First I went shopping .. JUST LOOKING
at new printers.. YEP.. new ones..more
compatible with my MIRACLE. My old one is
almost 6 years old and needed to be replaced.
Besides the fact that it would not seem to
"TALK" to the VISTA, it can be used with the
old XP when it gets fixed.
There was a sale and so I purchased a new
all in one from HP.  It isn’t out of the box
yet because.. when we got home the
furnace was squeaking like a hamster on a wheel.
YIKES!! I made some phone calls to get help. It just
happens to be about 15 degrees here .. I knew it would
be terrible if the darn thing went out.
A holiday weekend coming up and I figured I wouldn’t be
able to get any help.  After a couple of calls I got someone
to come look at it. In 30 minutes he was finished..cold air
vents needed cleaning and opening up some more.
He oiled it up and said we were good to go.
Seems if your furnace is gasping for AIR from the cold
air vents, and not getting it.. it will run harder and
improperly. Mom had one completely covered up.
I never thought any thing of it.. just didn’t know I
guess. It had been a long time since anyone had mentioned
those vents. SO  the house is at a nice 68 and we are
good to go. I hope it improves the way it works and
maybe our bill will be cheaper next month.
WEll.. I can dream!! The weatherman says we are
gonna get some really cold weather next week and snow
too.. Sad 
I will be reading my manual and looking forward
to installing my printer.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. OH!! I hope it warms up for you soon!! Yes, my dogs drive me ceazy but they are sweeties so I don’t mind. Besides, they keep me warm in bed! As for the laptop? I will get it done. Same keyboard and mouse so it shouldn’t be too bad. Problem will be downloading his firewall, anti-virus, etc on dial-up! It will take forever!!Stay warm sweetie!!!!!

  2. That’s the kind of weather we’re getting too…isn’t that fun stuff…or not….I think a new printer with your new machine sounds great, I just put my wife’s new one together for her…it was a complete miracle too…God is good to us my friend, He really is!

  3. With the severity of my allegies, we pay close attention to having our vents cleaned periodically and the electronic air and outer-air filter cleaned freqently ourselves. It does help with the furnace running more efficiently too. Glad someone could make it out to take care of your problem and I think you may notice a bit of a difference. We are warm enough inside but it is currently -13F outside ,and I don’t know the wind chill, but the prairie winds are usually active around our parts. We’ve had an unusually long cold spell and more snow that has settled in than we are used to. Please stay warm, and safe, in your area and have a good weekend. Congrats on the new printer too. Wishing you, and your mum, a blessed New Year. I will have to catch up a bit to see how your Christmas was.

  4. Dad got a Mac computor just before Christmas and his almost knew printer doesn’t seem to respond to the new computer. Your electric bill probably will be down as the furnace won’t be trying to kick in all the time now that the problem is fixed, hope so. I doubt you’ll get any snow, I think we got it all here, none left to "share"..lolHugs, Faye

  5. Hi – so glad you got help for your furnace; and neat that it was a fairly quick fix. Yes, it will impact your bill in a good way! We have one vent covered in the kitchen because it’s not needed there, and we want more air to go a room further, the bedroom.Best,Nan

  6. Wow six years with the same printer? That’s remarkable! Seems we replace one once a year. Did you notice the cost of a new ink is about equal to a new printer now days? So glad your furnace is working good. Any strange noise from a furnace in the dead of cold winter is very scary! You have a good day too!

  7. Carol you sound like me I use stuff until it is completely wore out!!! I have a printer is about that old too and I still use it. Although it is making a terribly noise now after it prints something, sounds like something in the print cartridge holder??? Glad you got the heat fixed, who needs big bills huh? Enjoy your Saturday, Hugs, Pat

  8. My printer is on its 3rd computer and when I get a new computer in the spring I am planning on replacing it. I do have an Epson stylus photo printer that my brother got for me. I love it and as it is only a couple of years old I might be able to use it. I hope your printer is easy for you to use.Stay warm!!!

  9. Oh my, Carol, I am so glad that is all that was wrong with your furnace, It reminds me of the time my husband was in the hospital after having a heart attack and I was there visiting him. When I got home the house was cold, I called the neighbour but he didn’t want to tinker with it. Try to get someone on Christmas Eve afternoon, I think I called almost every place in the city but eventually one young man came. It turned out to be the same problem as yours, snow frozen in the intake duct. The neighbour had gotten a new snowblower and when he used it he blew the snow into our yard and I suppose st the time the furnace was sucking in air and it turned to ice. I had a little heater on with the cat on my lap and our dog curled up beside it. Well when he was done he only was going to charge me a small amount but I insisted he take more and I gave him a bottle of my home made wine. I was just so appreciative that he come out on Christmas Eve. Sorry I got carried but I wanted you to know it happened to me too. A new printer eh, oh you will have fun with that I am sure. Good luck with it. Goodness after awhile you are going to be just a whiz on here with all these new things. Have a good weekend sweety…………….Rusty ((HUGS))

  10. I have a HP all in one printer and I love it! You can do so much with it. Sure am glad you got someone to come out and look at your furnace and that it was just the ducts that needed cleaning. Hope your all warm and cuddly now.HugsSherry

  11. SO glad you got the furnace looked at so quickly and that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed! Hope your new printer works great. They are sure a lot cheaper now than they used to be when we bought ours (what, 12 years ago???). May you stay warm and cozy during the upcoming storms!

  12. Another item that doesn’t work well with the vent covered is a dryer. I have 3 different printers here and my computer talks to them all, but I like my Epson Printer the best. The other 2 are good for smaller jobs, but I use them for back up when I forget to get ink for my Epson.Love ya,Al

  13. I have had my Epson printer since I had my first PC….and it is still going strong hope I can get a few more years out of it…do you think I am pushing my lucky…Boy lucky you found someone to come and fix furnace so fast…the house cools down pretty fast in the cold weather we have been having…Think it is suppose to get colder this week…I know it was really cold on New Years Eve…Sure glad I didn’t wear a dress BRRRRR

  14. I had the same type of problems back when I had Windows 2000. I bought a new printer and the two didn’t get along at all. So what kind of all in one did you get? HP? That’s what I’ve got and I really like them (both at home and cabin) until it’s time to buy ink cartridges. EEK!

  15. I went thru and had a paragraph written..hit send and it went to outer space because it sure ain’t here! That irritates a fella when that happens. 🙂

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