I just came across the picture of me and my gramma’s dog.
There is nothing like the closeness you have with a pet. The
memories of that dog will follow me always.. Here is the story..
There comes a time when all kids should have a pet..something that
they can care for. We never even had a fish in our house. Dad was
dead set against it. I was allergic to cats and he hated indoor dogs.
Our yard was big enough for a dog..but NO we could not have one.
Funny that all of us kids went on in life to own dogs and cats and
sometimes several of each.
When I moved away from home, I really moved..I went clear across the
 country. There all my relatives had animals.I mean ALL.. sometimes
 more than one or two I said what  is wrong with this picture?
 Why did my parents..NOT want to have any animals?
I mean my paternal grandpa had chickens, cows, beagle hunting dogs,
a mule..lots of animals. My maternal grandparents had animals too.
Well many years later I learned after my father died that my father did
not like animals in the house at all..never did. He grew up with dogs
but they were all kept in kennels or the barn outside the house.
I grew to really love having a dog around being around one all the time.
I adopted my grandma’s dog Cricket.I called him "babydog"even though
he was fully grown. Cricket was a mut that she got when he was really just a pup.
He was solid black and hopped around all over the place, thus the name.
Later in life he turned gray all over and got really kinda hairy. I remember my aunt
taking the dog outside and clipping him close and making him into a sort of weird
looking character..but in the California heat he just loved it.
Grandma had that dog a long long time, until she moved out in the country to a very busy road.
He liked having the run of the place and chasing whatever he could.
Out there there were stray cats and critters of all kinds. More than once he
got "skunked" and more than once he got mawled by a momma cat looking
 after her kittens.We had a fenced in yard so that he could not get into too
 much trouble but one side had an open part to it.
He always stayed in the yard after the second skunk incident.Guess he
learned that there was no fun in that sort of thing. When I would go out
there to visit, I would play ball with him and watch him run. Even in his
elder years he could still move pretty fast.
One night my aunt let him out, as she usually did. He would sit on the doorstep
for hours at night in the cool and just watch things I guess. My aunt went to let
him in and he was no where in sight. She called and called him. Searched
the whole yard. She called my other aunt who lived next door to see if he
had wandered over the field to her house. They hadn’t seen him. He would
never go near the road… so something in this world must have made him do it.
Finally she wandered to the road and she found him laying in the road.
His body was cold by then..he was gone.
I never will get over the phone call I got the next day. My grandma had
cried all night long and was beside herself. My aunt was in shock over
the whole thing. I dropped everything that I had scheduled and went right out..crying all the way.
That drive was the hardest I think I ever had in my life, up until then, until my
my aunt’s passing years later.
I close my eyes and I still see my"babydog" running in the wind his ears
 flopping all the way. The excited look on his face to see me.
I know there are plans in this world for people and animals..but I am sure glad that
Cricket was part of my life and my growing up. Cricket taught me so many
lessons that I had to learn later in my life about living and loving and losing
something that could never be replaced.
Maybe ..just father was trying to keep us kids from the pain and
loss of a beloved animal in our lives, I guess I will never know.
We all have had many pets since and will continue to have them in the future,
but I think for me..I would let the kids have a pet to grow with them and teach
them so many lessons along the way. It is something that
I wish I had had earlier in my life.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. A great story, Carol! Our pets teach us a lot. We’ve always had a dog and everytime we lose one to death, I say never again, but in time we get another. Pets are great companions and love us uncondtionally. Thanks for sharing you story of Cricket. Hugs

  2. That was a sad/happy story Caroldee. We didn’t always have a cat or dog growing up, couldn’t when we lived in apartments but usually had a cat when we lived in a house. We just have one cat and one dog right now. I’d miss Homer and will miss him when he is gone he has become one of the family to all including the neighbourhood. Hugs, Faye

  3. It amazes me how much we grieve when a pet dies. As an adult I have shed my share of buckets full of tears. But they have wormed their way into our affections just by being good and always there. It’s so simple. 🙂

  4. Oh Caroldee, what a wonderful but sad story about your beloved Cricket. I have had many dogs and cats throughout my growing up years but the one that stands out would be my first dog. My mother and father were separated when I was four and I was heartbroken and cried so my Dad got me a dog and his name was Shep. He was a mutt, mostly black but had white feet like he had socks on and a white collar like a scowl neck sweater, if you know what I mean. Well we were inseparable and Dad said he had all my overalls tore in the seat from pulling me back from crawling out under the fence toward the road. Dad said he had watched him do it many times. I used to crawl under the table and go to sleep with him. He would always be on the doorstep looking down the road waiting to see me come home from school. But he had one fault, he liked to chase cars when the big gate was left open. It was in the winter and where I lived in a small community everyone had a wood and oil stove and one day the oil truck was driving by and he started to chase it and he was running on top of the hard snowbank on the side of the road when he slipped in between the front and back tires. There was nothing the driver could do and he felt terrible. I was at school when it happened and some kid had went home for lunch and when he came back said what had happened and I didn’t believe him but yet I was in a stupor until school was out and on the way home I saw the blood on the snow so it was then that the shock started setting in and I was told when I got to the house. I cried for days and my grandmother used to sing me the Hank Snow song called "Old Shep" and one line in the song was, " If dogs have a heaven, there’s one thing I know, Old Shep has a wonderful home." And it used to comfort me. I have had other dogs and cats since but he was special. He was my buddy who I told all my secrets, shared my food with and who loved me unconditionally. I still feel sad when talking about it and that has been 50 years ago since it happened. It is sad when a pet goes but there is nothing more special then what they give us because each one is different and no two are the same. Thank you for sharing your story dear I loved it and it bought back a lot of happy memories for me. Have a good weekend dear and God bless………….Rusty ((HUGS))

  5. Sad and beautiful at the same time. Our pets are a special gift in our lives that help us to become the people we are. We learn unconditional love from them. A wonderful lesson to learn. I’ve had a number of dogs in my life but you always remember the first one. My grandfather gave him to me when I was a baby. He said all children need to grow up with their dog. That dog was my friend and my bodyguard. He wasn’t a big dog but you didn’t try to hurt me. Sadly to say he got into a fight with a big bulldog and had to be put to sleep. For months I swear I could still feel him come into my room and jump up onto my bed at night. Hugs, Terry

  6. Maybe when time passes and you get to move into a smaller place, you might get to have another "Cricket" to keep you company. It is nice to have a pet to talk to and caress. They never argue with you or condemn you. They just listen and love you. Hope you can experience your OWN pet in your lifetime.

  7. We never got to have pets when we were little either. That was a real shame. Kids really do learn a lot about life if they have a pet. They’re so special.

  8. I so understand that feeling. This was a very special blog to all of us who have and love our pet family members to those who remember theirs as they grew up. They are so special and so loving. I enjoyed the photo of the two of you and I’m so glad you had the pleasure of having him as a pet, though he belonged to Grandma, still, she shared and Cricket was yours too.

  9. Oh Carol, how well I know the pain of loosing a loving pet. I lost both of my minature Schnauzers in 2007 within months of each other. I though I was going to die, but I will have the love of those dogs always. Now I have little Benji , like you I love dogs always have and always will. I loved your story and sorry I haven’t been around for a while, all the people I help take care of got a virus and I’ve spent the last three days taking care of them. Why I’m not sick I have no clue? but I am thankful. It has been really hard on hubby. Also , got my card, love miracles don’t you. God Bless Carol, Hugs, Pat

  10. THanks for sharing your story of "babydog"… Reminds me of my dog Prince, when I was a kid… Hope you have a good day and weekend. hugs, lottemae

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