Monday was the great escape day. Anytime in
the winter that I can get away from home feels like
a real treat. It may be cold and sloppy and snowy,
but at least it is away from the walls that keep us
confined on those long winter days. Sad It started out
sunny, but as the day progressed and the front
gets closer it clouded up and you could just
feel the cold and snow coming.
I took over 100 pictures!!!! I had no idea until I got
home and shaaazammm… what the ??? Confused Embarrassed
Well that is me.. Ms point and shoot! Anyone who
knows me knows I can take pics of just anything and
everything.. Embarrassed Like FORREST GUMP said.. "You never know
what you are going to get.
Took this one on Sunday of the "hat on the light fixture" of our garage.
Seemed everyone was making one last dash for food or something
Monday.. The forecast looks gloomy… GAS was down to 1.89.Milk
2.50 so that was nice to see.
While shopping in the grocery store I ran across this posted on a nice
vehicle in the handicap space. Notice the model.. that must have been some
accident!! It was a pretty large sporty type know it cost big bucks!
Funny main streets are clear but all and I do mean ALL the side streets are a mess
and very slippery two days after a big snow. I think the local city government
doesn’t have the money it used to, so they are not plowed nearly as much as they
used to be.   Yep I received at least 3 phone calls today warning me of what
is to come. When it comes I dont care… I will be safe inside and hoping we
don’t get dumped on again.
HOPE WHERE YOU ARE.. it will be a lovely day!


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. love the pics and that last one is so pretty i had to laugh at the car thoughthat was too funny and you are right nice pricy car they have there,have a good day and keep warmBeth

  2. The person with the high $ car is really sending a message! The pictures are great and I’m with Beth – love the last one but they do send shivers down my spine! Whatever you’ve got up there is headed this way, less the snow of course. Stay in and stay warm.

  3. You took some great shots Carol. Like JoAnn and Beth I especially liked the last one. Even with all the snow I loved the street its on. Well I hope you have everything you need for this next blast of winter. Hope Your Mom is well. Take care, Hugs, Pat

  4. Nice variety of pictures…looks just like it does over here. Snow, snow and more snow! Lots of the side streets around here still have a thick layer of ice on it. Our street gets plowed about every hour. Our house is on the way back to the garage, so every plow that goes by scrapes the street, whether it needs it or not! I gotta wonder about the message on the back of the MBenz. I bet they don’t have trouble with tailgaiters any more.Keep warm…the worst is yet to come.

  5. Hi Sis, good morning! I enjoyed the pictures and the variety you had in here. It helps us in the blog family see exactly what you are referring to when you blog about the snow. Gloomy and yes, it would be a treat just to go to the grocery when you’ve been kept inside by the weather. Does your city have shelters for the homeless in situations like this?

  6. Great pics Carol. Although we don’t have that much snow here it is bitter cold, icy and windy.Stay inside today and staty warm.

  7. Yup, it looks cold. Definately stay OFF those streets–unless you have your ice skates or snow shoes on! Hope the storm misses most of your area. But this could be just the beginning too…

  8. Hi Carol Dee: Love the pics. You DO have a lot of snow, love the light with the snow helmet, cute discription. Haha!! Our temps are just at the freezing mark this morning but we did get a bit more snow last night, just a trace really. It is dark and gloomy looking here too and I didn’t hear the weather report yet. We have a deep freeze setting in on Wednesday it said last night, not looking forward to that. Brrrrr!!!! Anyway Carol hun, hope you and Mom stay inside where it is cozy and warm and have a nice day. I have to go bowling this afternoon then after that, drop butter tarts off at the Legion that I spent all day making yesterday. My hubby says I don’t think you should take them down there, they might get sick. Yeah right, that is just his way of saying HE wants them all. Haha!! The turkey. Love and hugs to you and Mom……………….Rusty ((HUGS))

  9. The sun is shinning brightly here but that’s the only good thing I can say about it. It’s COLD! Yup keep taking those pics. Who knows. someday you might get a shot of a news maker.Havea good day and turn up the furnace lol.HugsSherry

  10. The pictures are fun. I wanted to get out in the bright moonlight the other night. I thought winter moonlight pictures would be beautiful. But, I couldn’t leave my warm bed. I’ll get them yet! Keep snappin’ and I’ll keep watchin’!

  11. Thanks for the little tour it was fun..Guess you have lots of snow and I think you are going to get more…It is cold here right now 6 degrees and it has been falling all day they are saying something about minus 14 tonight let’s hope not but staying nice and warm inside..Think I will be staying inside for a couple of days Brrrrrr..I think you got it right (the pix on my site) pink shorts the shortest one there..that was a long time ago I was a skinny minnie backk then lol Take care my friend and stay warm..

  12. You could have said the same thing about MI when I was there in the big blizzard on Dec 19th… it was a mess and I needed 4low on the interstate!! No kiddin’.Glad to see you’re still doin’ good. Happy trials.

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