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Hope you all have a great, safe and Happy New year
holiday. Image Hosted by
 It looks like the nation will be in a state of mourning for
President Ford  in the next few days. Michigan is gearing up
for the service next week. It is continually hard to get servers
to work and on line work is difficult for us who have dial up service
in that general area of the state. I hope to be able to visit
you all and check in if I can.
 I sure hope we can come to some
kind of peace someplace in this next year. May God keep
us all safe and healthy in 2007. Blessings to you all.




Free Image Hosting          Just a note of remembrance for those lost this year. So many people have left this place we call earth for their other home. We move on and  seek  faith and strength from within and feel God’s loving arms holding us tightly as we go.

Especially for…Beth, Bethmarie, Barb, Betty,Nanci, and Rose. 



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I put my last Space walk review in for this year yesterday.
I had to stop and think of all the people who have been
added this year and all the spaces that have been
visited. I was amazed how many new names and
blogs I have listed.  THANKS to all those who
participated this year. 
The last one for this year is a great space called

TANI is a truckdriver from central Iowa.
Tani says she is looking for the beauty in life whether
it is in the window of her truck or in her garden.
She has been married for nearly 20 years, has dogs 
for pets,which travel with her  in the truck named Pete and
Toby. She loves photography and crafts and has been
gardening for 13 years now. She travels the nation
with her husband for about 10 years now and used to
be a nurse for 17 years, before deciding to take up
truck driving. The pictures you will find here at this space
are just will love to view them over and
over again..some are from all over the country. 
Here is a sample from one of her latest entries..
Home Again…Home Again Lickity Split
When we got unloaded yesterday we had no idea how we were getting home.We sat at a truckstop in the Chicago suburbs all afternoon.Just as Hubby closed the curtains and climbed up on the bunk for the night we got a message,Head Home,LOL Well you didn’t have to tell us twice.This was just in time for Rush Hour! Wouldn’t you know it.I suppose it took me an hour to make it down to I-80.But once there it was clear sailing.
It rained on us all the way home,everything here around the garden is quite soggy,but narry anthing White.It can wait one more day so I can get the shopping done,then it can snow like heck for all I care,LOL We got in late,and As beat as I was I just had to sit up and eat a few no baked cookies.Mil and Sil have been busy."
THANKS!! May you all have a great 2007!!!



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Gerald R. Ford, who picked up the pieces of Richard Nixon’s scandal-shattered White House as the 38th and only unelected president in America’s history, has died, his wife, Betty, said Tuesday. He was 93. He grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan, and will be laid to rest in Grand Rapids.

FULL STORY AT ..  or local coverage at, an on-line condolence book can be found here..




        THE DAY AFTER….
was spent taking down all the Christmas stuff.
You would never know it had even been a holiday
here in my house. This was the first time I can
ever remember removing everything so
quickly. It certainly was a weird experience.My 80
year old mom packed up everything neatly and ready
to store them early this morning. I thought to myself…
what is going on???
She said she just was not in the mood anymore.
I know the gray cold days with rain are getting to
her. I have dealt with this before..maybe she
is just getting tired of the whole hoopla. I mean
we had a great big meal and that was pretty
dramatic also. So much food left over..we have learned
a great lesson here about doing that again. Someone
else will be doing it next year..Not us!!!
It takes a lot of effort and planning and we just
can’t keep that up. Christmas 2006  was just
plain wierd. People come and then are not interested
in eating a whole big meal you have prepared. They
don’t even want to taste anything or just eat dessert.
AT 1:30 in the afternoon! They just sit and watch you!
UGH..I really am not a fan of doing that to people. I would
never do it….  NO, they had not eaten before either.
I am old though..maybe young people do
things differently, who knows. Food allergies and such
keep people from eating certain things I know..The
dishes I served had nothing that would remotely
be of harm.  
Our Thanksgiving was kinda stressful this year and now
this..I think I am slowly getting really leery of holidays
around here. I hope your day was better than mine. My
dinner was delicious and I fell asleep afterward for a nap
thinking of those who really had so much less than I did.
Those in Darfur and Afghanistan, and even places
in the USA.  I pray that someday, in my lifetime, we
find an answer to these problems. I will not waste food again
on those who really could care less.


            WOULD BE!!
     Keep the servicemen and women in your
prayers. Give us Peace soon and bring
them home.


Standard we need that reminder…
People are telling me, relax be have four more days.
HAH! Why do we always feel like we need at least one extra week?
I mean could we really get anything more done? We put things off
and mean to do it later..and it never gets done at all.
This year I called a halt to sending presents and it has helped
a lot. It cost more to mail it than the gift cost me! I could not
see that as a real smart. All those zones across the country..
the bigger the package the more it costs and the heavier it is
the more it costs. BAH HUMBUG!!!
Has this ever happened to you???

Well I didnt cheat this year..and so far no one else has either. HOW wonderful the feeling!

You feel so terrible when the other person goes back on their promise.. and you have no present!

I keep some little things here in case of an emergency..but they are sometimes nothing compared

to what the other person comes up with. I checked my stash this year..and let’s say it

is not a STASH anymore! Yikes I have four more days to place something in there.."Just in Case".

Now the pressure is on again.. IT NEVER ENDS!!!