I learned to drive in high school. I had  a teacher back then who used to
be a police officer. Don’t ask me why he was, I have no idea.. ANYWAY..
he was a very strict driver’s training teacher. Kids used to do anything to
try and get out of his rotation. I guess in hindsight, it was the best teacher
I could have had. When I went to take my test, I had to borrow the neighbors
car because all our vehicles had stick shift. I still am not good with a stick
to this day.  I took my driving test with a deputy sherriff because the person
in charge was not there, when I came in to be tested. Back in those days there
was NO big deal about who tested you. I sweated through the test so bad
that when I arrived back to have my picture taken, the lady said to me.."good thing
you aren’t taking a picture of your clothing." The whole back of my shirt was
wet! Embarrassed
I was so happy when it all was over. Up until then I had not had a real key
chain of my own with keys to the house and such. Dad didn’t think we
should carry any keys. Once I had my license.. it all changed.
I went to our local dime store. You could find everything there.
It had two floors and even a whole long counter type candy
display where you could pay by the pound for whatever kinds
you wanted. I close my eyes and I can see the entire store and
where everything was. (you know the store SUE.) I searched
for a key chain. I wanted something that would last me and
something I could find in my purse. I setttled on a leather one.
It had a tree stamped into it.  THAT was over 40 years ago.
I STILL HAVE IT…  YES I DO..  I carried it for about
30 years!!  I lost it so many times. In stores and in
weird places.. but it always came back to me!!
AWHILE back I found it again. SEE how it has aged.
It started out a light leather color!
The rings are from our county fair. US gals used to
have names stamped into them,but they are now smooth
as can be.  When you enlarge the picture you can see
the house key and the car keys. Those are from my
1973 Chevy Chevelle and my house in California.
The house I lived in for 12 years.  I moved out
of the house and it was torn down, I sure miss that place.Thinking
I retired the key chain and moved on to another one. The new one
had apartment keys and a new set of car keys.
  (I still use that chain now. )
When I think to myself.. how many people can
carry the same keychain for 30 years… I WONDER?
Can I say I get attached to things.. ahhhh yes!! Sarcastic
The places that chain has been in it’s life…one is in many many
children’s hands. One is in hundreds of purses. I am not sentimental
about those. Eye-rolling… So thought I would share this story.
Looking for something else, found me staring
back at a treasured memory of past days in my lifetime.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I don’t use the same key chain actually. Mine has a leatherman "squirt" on it which has sure come in handy though. My old drivers ed teacher was our football coach…let me tell you i wasn’t thrilled to have him for a teacher. He’d yell like he was giving a pep talk to the team when we made mistakes…ugh…nobody got perfect drives with him! I started driving with a 1973 Buick Skylark if I remember the year right…that thing looked like crap but could run pretty quick when I needed it to…ah yes, those were the days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…I think I drove it at a leisurely pace without my old instructor this time LOL!

  2. You remind me of myself with the way you save things. You know my husband has a leather one almost like that, it used to have something written on it but it has all worn off now and he still uses it. I have a little Tweety bird that came with a hamburger from Burger King years ago on our first date. The first thing he ever gave me and it sits here on the top of my computer desk looking at me. Some people may think it is silly but to me it is very special. I will never forget that first date. Sigh!!! I still have paper jewelery that my oldest granddaughter and first grandchild and I made together, she is 24 now. Things like that are irresplaceable. So I would say we have something in common. Take care dear friend………Rusty ((HUGS))

  3. I remember my Driver’s Ed teacher askung if any of us had driven before. Of course I had on our family farm, so I raised my hand. He told me to back the car out of the school garage then. He was none to happy when the tires squealed as I slammed the accelerator down and popped out of there a lot faster than I shoulda. Hahaha. I have never driven slow. Nope, O don’t have my original key chain.Love ya,Al

  4. I remember Driver’s Ed too. What a time that was. I saved everything as I am finding out while I am trying to downsize some.Have a wonderful week. Hugs to you and mom.

  5. Yes Drives Ed how fun was that?? I must admit it did help me a lot and I have been driving since I was 15. I don’t have my first key chain but I do tend to hold onto stuff. I have my Dad’s hair brush that I brushed his hair with just before he passed away. At first I could smell him and now 28 years later the smell is gone but I still pick it up every now and then and I see his sweet face. Sorry didn’t mean to get off track. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Pat

  6. THanks for the reminder of those long ago days of Drivers Ed. It took me two tries, but I finally got my license when I was 17. I like the idea of showing your keychain. I’m going to post mine today. I’m like you…I get attached to things too.

  7. I loved that memory. It took me back of course to my own first days. I didn’t learn thru Driver’s Ed. Our HS was too small to have that. I sure scared lots of people tho out there on the road learning,

  8. Just stopping by to wish you a proper farewell. Please remember this. You are so very loved and living your life as God intended.Eileen Marie White

  9. Don’t remember how many times my key chain has changed. Still have some but use them for extra keys needed by others. One for my sisters house, one for the garage, etc. You get the idea. Hanging nicely by the door.

  10. I’ve had several key chaines. I don’t remember if I had to take the driving test more then once or not but I Terry and I got out license the same day.Have a great dayHugsSherry

  11. Don’t even remember my first keychain, but I DO remember having those disks from the fair on them. I don’t have any on my chain anymore, though. Yes, you ARE a creature of habit–no doubt about that!

  12. Sherry forgets the details. I had to go 3 times. First time neighbors emergency break wouldn’t work to they refused to continue. Second time I was 8 mo. pregnant and the guy refused to take me out. The day she got hers I also got mine and I could parallel park. She had an awful time and told the guy "I’ll drive around forever in order not to do that." Tryin to make me look bad, lol.

  13. I can remember taking my driver’s test and can sympathize with you and the wet clothing! Keys seem to be a badge of importance to some. I try to avoid adding to them.

  14. I’ve had countless key chains. When I was 15 my moithers used to take me on the backroad to teach me to drive. After scaring the wits out of her a couple of times, she told me to enroll in driver’s ed at school!

  15. Oh my gosh, how great you could keep that same keychaing! I don’t even remember my first one! But after reading your blog I took a pic of my current one and the contents of my purse for my current blog. (Well and there’s nothin else going on!) I enjoyed your blog (as always)

  16. I can not believe you still have that key chain. WOW I had a 73 chevy impala. When I took the drivers test I got a cone STUCK under my car. I still got my liscense somehow.:)

  17. That was a great memory, Carole. Since I used to collect key chains, I do have most of them, and used to change them every few months as I did with my purses. Originally I would just add them to a big ring, but the weight of them became a problem, and I was afraid I would damage the starter in the car. One good thing…there was no way I could misplace them…lol. I will pass them on to who I think would enjoy or be able to use them the most.

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