I am still learning to get, or load  my pictures into
Miracle and where they are and how to use the
whole set up in editing them. It is so so different
from my Xp that I feel like I have went back in time
to the days when I was just a real beginner at the computer.
Learning all over again. Confused I just have no time to really
sit and look into what this and that does. It makes it hard
to do things that is for sure. Those of you who still have Xp be happy,
very HAPPY!  Progress is good they say, for me, I just am a little
hesitant to get  up to speed with everyone else I guess. Thinking
Moving on..
Saturday was boring.. cold. I made some chicken and noodles
and went out for a little errand and stopped to view the amazing
Such a strange sky, one layer looking one way and the top looking
a whole other one.
I went up the hill and saw the first one—-and then saw the whole sky laid out in different tones of
blue as the clouds covered the sun.
I went by the river to see if the winter geese were still there and there were many more
than last week. Probably a couple of hundred mostly adult were all gathered in the
open water and on the riverbank.
We have very little ice on the river. We should have very cold
temps by end of next week so most of this will be frozen over.
Today we will have freezing rain and some bad roads by morning.
I am glad I can stay indoors and not have to venture out.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Did you hear when the lake froze over with the geese in it the lake flew away? That’s what your picture reminded me of. By the weather channel Michigan is ice for Sunday. Wow! Great pictures of the sky. You’ll get used to the Vista in no time. Have a good day today.

  2. You are doing great Carol with Miracle, there is so much I need to learn, I can’t even add or send a graphic, hopefully this will be my year to accompolish this??? Loved your pictures. Its raining here today Ugh better than ice I guess. I have to go back to work tomorrow another ugh!! I’ve enjoyed my two weeks off so much. You take care and have a great sunday. Hugs, Pat

  3. When I got my new computer it was when Vista was just out. The PC guys were buying up every copy of XP they could get their hands on because Vista had so many problems. Hopefully by now they’ve all been ironed out.Funny thing, I took sky pictures yesterday but it was just the opposite of yours. Blue on the horizon and white on top. It must have gotten flipped over when it crossed the lake. LOLReally icy here this morning. We were supposed to get some snow on top of it but that never happened. I’d rather have snow than treacherous ice. Be safe and warm.

  4. I feel your pain where Vista and pictures are concerned. I was at sea when I got this computer several months ago and it came with Vista. I had complained to my one boy and he showed me where the pics were (we ported everything over to this new guy) (his name is Miles) Anyhoo..he showed me where they were but I was do I find them on my own? Worse, how can I put any on my blog? How do I attach any to email? Etc. I got all that down and then, he showed up the other day to instruct me how to do all this manually. I have alluded to it in my blogs that now, I upload "manually" instead of just inserting the memory stick and dumping pics into My Pictures. Now, I have created files with categories which is a first for me, and I assign the new 2009 pics to those files..and so on and so one. Windows Explorer was something I had never heard of per se. I just thought all that stuff was another name for Internet Explorer. Oh, how we have to learn. Me, I mean. But I am getting ‘edjumacated’ now.

  5. I’ve heard about so many nightmares with VISTA but can’t figure why. I have it on this PC and also my laptop and I’ve never had any problems with it. In fact I have one computer with XP and one with ME on them and I went right on using VISTA the same as XP. I put my pictures in My Pictures as before and sometimes in PhotoBucket and when I want to copy and pasted them then I do just that. Maybe I was lucky but I haven’t been able to tell much difference. Man it looks cold there. It’s a pleasant -18 F this morning here. Have a great week.

  6. My wife is doing the same thing with her new computer. I hate how it’s familiar enough to lul you into a sense of security but then you delve into it you can see just how different it is…my oh my. I sure like you pictures, it maybe cold and miserable but it looks beautiful through the lense of your camera!

  7. It was 25 here when I got up and our hot water pipes froze! I’ve got pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning, so if that sounds good, come on by. Hey, how about a nice pic of our old skating pond??!!! I sure miss that in the winter—I still have skates too!

  8. The geese look like they are happy at the river. I like my XP and when my computer was in the shop, the loaner they gave me had VISTA. I hated VISTA.Love ya,Al

  9. When I clicked on your space I thought I clicked on Fizz’s space. I was shocked with the sky picture as I also took a picture of the sky and it did not look like tht and then you mentioned the cold. I finally looked and you are in the cold country. LOL…Fiz lives in Houston so she had no snow yesterday. BTW I never had trouble with Vista…so far…

  10. Your description of getting used to Vista makes me hesitate even more to put it on my computer. Maybe I’ll just leave XP well enough alone. LOLBest,Nan

  11. All great pictures Carol. The sky ones are amazing. Chicken and noodles sounds good. I think I will get a chicken in the morning. By the time I get my new computer you will have Vista down pat and then you can help me.

  12. Beautiful photos!! Be safe and for God’s sake, Stay Warm!! Glad you take your camera with you.As for my crazy neighbor, her son (redneck #1) is a cop in the next town over. How embarassing for him!! I’ll get the full ‘skinny’ from him.Hawaii would work but the beaches in Mexico are much better. Let me win the lottery first and then we can all decide!! Florida is nice too!!Have a GREAT week!!!

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