I haven’t mentioned the SUPERBOWL here.. I just mostly
watch it for the ads. 
I heard things will be different this year with the ads.
They will be more "homey" and gentle and funny.
We will see. I welcome that.. I hope to see a fair and
exciting game that is not one-sided. I will be routing for
the underdog team THE CARDINALS.. after all.. Pittsburgh is
nice but have won so many times before it is time for
someone else to win. What a story for Arizona if
they win!!
This year our menu will not be Chili and snacks but…
a turkey dinner like thanksgiving with all the trimmings.
I chose this sunday to have a celebration with much
thanks for great news about mom’s condition. Her doctor
has told us that she has reversed her illness from
severe to moderate now. ALL because of the diet set
up by the dietician and her willpower to stick with it.
It has been a struggle but we have been willing to
keep to it. She got through the holidays and came out the
winner. Her levels have held for 3 months now steady!
A real cause for a day off the diet and eating anything she
wants. The thing is …I HAVEN’T TOLD HER YET!
You know this special news before she does. My sis and I
intend to tell her during our special meal on sunday as a
surprise. OH she knows we are having a dinner of turkey
but not WHY, so shhhhhhhhhh don’t tell !  Don't tell anyone
I will be off to the store today to get some little things to help
the meal be a very special one.  It is snowing here lightly,
mostly lake effect flurries. We are glad we are not closer as
they have nearly 6 inches of new snow over by the lake.
Saturday and sunday  we should have temps in the 30’s
and that is more cause for celebration around these parts.
Gas prices here now are 1.89 a gallon and milk is
holding at 3.79 in the stores here in town.
Hope you all have a super Saturday!!


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. You’ve got one up on me because I don’t even watch the game for the commercials LOL! Sounds like a fun time you’ve got in store there and I hope it’s great for you. We’re at 42 degrees and gas is at 1.50…don’t remember on milk LOL!

  2. What great news! You’ve done so well with her and I know it must be a lot of work but what a big pay off! Yay! Your dinner sounds great and such a good idea/

  3. Dear Carol: WOW I am so happy to hear that about your Mom, you have done a great job and so has she by sticking with it. Way to go girls! Aww turkey with all the trimmings, now that sounds delish, can I come too. LOL I have to go serve up hot dogs, chili dogs and soup at our Legion this afternoon then after that I am going out with my hubby and some friends to dinner then to a stage show to see this comedien called Ron James. It should be a lot of fun and being able to relax is a plus. It seems since New Years I have been busy with the Legion doing one thing or another. Anyway hun you have a great day and enjoy your dinner and you will have to let us know Mum’s reaction to her surprise. Take care and God bless………….Rusty ((HUGS))

  4. What a great way to celebrate the good news. Congrats to your mom for sticking to her diet – that’ s some fantastic willpower! I’ll be cheering the Cardinals on myself. Have a great Saturday, Carol. Hugs to you and your mom

  5. Fabulous news about your mom – I can’t wait to hear her reaction. You know I was thinking of doing the same thing – a Turkey dinner. My dad gave us a huge turkey at Christmas that is taking up all the space in my freezer. Frozen box veggies falling on one’s toes does really hurt. Gas here in Upstate NY is $1.99 as of yesterday and milk $3.19. Even butter is low ($1.68 for a lb) on sale. $1.99 not on sale. Stocking up here!Enoy the Superbowl and your dinner. Give my congratulations to your mom. Your hard work paid off!Deb

  6. This is so great Carol, what a treat for your Mom. She has done so well why not celebrate!!! Congratulate your Mom for me, a diet is so hard to stick too and it takes a lot of will power . Like you I am cheering for the Cardinals pretty much the same reason as you. My youngest daughter is coming over and spending the day with me for Super Bowl, for dinner I’m fixing her steak her favorite, I got it on sale yesterday. then some light snacks for super bowl. have a great day. Still cold here but suppose to warm up tomorrow. Come on tomorrow. Hugs, Pat

  7. I am delighted that you shared this wonderful news with us. Hooray for your mom and a BIG hooray for you, because without you it would not have been possible.Hugs, Beth

  8. Great news about your Mom I am so happy for the 2 of you..and the meal what can I say but I wish I were going to watch the game at your place..PS I love your site looks so springy…Thanks for giving me a lift this AM Hugs

  9. No chance of her finding out here—she doesn’t ever get on line. Glad you are making a special day of it. She’ll like that and if her spirits are high, so will yours be! Great news about her condition—keep up the good work! Will be rooting for AZ too!

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