Saturday night the wind just howled. I got up and unplugged
Miracle for fear we would have a power outtage.
Sunday morning they reported that over 10,000 people in our
state lost power.
The sun finally decided to  shine brightly. It was a welcome
sight for sure. Seems like the whole month of December all
we saw was clouds, rain, snow or fog.
We had company as the "newlyweds" came to see us and
have a belated Christmas dinner. The weather being what it
has been, we had to postpone things because of ice and snow.
After lunch I went out to see the sights as the roads were
still pretty clear. Not much snow is left here. That usually means
we will get another blast.
The local river was filled with GEESE.. Lots of them.
Who says they all go south for the winter?
Got home in time to see history being made as the Detroit Lions
lost their last game of the season to the Packers and now they
own the only title of LOSING every single game of the whole
year. SO SAD.. makes me wonder just what the heck they
will do next year?
Well it is late I have just spent over an hour trying to get my printer
to work with this computer set up. Looks okay but will not respond. Sad
Back to the drawing board…read and learn more.
Miracle  will have to be patient with me because
I am still having trouble with the workings of VISTA . I guess
hands on experience seems to be the only way to do it. It all takes


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. We have a possibility of rain tonight which I hope doens’t come to pass, our roads have been awful and I don’t think black ice will help one thing. I don’t much like the time I’ve spent on Vista either but figure like all things it’s something we can adapt to. Blessings to you my friend…I’m still thrilled for you getting that computer!

  2. Gosh Carol, where do you live…sounds and looks just like here. The wind was unreal all day today…70 mph wind gusts and thousands in the county withoutout power. Are we near each other?Hugs

  3. GREAT photos!! TOO Cool!! You are so my favorite friend!! I wish we lived closer together. Yeah, that weather in Buffalo was too much!! I’ve never seen thing like that. It was a great football weekend and my Eagles made it! I hope you have a GREAT week and a Wonderful Monday!!I hope you know how I feel about you……. Yeah.. The ‘L’ word!!Love Ya!! Just stay well and I will too!!

  4. Yes, the pics are great, as someone wrote. Football – can’t live with it and can’t live without it! LOL Your Lions will make a comeback – the Miami Dolphins did in just one year. As of yesterday they won the division title. I’m thrilled!Best,Nan

  5. Glad to hear you haven’t lost your power. I saw on the news that lots more are without it this morning. Sorry about the Lions, but I’m so glad the Packers beat them. Our season wasn’t much better. I know the Pack will be back and hope the Lions will too. I wonder if there’s something going around that’s making printers not respond. I’ve been having trouble with mine too and I didn’t do anything different to cause problems. Hmmm…Sunshine here yesterday and again today. I’m going to be out there sucking up some rays! Have a great Monday…it is Monday, right?

  6. Make sure your printer drivers are up to date..and have you checked to see if your printer is compatible? But do download the newest printer drivers, just in case. Though knowing YOU, Sis, you already have. ;-)The Detroit Lions will come back. I feel sure that there will be some coaching changes ahead.

  7. If you have problems with vista Stephen would be a good one to ask. I think you are on his friend’s list. I am planning a new computer for the spring so I will have to deal with Vista then. Good luck!

  8. Hi Carol: Gee, you had the same kind of weather we had Saturday night and we had trees come down. Right beside our son’s apartment there was a tree down on the hydro wires and he heard it when it happened so it was he who called 911 to report it for fear of fire. Took three hours for them to get the power back on. The power blinked off and on about four times here at our house but we didn’t lose our power altogether.This morning we have a real heavy frost and all the roofs are white. Makes one glad to be inside where it is warm. Still having fun with Miracle I see. Keeps life interesting for you, trying to figure out all the workings of Vista I suppose. I think that day could be coming for me but for now, all is well with my computer so far as my hard drive is only a year old but the other parts are about three years old. Hope you and Mom have a great day. Love to you both……………..Rusty ((HUGS))

  9. So surprised not to see snow in those pics! I guess it DID warm up some and rain will drain away the white stuff for sure. That IS sad about the Lions—will they EVER make it to the Super Bowl??? There’s always next year—they have no where to go but up!

  10. It was nice having the sun! I do miss the snow however. It was much prettier here with it. Take care! ttfn Oh and yes it’s very sad about our Lions. 😦

  11. Hi Carol,Congrats on the new PC! I’ve been running Vista for over a year now and just love it. Feel free to email for help/tips on usage if you need to, I’d be glad to help.Good luck, happy N/Y, and all that…Joel

  12. You may have to go to your printer’s website and find a driver that will work with Vista. You might also check the Microsoft site; they may have one that will get your printer online. We haven’t had very many troubles with Vista. Once you get everything lined out then I’ll tell you how to play with the speech recognition!! So much fun, once it recognizes your speech patterns. You’ll need a nice headset with a microphone, these don’t pick up surrounding sounds as much as a regular mic will.

  13. Your area is beautiful! I would go out and take pics too but all you would see is snow falling and falling… It’s crazy how much snow we have. I still think it’s pretty but ask me in a month! hahaNice photos!

  14. Vist is very unfriendly and even when I buy staff that says Vista compatiable….much of the time it is not. Go see if there are updated drivers for the printer. Overall I love Vista because it acts like a Mac and even kinda looks like a Mac.

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