WELL today is the historic day!! The day we, as a nation, have waited so long
for.  I have seen every President take the oath since
1957 with Eisenhower in his second term. My dad thought that we kids
should pay attention to those ceremonies. We did and I am glad we did.
It was history in the making in our time. I stood at a big black and white
TV in my room and listened to Martin Luther King make his speech to a
multitude of people. I taped it on an old reel to reel tape recorder. I don’t
know what happened to the tape, but I knew at the time it was very special.
Yesterday I thought about that speech that I heard and how now many years
later his vision has come true. We as a nation are one UNITED!!
I will be glued to the tv watching it in wonder. Hoping for
the spirit of the day to continue for days, months, and years to come.
Pres. Bush and his folks had a sentimental last day in the White House, saying
goodbye to the staff and friends they have known very intimately for 8 whole
years. George Bush Sr. was there at the White House too, taking one last
look around before the big day. Many of the people there worked there when
he was president too.
On the other side of town Vice President Dick Cheney was helping move
boxes and sprained his back, so he will attend the ceremonies today in a
WHEELCHAIR.. I think that just may be a first for an outgoing vice president.
Michelle Obama, still hasn’t competely decided on what outfits she will
wear to the ceremonies. She knows that whatever she choses will live
forever in the archives for the rest of time. A very historical day..everything
will be remembered.
Barack Obama, spent his last day before the swearing in, volunteering
using paint to brighten up a dorm room for homeless teens in the Washington
area. He stressed the need for Amercians to do more volunteering.
George Washington was the first President to add  "SO HELP ME GOD"
to the oath and it has been used ever after.
Eight Presidents have been left-handed including Obama.
Barack Obama at 47 years old, is younger than any president
except Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy,Teddy Roosevelt and
Ulysses. S Grant.
Tallest President Abe Lincoln 6ft. 4 tallest  6ft. 1  Barack Obama.
Skinniest President  JAMES MADISON 100 lbs
next in line  BARACK OBAMA  180 lbs.
George Washington’s speech was only 135 words… the longest
one was 8,444 by William Henry Harrison and he died one month
later from a cold he caught that went into pneumonia.
The bible that George Washington used to be sworn in, was also
used by George W Bush and George HW Bush, Jimmy Carter ,Dwight
Eisenhower and Warren G . Harding.
Barack Obama will use the bible LINCOLN used in the first inauguration.
The platform used for the inauguration will be 10,000 square feet…. same size
as the one in 2005 which makes it the second largest in history.
Wherever you are at 12 noon or so today chances are you will hear or
see something that has to do wth the ceremonies in Washington.
The whole world is watching and celebrating with us.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. It is a historical day for the United States to be sure. I figure there will not soon be a day like it. God bless our country to be sure!

  2. I have my movie play list all ready to go for tomorrow. This will be the first inagural I will not watch in the 50+ years I have been on this earth.Love ya,Al

  3. I am so thrilled to be able to witness this! Can you just imagine the pressure Obama must feel being our first black president and added to that the extreme issues that need to be resolved that effect so many lives? We forget this is just a man, a man who will I am very sure do what he can and do his best for the country. My prayers are for him tonight. I also pray for those that are bigoted and can not see past the color of someone’s skin to realize their ignorance and accept this great man as our president. For sure… God Bless America!

  4. Carol Dee, I’m sorry I do not normally comment twice on a blog, but lest others ASSUME that my indifference to this President is based on bigotry or racism or ignorance, as ASSUMED by Dana. It is not as a Canidate Mr. Obama made statements that amounted to waving a white flag to our enemies. As a veteran, I can not condone the stand by anyone who would be Comander in Cheif that doesn’t grasp the harm he causes wheb he makes statements of time tables and talks without precondition.In almost every case I believe some of Mr. Obama’s Social and economic policies are extremely good ideas,IF HE CAN GET THEM PASSED. The only beef I personally have is the $900.00 fine that will be leveled against those of us who do not have health Insurance. As a person with Multiple Sclerosis I have been unable to be accepted by any Health or Life Insurance Company. I find it unacceptable that people with chronic and terminal diseases will be penalized for not being able to get insurance. For me $900.00 means no meds for a month and how often do they get to fine me for having no insurance.We owe China $500,000,000,000.00 as of now. Last Military standing report I read shows they have 400,000,000 soldiers in their military and we have, if you count women and children, a population of 350,000,000. If we appear weak to the world and fail to fulfill our obligations because we’ll talk without precondition. What do we do if China Decides to collect that debt?I will always live up to the oath I took when I joined the military back when being in the military wasn’t popular and defend the Constitution of the United States and follow the orders of my Commander and Chief. But I also fought for veryone’s right to free speech, so tomorrow, I have my movie play list ready. And Race, Bigotry, and ignorance have nothing to do with it.Love ya,Al

  5. I have watched every inaugural since Kennedy and will be watching this one, too. My prayer is that he will be a do-something president, not just a talker and listener.

  6. Gosh darn, I have bowling this afternoon and I wanted to watch it too. I have watched every one since Reagan’s second term. I may not live in the US but in my own way I count myself as an American because as neighbouring countries, do we not both live in North America? That is one concept I don’t, now and never could, understand why you are called Americans. Call it just a little quirk in my way of thinking, if you will. I mean nothing derogatory by it I assure you so I hope anyone reading this will not in any way be offended. I am just hoping it will be shown again so I can see it.Well sweety I am off to have my breakfast after I make a couple more stops here. Have a good day sweety. Regards to your Mom too. Take care and God bless……………..Rusty ((HUGS))

  7. Thanks for all the triva facts. very interesting, Hopefully today will be a good day for our country. God Bless America and the new president, for he needs it, so many are thinking he is going to set things right and I hope he does, Enough said, Pat

  8. Bless you CarolDee, you have done a great job to commemorate the Inauguration Day … and did you know, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Harry Truman and I share a common ancestor? Maureen Duvall, the man who came here from France in the 1600s? Yeah, that’s what I get for doing Family Tree Research. Fun, trivia to know. May God Richly bless our Land. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, even though our economy is having a tough time right now. We Have Hope! hugs, lottemae

  9. Great facts! This is indeed a truly historical day, which I have tried to impress upon M on his way to school. They will get to watch it on TV in class. I sincerely hope we can effect a good change in our country. I think we have the right start. But a lot of the chance for success is upon our own backs, not Barack Obamas.

  10. Despite what Al thinks, I wrote my comment and had not read any others comments until just now. I have a stepson staying with us from Midland Texas, and I suppose after hearing his derogatory remarks for the last couple of days it was added to my comment. Sorry Al , this wasn’t about you at all I don’t know you and wouldn’t presume to even guess why you would not want to watch the proceeding today, and really don’t care whether you do or you don’t, it’s a free America, we all get to choose. I tried to leave you a note but your notes are shut off. I’m not apologizing for my comment either, it’s what I believe and I stand by it.

  11. I so enjoyed this blog, thank you so much for all the work you put into it. I’ve watched every inauguration too Carol even the ones where I wasn’t happy with who won. I find it so interesting. The part about his speech I liked the best was when he said to those who terrorize is that their people will judge them more by what they build, not by what they destroy.

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