kinks out of my shock at having
a camera at all. It has been a long time since I was able to let loose
and shoot to my hearts content.
When the snow comes, and IT IS coming….I will attempt to place
my first picture on here from my very own camera. BOY what a 
banner day that will be.IS IT enough though to make me go LIVE
WRITER…..uh…. we will see. LOL
Now I ask you ..why don’t they have some kind of a case for the
camera when they sell you one includedi n the box? I hate having
mine exposed to anything and will be looking for a case as soon as
I get to the big city stores. No way I could just put it in my purse with
all my junk and carry it around!!  I guess I have learned the value of
a camera after not having one for so long. Big City I come!!


       I DID IT!!      
I jumped into the 21st century with the rest of the people
in the world and got me some digital joy today. It was not
a real expensive purchase..but I figure if I am learning still
I should have something easy to learn on and progress from
there. Heck… if I can learn about all the stuff that goes wrong with
my computer..I guess I can learn about cameras too. I still miss my
old camera. I really do. It took great pictures and never failed me
to the end. It was so old the parts could not be found anymore.
The company apologized for my inconvenience. So I have been
cameraless for 2 years now..TWO years with those throw away
substitutes that never work right for me. There is no zoom and no
flash that I can get to work worth beans!!
When I went with my niece to look for a wedding gown I never
in a million years thought that she would find one right away. I
thought I HAD TIME!!  Nope …she goes and finds one right away!!
So I use that crazy portable one with the flash I can’t work and
try to take her picture. THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!!
I waited for the sales and checked around for an inexpensive camera
to start out my digital journey. 
The KODAK EZ SHARE C533    was on sale and so I plunged!! I am still reading
the manual and checking out the buttons and learning the ins and outs.
The person who sold it to me was young and never ask if I had any
questions or if I wanted to try one know it wasn’t
BEST BUY dont you!!! LOL  I won’t say where I got it..but they only had
two in the store on the first day of the sale.(hmmmm feel sorry for all
the other people who want one..rainchecks are a pain!!! )When I learn
how to get the pictures into my computer..OH BOY..then I will be
having fun!!! With guidance and advice from Cheryl and Hope how
can I go wrong??? I can only dream to get that good!!!!! 
I had trouble getting to my space tonight..I guess maybe the whole
internet is buzzin’ with people buying on-line..they are not going to wait
for "Black MONDAY"..OH is black monday since it is 1 AM!!
I am going to bed…maybe I will dream of cameras all night long
and taking George Clooneys’ picture!!!    LOL
Now that would be cool!!!  


Our little Thanksgiving was certainly a very strained one. The fiancee
showed up with my niece and started asking how much we
would be contributing to the wedding. HUH??  Could we bring food to the
reception for at least 150-200 people. I was in shock!  I mean
My mother practically raised her, and she is one of her two
grandchildren and she would like to help out..but furnish food
for that many is a little severe. I dont know where he got the
idea that "WE" were supposed to help them out. We could
maybe bring one big entree, but not all.  He looked pretty
disappointed. They chose the biggest most expensive place
around for a reception. $3,000. to rent the place. I was in shock.
It was his parents idea. hmmmmmm They put a deposit on it to hold
the date and didnt even clear it or even ask my sister about it. I
think she should have been consulted about it for sure. They
know a whole lot of people in their little town and I think that
half the people invited on their side will be people THEY know, not
their son. This could get very UGLY…   
I looked at my niece and she kept a very straight face over
the whole thing. She knew what was coming I guess. I told him that
we were on very limited income and could not afford to cater his
reception. Is it our responsibility??? Hmmm..AT what age does it
become no longer the responsibility of the parents to PAY for the
wedding? They are both in their late 20’s. First marriage for
both. My sister was at work, so I was kinda glad… I am afraid she
would have flipped out. He kept saying he was SHOCKED that
her mom paid for the wedding dress and did not believe her that she
had already gotten one. She showed him the bag with the dress
in it. The whole thing was very strained and I myself kinda like the guy,
but this time I could not wait for them to leave. My mother was upset over
the fact that she would like to help them out but just couldn’t do it.
SHOULD HE HAVE ASKED???   In my opinion..NO..he should not have
even asked us.I am so confused!!  WHAT"S YOUR OPINION??
AM I wrong in this??? We are relatives…not her parents. Her father
is deceased and her mom on a mid-size income, not the kind that could
afford a big fancy wedding. They know that!!
After they left..My girlfriend called and told me that her father.
like a second father to me…has had emergency surgery that
morning and will be hospitalized for at least 5 days. He has had at least 3 in the
past few much more can he take??.
I was sure glad when the day was over..I laid down with a headache and
thought ….tomorrow is another has to be just has to.
Hope your Thanksgiving was calmer than mine was for sure.. and your weekend
is too!! Thanks for letting me vent!! 


   I am thankful for all the friends and visitors here
   at my little space at MSN. I hope you all have a
    great , safe , holiday with family and friends.
                HAPPY   THANKSGIVING  !!!



We went to the local bridal shop today to just "look" and
see what they had. My niece decided she wanted a long
sleeve gown and nothing too reveiling up top. That really
illiminated almost all the gowns they had there. We chose about
6..The first one she picked up and looked at, and the second
one she tried on and decided right away and that she wanted it.
NO searching other stores for gowns, no
looking in other towns and driving and spending endless
hours with salespeople. IT was a DONE DEAL.  
   img222/8533/demko99img240x320mvc162ml9.jpg The gown is gorgeous, satin, beaded and lots of sequins
very similar to this one I found on e-bay.. Really elegant.I really think this is the same dress.
The dress was way big for her..but better that than way too small and she could
not wear it at all.  The trane is long and full at the back starting at the bow but she intends
to take it off the dress. SHE hates bows..
img223/9135/demko99img240x320mvc162gr5.jpg It is a heavy type dress and looks like just thousands of
beads, pearls and small sequins on it here and there. She really got excited when the
saleslady told her there was a discount sale running right now of 25% off. I prepared to
catch my sister when she fainted… as I saw the look on my nieces face..SHE HAD TO HAVE IT!!!
I looked at the tag and had to blink twice… holy cow ,it was on sale and realllly cheap…with the
discount what a steal!!!. How could a dress this elaborate be so cheap?? Never worn, brand new!
My niece didn’t care what the cost was..she was prepared to pay if she had to.!! LOL  Well we
have a dress..a veil will be ordered and shoes later..but the big decision was simple and done
in less than 3 hours!!! Courteous service and happy customers indeed..Now if only the bridesmaids
and the matron of honor dresses could go that smoothly..what a wonderful thing that would be!!
My niece lost her dad a few years back and I saw the look on her face as she stood there gazing
at the dress in the mirror.
I asked her if she knew who was going to walk her down the aisle and she said her uncle.
(his brother) They look a lot alike and he has been a tremendous help to her since her dad’s passing.
How nice for her, and then she spoke up and said.. "Grandpa is grouchy and won’t wear a Tux, so I am not asking him!" lol never know where their mind is…
Have a great day..the sun is finally shining here in Michigan and will be for a few days..It sure is
a welcome sight. 
PS  Dont worry the groom has no clue what my blog address is or even if I have one…so he wont
see this!!