Sad  HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?? I mean I got to the store and
got my items and went through the "DO IT YOURSELF" line
and got all the way done and then could not find
my wallet, cards, license etc to pay!!. ACkkkSurprised  I went to the car
searched it and all over and then went to my cell to call
home and see if maybe I had left it there. Cell had a low
battery and could not be used. I walked back into the store
looking for SIS. Got her phone and called home.
Mom answered
the phone.. YEP. I had left it on the table right out in the
open. Open-mouthedGood thing SIS went along because she was driving.
The relief that came over me was one I bet you all have had
at one time or another.  Seems I had picked up my CAMERA
and not my card-wallet holder. Little did I know that the
store employee had taken my cart and removed all the
items for re-stocking on the shelves. Surprised So now what..
go back all over the store to replace them???? Well the employee
hadn’t gotten too far but some of the items were gone already.
I must say she was doing her job WELL!! She wasted NO TIME!
I ended up getting about half of what I was going for.  Ahhh
MONDAY don’t ya love them????
TO SEE if you have been infected try this test.. the
instructions are listed at this LINK.
An alternate way to see if you have Conficker is to try to visit the
 Windows Update website using IE.   IE will halt and crash with the
 hourglass spinning if Conficker’s payload has been installed.
You can also try to run the automated Windows Update. If you
can get it to run, you will see that all the updates fail to work.
 Also manually trying to install a new version of IE will also fail.
 These are all good indications that you have Conficker installed.
I heard about these sites today on the news.. I tested Miracle and
it passed okay. I sure was happy about that. I use AVAST
as my security and haven’t had any problems since installing it
over a year ago..


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. The exact same thing happened to me today. I was ordering my book from our MSN Spaces resident published author Kathryn Magendie’s bookstore and ….MY purse was missing I know the man thought I was crazy. Just as I hung up I rememberes putting it in the kitchen chair while i paid bills this morning. Whew. I called back and resrved 2 copies.

  2. I don’t even want to say how many times I’ve done something like that. I’d much rather do something that ends up being harmless…if a pain in the butt than actually lose something and have someone steal it or something like that..all’s well that ends well don’t you think? I use AVG free and it does a killer job, nothing has ever gotten through and I believe it beats anything like Norton or McCaffee…anyway, have a blessed Tuesday as well!

  3. Urrrgh Yes I’ve had that happen. Usually, though, the store associates doesn’t re-stock so fast. However, glad everything basically worked out for you. I do not like shopping; so having to do it over again would be no fun.

  4. Oh yes, I have had that happen and I am frantic with worry till I find everything. I am so glad yours turned out good.Thank you for the link!Hugs to you and mom.

  5. That is so much a nightmare, Sis. I could think of a lot more awful things to happen than that particular one. It happened to me too once upon a time. I had no reassurance..I had to come home and search. In the drive way was where I had found my wallet. Fell out of my work bag. 😦

  6. Been there, done that, at the grocery story. Fortunately they pulled and held the cart while I ran home and got my purse.

  7. Been there, done that – years ago before stores accepted debit/credit cards. I had not put a new checkbook in my wallet! It only takes having this experience once! Thanks for the link – I don’t have the virus! Hugs to you and your mom.

  8. Yup—I could feel your pain at forgetting. I often go out and forget my cell phone is home charging. I just shrug it off and remind myself, the world won’t end if I don’t have it. I rarely forget my wallet, though, as the cards and such are part of my purse. I swear no one told me that growing older was such an "unmemorable" experience! HA!

  9. Done that at the store… so embarrasing… obviously if you were at the self check out you didn’t have too much in the cart, I had $200 worth. UGH! I hope today is a great day for you. take care

  10. Oh scary. My normal is not finding the debit card, then having to use the checkbook and it only having deposit slips and no more checks! Ug. Thank goodness yours was found! I once left my purse with a cashed paycheck in it a long time ago in the shopping cart. I drove away, realized it on the other side of town, went back and it was still there intact. I’m not sure if that would happen these days!

  11. Thankfully I have not have that happen. but I imagine I would go nuts!! That would be scary. Glad almost everything turned out alright for you. You have a good Tuesday too, its raining here. Ugh/ I want sunshine . Hugs, Pat

  12. Oh don’t feel bad, I’ve done the same thing more then once I’m afraid. The scariest thing is not being sure just where you left your wallet and stuff. Thankfully it’s usually in the car or home but for a split second there you think it might be gone forever. I’m glad yours was home safe and sound.Hoope you and mom have a great day.HugsSherry

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