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 Saw about five minutes of the Idol show last night.
A gal with Long hair to her ankles, and guy with a
crazy hairdo, that could actually carry a tune,
and a lot of a woman who was very old and
not eligible, but they let audition for the sake
of the cameras etc. I could tell
she was too old to begin with. don’t tell me this
is not an attempt to get us to watch it every single
week to see what kind of crazy people show up
to these auditions. It still is getting high ratings, and lets
face it, that is what the game is all about. I will
wait until the real show starts.
I heard on the news that pilots have to stop flying
for commercial airlines at age of 60..HOW SAD.. they
are fighting now to get the rules to be changed to
65 years old instead. I don’t know ..but I would rather
have a guy 65 who knows what the heck he is doing
with a younger co-pilot than 2 young ones anyday!!
NOTHING.. I mean nothing, replaces actual air-time
experience in that seat and the means to handle
all kinds of situations. That kind of thing can be
practiced, but the REAL situations being dealt with
on a daily basis.. I  SAY LET THEM FLY TIL  65 !!
Well it might be good for some people..but I am not going
to use it until all the "bugs" and etc are all fixed and
WE absoulutely have to change over. I tried IE7
for almost a month and I didn’t like it and could not
get the computer to work well enough with it.
SO I switched back to the IE6..I wonder how many others
did too?.. I am not ready for VISTA NO WAY!!!
Actress singer Brandy is being SUED for 50 million
dollars in a lawsuit for an accident that she allegedly caused
in LA awhile back. A woman died as a result of her
car hitting another car on a LA freeway system.
I think I would pay the darn settlement..that is if
I had the money, and IF they dont arrest her for a
misdemeanor count of vehicular homicide and try to
convict her. I wonder if that had been any JANE DOE out
there, if that person would have already be arrested?
Yes, it is hard to believe that SUPERBOWL is finally here
on sunday. I had almost forgotten about it since there is
no team I am really interested in. I think that both teams have
a real right to be there in a way, they fought really hard.
I think I am still going with the experience of Peyton Manning..
YEAH I KNOW..there are those who don’t agree..this is just
who I am going to be backing on SUNDAY..GO COLTS!
I will be waiting for the DAYTONA 500 on FEB. 18,
it will be the first time that TOYOTA has cars in the race against
the Dodges, Fords, and Chevy’s. If a Toyota won the Daytona
it would be like a slap in the face to the whole racing community.
They are the newbies and no one expects them to outrun the
old favorites. Will be very interesting to see what happens.
This week I have chosen  a space of someone a lot of you
may already know. HE is quite the character and you will
enjoy visiting HIS space. You can find it at the Spacewalk
Space. YES.. I do add the spaces of the MALE bloggers, if
I see one that is worthy. I believe in equal opportunity for
all. I just think there are more female bloggers than male ones.
Maybe I am wrong..but that is what I have found in my
travels. Checkout the spacewalk space listed here at the
top of the page.
McDonald’s and Burger King are making moves to take the
trans fat out of their places of business by 2008. I say the
sooner the better for all of us. We don’t really need should
have been done long ago. Tans fats can extend shelf life and make
some foods crunchier. However, research has correlated the man-made
 fat to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, low birth weight,
 obesity and immune dysfunction. They can use other oils that
our bodies can tolerate. This type of oil is something that
we have been using for a long time and it seems that JUST NOW
they have come up with the idea that the human body cannot
properly process the synthetic fat!! What the heck has taken them
so long to get with it??? All I know is I wont miss it much..I dont
eat out much anymore, but when I vice was the french
fries..and there is the worse offender of them all. I do like a crispy
fry.. I hope they can keep them nice and crunchy for us lovers of
the fries….I wish they would cut back on the salt on those things too,
the fine salt that they place all over those fries is enough to
make anyone’s bloodpressure go sky high. IS it really necessary
to have so much on there?? EVER ask for fries without the salt???
I DID.. they said it would be a wait because they would have to make
a new batch. I WAITED.. they were just great with what salt I placed
on them myself. 
It’s that time of the year.. try sending a free valentine to
a soldier who is serving our country.  Here is the
address send one today.
A free service from Xerox.. THANKS TERRI for the info
on this link. 
It’s cold here and getting is winter I tell myself, after shoveling
three times in one day. I am tired of it already and the winter isn’t
nearly over yet!! TAKE me away.. I will go… as along as there is no
shoveling involved..warm weather is optional. 


I received a response promptly from MSN. YES I DID!!!
I was very surprised and pleased as you can tell
I am back on my space and very happy to have my
hands un-tied and given back my freedom to  enter
and to comment on others spaces..
I received a very nice long e-mail from DAMEN at MSN
Technical support… who told me step by step what
measures to take to try and
solve the problem. I did by one and found that
the ACTIVE X controls had to be re-done and ZAP!!!
NO more problems!!!   OH  HAPPY   DAY !!!  I made a note of
all the hints and tips and that he gave and will keep it
on hand just in case.. I must say it was a  breath of
fresh air to receive such help…
For the time being I am getting back to normal here
I have posted  at my Blogspot Blog some
wonderful winter pictures that I took Sunday.
They can be found here… .
It’s great to be back among the SPACES..
THANKS BOB for your visits and advice.. I appreciated it!!
Have a great DAY out is still snowing some
here  in my neck of the woods.. We are in for some
very cold weather too. I guess Iwill stay indoors and
visit my spacewalk friends!!
Thanks again DAMEN..


  I have had lots of trouble commenting and even getting
  to my space and making an entry..the pages are freezing
  up and I cannot get anything to work. I am hoping that
  I can send this into the draft and then add it…
  Geez if they are making some kind of adjustments I sure
  wish they would tell
  us or hurry it up!!!  If it isn’t the fault of MSN well then,
  I guess I will just have to find out the source myself.
Hope you all have a great weekend. It will be cold here and
maybe some flurries..Here are some funnies I thought
you might enjoy…


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I carry the purell and the handwipes and I use the bleach
water solution and the lysol spray, the antibacterial soap.
This time of year you can not be too careful. I hate bronchitis
with a passion. I get it really easy, if I just get a cold.
So I take all the precautions I better believe it.
People around here know I can get carried away.. I am a
killer after all….
I have seen all those shows about how many germs your
kitchen counter have on food can make you sick
if not prepared correctly. I watch people pretty carefully
when I enter a restaurant. I don’t eat out much any more.
Here is where this is going…. I came across this article that
says that…. " A team of University of Florida Engineering
researchers have come to the conclusion that
microwaving plastic scrubbers and kitchen sponges
 on full power can destroy practically 100% of the
bacteria and viruses, parasites or spores collected on them.
"In their report in the Journal of Environmental Health,
 Bitton and his co authors, UF professor of anesthesiology,
 Richard Melker, and UF biomedical engineering doctoral
student Dong Kyoo Park described how they immersed
scrubbing pads and sponges in untreated wastewater
teeming with fecal bacteria like E. coli, protozoan parasites,
salmonella, viruses and bacterial spores. (The spores included
Bacillus cereus, that stood in for food-borne viruses
responsible for diseases such as noroviruses and hepatitis A.)
The sponges and scrub pads were then ‘cooked’ in
an ordinary domestic microwave oven for varying
 lengths of time. They were wrung out and the microbial
load of the water was determined for each test. The findings
 were compared with water from control sponges and
pads not placed in the microwave.
The results were telling. Every contaminant
but the spores were killed after two minutes. The spores
 took a little longer, between four to ten minutes to be
 exterminated as they are difficult to kill, being resistant
 to radiation, heat and lethal chemical substances.
Bitton believed that the heat, and not the microwave radiation,
most likely put paid to the pathogens. He further advises
that as the microwave functions by stimulating water
molecules, microwaving wet rather than dry sponges or
scrub pads is preferable."
So you just ZAP them while they are wet.. and wham all the germs are gone..
How convenient is that?! It is better and faster than boiling them or spraying them
with bleach or cleanser. I think I might try this.. I am leery though of
trying it on some plastic scrubbers..but with them wet I think they will
hold up in there okay.

I have so many..I wear them out pretty fast.. it’s all the
bleach I put on them. My mother is old school.she feels that
you can use it a long time because you are using it in hot
water and soap all the time. I SAY NO…WAY.. I am NOT old
school and prefer to change it every other day or so. Depending on
what I am doing in the kitchen with it.  I try to use a fresh dish towel
each day…AM I NUTS?. Who made the rules??? IS that the way
MISS MARTHA S would do it??. What the heck does she know?? Her
maid changes her sheets every other day, probably the kitchen
area is done the same way..  Ahh to be rich so your
maid can do things for you….
ONLY ME.. I would be watching her over her shoulder to see if
she was doing it the sanitary  germ-free way!!!   


     I could not believe my eyes…..
There on the tv screen they were advertising
BANANAS from Dole or Chiquita..I am not sure,..anyway
keep a close eye out for their new  campaign
that just started running this week.
You get three banana’s in a "fresh Pack"
packaged to "last longer" and stay fresh.
Oh yes..and by the way..never mind that
bananas have went up in the stores over 49 cents
a pound in most places. So CAN you Imagine
what these special banana’s will cost you????
I had to laugh.. NO WAY I am going to buy a special
package of bananas.. If I want them to last I put them
in the fridge. YES I know..they turn BLACK on the outside,
but the insides are perfectly fine!! They keep a longer time
that way. If they are too ripe after putting them in there I
use them for bread, or something else. Gee what is next..
individual apples and oranges wrapped for "freshness" at the
cost of a dollar a piece!! I don’t know about these companies that
will try anything to get you to buy their product. I think I
would prefer to buy a whole bunch rather than individual ones, you
would have to buy too many packages. Just keep an eye
out for the commercials on network tv…I was just amazed… 
WEDNESDAY SPACE WALK has been posted.. This week it’s another amazing
space from Canada and this one has some really wonderful photos and
entries. You can find it at the spacewalk space. 
I was very happy to see Jennifer Hudson’s name on the list for
Academy Award nomination for DREAMGIRLS. She sure has come a long way from
American Idol fame. Was a little surprised that the movie itself
was not nominated..however it got 8 nods which was higher than
any other movie I think. Speaking of IDOL..I saw some of the
show tonight briefly and I think that people who can not even
carry a tune should not get past the first few notes. It is not
right to sit there and just laugh in their faces.. WHY not just stop them
right away and say NO thank you.. please leave…? What is so wrong with
that?? If Jennifer wins her award like she did the Golden Globe
I guess Simon will really be eating crow… He did not like her and
again he was as wrong as he was about Taylor Hicks.
I briefly saw some of the Presidents speech tonight and was happy to see
AGAIN..Mr, Wesley Autrey being introduced to the congress. Mr. Autrey
is still riding his 15 minutes of fame for saving the man’s life on the
subway in NY City. I guess he could go no higher than that except maybe
on Oprah Winfrey’s show!!! I have not seen him there yet! There is still
time though.


JUST so you know if you havent heard….
A new law requiring U.S. citizens to have a valid passport if
they are flying anywhere outside the United States goes
into effect today
Local post offices offered passport fairs this weekend,
 but the lines were still busy Monday, with people
 applying for their passport. 
This change is the result of recommendations made by the
 9-11 commission.  The new travel document requirements
 will be implemented in two phases.
NUMBER ONE…The first phase involves travel by air,
and it requires all citizens entering the United States
from within the Western Hemisphere to have the
proper passport or documentation
.  Area post offices
are seeing a record number of applications.
NUMBER TWO…The second phase of the rule addresses
 land and sea travel.  In early 2008, those travelers will
be required to have a passport as well.
It takes six weeks to obtain a passport, so if you plan on
 traveling outside the United States anytime in the near
 future, get your passport soon.
Good thing I am not traveling as much as I used to.. I know there
is a fee for passports…
The passport fee is $67 for a person 16 years or older and $52 for
a child under 16. The fees are payable to the US Department of State.
CINDY at SUPERIOR LIVING gave out this wonderful link yesterday
and when I checked it out I was just will not be
disappointed if you go there…   
is a JUKEBOX sort of will just love what you find there.
 24 was fantastic last night.. I have to say I got a real thrill out of
Jack meeting his brother  Graham..(who played a bad guy character last season
telling the WIMPY  President what to do) and Jack just ..well…just tied
him to a chair and ..oh well you had to be there.. It was great.. I hate the
darn violence, but that darn guy I hated from the first minute I saw him
last season. Jack will get the information he needs or else!! His brother
is in with some really bad guys only Jack doesn’t know it yet… I can’t wait
until next week when we see JACK’s father for the first time. I had to
laugh at the preview..Jack’s father is played by JAMES CROMWELL..
ahhh he is the man who played a pig farmer in BABE.. I know he played
some other really great parts..but I just close my eyes and see him
telling BABE…"at’ll do’ll do."  LOL… I guess Kiefer’s real
dad was busy..he would have been great in the part too.
                James Cromwell  as Farmer Hoggett





Tallahassee Fla..

Neither gunfire nor two days in a  refrigerator could slay this duck.
When the wife of the hunter who shot it opened the refrigerator door, the duck
lifted its head, giving her a scare. Taken to the vet immediately, the
1 pound female ringneck ended up at a wildlife sanctuary and will have a 75% chance of survival, but will never be well enough to be released back into the wild again.



So this duck is doomed, or not, to spend it’s days in a sanctuary for wildlife unable
to do what it was born to do. Away from its habits and maybe other ducks of its kind.
Which was better to repair it’s injuries and let it live there, or to let nature take
its course? I read this this morning and thought..poor duck…she is strong but
not strong enough to go back to her flock and be a real wild duck. Could you
be a wild duck in a sanctuary and be happy with that?  It sounded like a race
horse being put out to pasture to breed and live out its days. In this case, the
duck was "raised" in the wild though and knows no other thing than the wild,
being able to fly from place to place freely with it’s flock.                                       

Yeah I think of things like this all the time. I guess it’s my mind
 being curious or something. I sure hope she lives well and finds
some male companionship there in that sanctuary!!!


HAVE A GREAT DAY !!!                 img402/8094/eend137vn.gif