One thing about Florida I like is the multitude of FLEA Markets.
I mean they are everywhere and they sell everything from A to Z.
CHEAP!!  For years I have heard my friend Anita talk about the
neat stuff she finds in Florida in the flea markets, things that are
so varied and no way you can get them up NORTH that cheap.!
There is this one near OCALA right off the main I-75 freeway.
It’s called the SUPER FLEA MARKET…
It runs Fri., SAT., and Sun. and they say at least 13,000 visit it each
weekend. It has 1300+ vendors. I cannot imagine that many
and how long it would take to check everything out. I know
I would be done in just trying it. These large flea markets..
even have indoor booths .They are really
interesting places to spend time.  I love looking at antiques or
just odd things that you can find there.
Another one is near TAMPA.. they say it is the biggest in the south!
photo by http://www.oldsmarfleamkt.com/   Just amazing!!
They say that if it is made you can always find it at a FLEA.. I could
spend many hours there….that IS the ones I am not spending on the beach!!Wink
I spent many weekends in Ca searchig things out in our local flea market.
I almost furnished my whole house with finds from there. I liked the
fresh produce too. I will be visiting some of the many FLEAS in
FLORIDA on this trip. Hope you all come along and find some
great bargains too.
Mine would be Linens and glassware. I got many comforters,
and almost all my kitchen items at the flea.  It was great
"finding" the one thing you were looking for.
Well hope you had fun at the FLEA !!
The weather is great and the breezes are balmy! Back to the beach!




I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Honestly most of the markets like that I’ve visited I just looked more than bought things but I still enjoy to go occasionaly…if I could enjoy some nice warm weather…I don’t care where it would be!

  2. Dang it, I wouldn’t have gone snorkeling if I’d known you were talking about shopping! When you said FLEA, I thought you were going to infest my beary hairy pits with FLEAS, LOL!!Love ya!!

  3. I’ve gotten things at yard sales, and thrift shops, but can’t place getting anything at a Flea Market, for the moment, so I am looking forward to this visit!

  4. I got to flea markets a lot in the summer, hardly ever find anything but when I do its a treasure and I just keep going because you never know what you will find. With this many vendors I should find something? See you on the beach. Hugs, Pat

  5. I love garage sales but I never find anything I want at a flea market. However since I am in Florida I will try again. My nephew lives in Tampa so maybe I could even get over that way.

  6. I love flea markets! You never know what you need until you see it there. It’s amazing what you can find sometimes. One of my best buys was a pair of snow shoes for $3. They’re really cool too. Not the big, long, heavy, wooden kind. They have an aluminum frame with rubber lacing. Hard to describe, but by far my best flea find. As long as we’re in Florida, we have to go to this big one on Friday. OK?

  7. Yeah, we don’t get many of those around here….we just garage sale when we have the time and money. I’ve bought many rare records and used musical instruments—clarinet, flute, trumpet, etc. at garage sales. Love em!

  8. We have a flea market near us, however it’s not what I would say GREAT. I do wish I could find another one to try. I love treasure hunting like that for sure! Wish I was there with you gals! ttfn

  9. I’m now wanting to make a trip to Florida for the sea beans and the flea markets! Wow that is my kind of fun. I had a candy bowl, a round one that belonged to my grandma and I just LOVED it. One of the kids getting in to it dropped the lid of the bowl and it broke. I felt bad for them especially because they knew I loved the bowl. So about a month later we were traveling through Oregon and came across a HUGE flea market. I walked in and turned to my hubby and said "Hey maybe I’ll find the lid to my bowl" and laughed and the first booth I went to had the lid. Just the lid! Amazing!

  10. Carol, REALLY REALLY jealous of you in Fla!! It is SNOWING here in Pa. Going between white outs and sunshine all day, and I feel my ears clogging and my nose burning as we speak!! (well as I type anyway). Have had a good time reading over your site and looking at some of your older entries! Lots of fun! Thank you for sharing and your ideas! Enjoy the flea markets.Heather

  11. OMGosh! I was JUST about to tell you about Stockton CA. misquetoes, I will have to put bug spray on Mark next week for chemo (we go to stockton). YOUR, blog title was VERY misleading and I’m lovin that!! If you need a flea person and in CA!!! look me up! Nadine

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