When the DMV (department of motor vehicles) tells you
that you can "mail your renewal in" DO IT!!  If you don’t you
have to take the test and re-do the picture and what a hassle
that is. I go to get tags for my mom’s car and that goes fine.
I have to sit and wait for awhile because they are very busy.
Take a number busy. Sad
So many offices in the area have been closed. I am shocked
really that ours isn’t. The one in the county seat, of our county,
closed and now all those people come to our town, or go
15 miles away and re-new in the big city. I get the tag renewal
and then ask about my mother’s ID card. SO because she didn’t
send it in like it said….she will have to re new it in person with
a new picture. I explained that Mom had been ill and just
was so weak etc. NO DEAL.. So I went home and got her ready
and we went in. Sat and waited again. The lady was nice enough
she said she would try to get the other clerk to come take care of
her if they got too busy. When we got back the place was indeed
busy and we had to "take a number." There is no charge for an
I D card so it would’ve been better if she has just sent it in.  Confused
Mom was tired when we finished and did NOT LIKE her new
picture. The lady took it THREE times. Sad 
The new card is good for 4 more years. Mom said good because
next time she would just send the darn thing in. Lesson learned..
I HOPE. Smile
That was a chunk of my Tuesday, running back and forth, at least
it was not raining. It was cloudy though. Today I take mom
in for her check up after her trip to the E R. I just hope they
disinfect those rooms after sick folks are in them. Maybe I will
take some alcohol wipes. They were so booked up we could
not get in for 5 days, now that is busy!!
Around here the schools that closed down are back open
because the health dept says that this flu bug is not as strong
as they thought it would be. OK.. I sure hope they are right!
PS  Follow up on that powder with the weird name..


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Reading that I am glad I’m in a small town. The dmv is in a little shop on the town square. No waiting. They always tease about the special of the day and name a movie star for your picture, lol. We don’t have an er but our Doc is mighty fine. I missed about the powder, hmm. Have a great day my friend!

  2. Our DNV is all computerized and we can do everything online. ID and Drivers Licenses are handled by a seperate department. Due to my birthdate, I only have to renew my License once every 12 years. I can stand in line for that.Love ya!!

  3. Goodness what a day you had. DMV…ughhhhhhh!!!! I had to get a replacement one after I lost my DL and waited in line for an hour in this small town…then they mail it to you…what??????? I’m not in Virginia anymore!I hope your Mom’s Dr. visit yields good news.Hugs

  4. Those times to sit and wait sure are hard. I congratulate the lady who took the picture three times. Good for her to take the time to please.

  5. I hate going to the DMV. I renew my license plate sticker through my bank even though it costs and doesn’t cost anything at the DMV. Plus the workers at the DMV where I have to go are downright rude. I hope the visit to the doctor’s office for your mom goes well.

  6. We renew our plate stickers through the mail. Just received the one for the camper. Hope your doctors office isn’t busy and you mom can get right and everything turns out fine. Hugs

  7. Seems DMV offices are always busy everywhere. I know ours is. Now when you renew your driver’s license they are good for 9 years here where it used to be 4.Hope mom has a good doctors visit.

  8. I hope there is good news when you come back from her appointment. I’m with you on the alcohol wipes. I’m amazed i never thought of it. I do know when I go to my doctor’s office..I don’t read their magazines. I being my own reading material as who knows what awful cold the last person reading it had. 🙂 Back in the examining room..I just forget all that stuff and take my chances, So far, so good. 🙂

  9. I hate going to the DMV. If it can be done by mail then that’s the way I do it! Taking alcohol wipes to the doctor’s office is a good thing. Praying for good results for your mom! Hugs

  10. They should have the public checked for firearms before entersing the DMV. My daughter, Jennie went through quite an experience several and was grateful that she was not armed or we would be visiting her in the slammer. Have a good day, hun.

  11. Yeah, the DMV is a hassle here too. If you live anywhere near a AAA place (and are a member), you can go there to do renewals as well as registrations. I don’t know about the ID card, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they handled that too. It is SO much easier as the lines are small or non-existant and the people who help you are cheerful and good to be around. I’ve been a AAA member since I was a teenager—it’s well worth the cost—especially with all the towing we’ve had over the years!!!

  12. My driver’s license expired and when I went in they said I needed to take the written test again and then the drivers test if I passed the written test. I also needed a copy of my birth certificate and my social security card. I had the SS card and I paid a lot to have my birth certificate sent to me and when I got it I realized whoever called it in 60 some years ago misspelled my mother and father’s names. Both were misspelled and I would have to pay more and I mean a lot more to correct the record. I gave up at that point. I just ended up getting a picture ID instead. The new changes are for homeland security…yada yada..

  13. Oh, I forgot to say that here…they send the stuff in the mail MAYBE! I remember a few years back..I was waltzing out of the grocery store and saw my registration sticker was 3 years out of date. I was working like not many have to, and so it was not on my mind any year, like, for 25 of them!! They didn’t mail it, continued not mailing it and wonder of wonders, tho I was severely out of date, no police picked up on that. I had to pay all the years I was in arrears. It’s still your responsibility I was told..regardless if it doesn’t come in the mail.

  14. Waiting at the DMV ranks right up there with getting a root canal. At least we don’t have to get our pictures taken that often anymore. Every 10 years I believe. Hope Mom is doing well.

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