Well the hospital called and they do have the  heart sonogram
scheduled for Monday. WHEW!Eye-rolling I say,.. it can’t be soon enough.
I was glad they got on the ball and got that taken care of.
The Dr. said pneumonia can trigger congestive heart failure
in the elderly. I think this is what has happened in mom’s case.
In two days time she went from fine to really sick.. too fast if
you ask me.  In talking to the dr she seemed distant sort of…
Then she said.. (GET THIS)  "It might be just as well to go through
the ambulance and the emergency room." I thought well this is
interesting. Thinking she would rather I call the ambulance if she is
not breathing good, than to have her come in and HER order the
tests that have to be done. WEIRD?? I am all for taking no chances
but it would be UP TO ME to make that decision as to whether it
is needed or not. I do have a lot of experience, but lots of times
in these cases they keep the person overnight and do many tests
on them. MORE $$$$$$ for them and the insurance..  hmmmm
smell something fishy here??? Mom hates tests and hates
hospitals with a passion. She has to be reallllllllllly bad to stay
in one. So.. we wait.. at least another day until they get the
results from the Xrays and bloodwork.  Confused  Mom had a
pretty good day today despite the dampness and cold rainy
weather. She told me that "NIGHTS" seem to be the worst
for her. YES.. I well remember they do..I always have breathing
trouble at night when I get sick too. Asthma is like that.
Anyway.. that is what is going on here for all of you who are
sending good thoughts and prayers we Red heart you and thank
you so much!!!. 
TONIGHT on NBC news they focused a special segment on
the people in ELKHART INDIANA.( This area is famous for making
RV’s and trailers. So many have been laid off and factories closed.
Each week on a certain day they have semi’s come in to the mall
parking lot there and people line up in their cars for  FREE FOOD
Hundreds of families get
enough food for five days until the trucks come again. IF they come.
 MONDAY  night
they covered the TENT CITES that are getting bigger every day all
over the U.S. with homeless and hungry people staying in them.
I sure hope that someone HIGH UP THERE.. in PRESIDENT OBAMA’S
ADMINISTRATION is taking note of this… THIS IS AMERICA and it is
so sad to see this country going downhill this way. We here in
(so much for my rant!)


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. You know what works so well for me at night (with my breathing)? I use those Breathe Right strips. I know that seems strange, but when I miss wearing one at night, I always end up on the couch, sitting up. But when I wear one, I can make it all the way through the night without even getting up. They really DO work—they just take a little getting used to—weird having something stuck on your nose. They are REALLY worth it, though. See if you can get her to try them. When I take it off in the morning, I can notice immediately that I’m not breathing as well. Lots of people wear them when they play sports to breathe better.

  2. That sounds really touch and go with your mom, I don’t envy you being in that situaiton yet I know that you’re never alone…none of us are, I also know that there’s certainly people praying over the situation. Blessings to you my friend.

  3. Well, I’m glad they are going to see your mom on Monday. whew! I know about Elkhart IN, because thats where we buy our campers from but since we lost our financing with GE we can’t purchase RV’s so it just keeps rolling down hill. thats why I’m not working. A sad state we are in and I understand too well your rant. Its cold here today, and some rain but thankful for the beautiful days we have had. Take care, Hugs, {Pat

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of stressors going on. Is there someone to pinch hit for you for one day so you can just relax and have NO one to have to worry about except yourself? Sometimes just going from day to day chore to chore you get caught up in the details and don’t realize how heavy it becomes. I hope someone is caring for you (even if it’s yourself) as much as your mom.((hugs)) to you and your mom.

  5. Until the Congress gets their focus off of the idiot stuff coming out of Rush Limbaughs mouth and focus only on the REAL problems in this country, I dont see things getting better. As always I continue to pray for your momma and you.Love ya,Al

  6. I think the entire country is headed for this outcome if something isn’t done and done fast. Still praying for your Mom; she reminds me of mine who won’t go to the hospital unless she is near dead. We finally got her in last week and she ended up having the stent in the main artery to her heart repaired, so I can relate. And then she asks me where I get my stuborness from???????Hang in there and keep us posted!Hugs

  7. Boy this brought back memories. My mom was sick and I wanted to call the amubulance and she said wait until tomorrow. Tomorrw never came for her. I’m still mad at myself for not following my gut instinct. Still praying for you both.Much love an big hugsSherry

  8. have to say though that IF you come to the hospital in the ambulance (why they say never drive yourself or have someone drive you to the hospital with heart attack symptoms) is you go to the head of the line when you come in via ambulance as the para medics have already screened you for severity of symptoms. That MAY be what she meant..who knows. Sis, you’ll have to ask questions before she leaves the "why"? That way, you’re both on the same sheet of music. Hugs to you and your mom.

  9. Many prayers for your mom and hugs for you both. I really hate it that your mom is not getting better and I will be glad when she gets that test done.In reference to what you said in the last paragraph: it really torqued me off big time when opr*h built that school in africa when we have so many of the same race that could have benefitted here at home. Her money though and not mine. Have I said before that I am not a fan of hers?

  10. Hi Carol: I do think your Mom must have meant that if she went by ambulance you do get faster service and the heart and breathing difficulties are things that must be dealt with sooner then later. I have had to call an ambulance for my husband before because I wanted him seen to right away but it is because of his medical condition that I would rather not go into here. I am his primary caretaker and when I have to make a decision and it is something that I can’t deal with and it is getting worse, well I call for help. You know there are some things there that Earl stated that I have to agree with as it is the same here in Canada. Crime is on the rise here too. It is a sad state of affairs the world is in. All we can do is pry that things will turn around soon but I am not thinking it is going to be any time this year. Take care my friend and God bless……………..Rusty ((HUGS))

  11. Oh Carol… it is hard sometimes to know what to do in a particular case… and I am glad we have the Lord to help us when we just aren’t sure…and He intervenes on our behalf. It is a relief to read that she is scheduled for the heart sonogram on Monday. If things get instantly worse you can use the ambulance option. We would have if my mother could not get in the car herself…or her symptoms seemed heart related…or her breathing was seriously impaired…or she was adament about it. It sounds like the doctor was concerned about your mum getting prompt care. You could always ask her to clarify. I have to do that sometimes too.On the other issue…I am discouraged at what Obama is doing. For my children and grandchildren’s sake…I was already not happy with either party or how Congress is acting. I didn’t like when Bush and Congress were spending tax payer money like drunken sailors…especially the last few years… and making bigger government power, waste, and reliance, without it solving the real problems of government. Obama said he was against pork barrel spending…which most ear marks really are…,yet is signing onto it with more gusty than any president in history. If he had vetoed most of those portions…I could have believed he really wanted to be by-partisan and looking out for "the People’s" interests. Then he promised to give notice to Americans on what is in the Congressional bills… by putting them on the internet to be viewed 5 days before voting. He didn’t keep that promise either and has selected people for office that didn’t pay their own taxes but want to run yours. I try to pay attention not only to what people say…not just how terribly… or beautifully they say it…but what they DO…as well. That Congress would not read the Budget that they expect everyone else to pay for…makes me ill. If I don’t read contracts and agreements… and don’t know what they ask of me… before signing them… I would call myself an idiot…knowing I will be liable to follow them. If Congress doesn’t care about taxpayers being liable for what THEY the Congress sign…I don’t see where they care about "the People". How does worse debt by people who won’t pay the bulk of it themselves…but happily increasing their own power and wealth to decide where YOUR money goes… help get anyone out of debt? OK…that was my rant for the day.You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayer and I thank you for having us in your own. (((HUGS)))

  12. Hi Carol, I’m in Elkhart and the trucks with food came once, as far as I know, although I didn’t take advantage at the time. It is pretty bad here. Unemployment is now 18.3%, thats almost 1 in 5 without a job!Ray.

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