EVERYONE just about will be cooking out or some
kind of thing for the holdiays. I saw this recall and boy
it is a big one..  GO HERE    and then check out
the USDA’s website too. NEVER CAN BE TOO
careful where BEEF is concerned. I MEAN
it covers steaks and hamburger etc all kinds of
products. THEY are all listed at the USDA’s site. Smile
Saw this story about the airman who was on a UNITED FLIGHT
I just had to shiver thinking about it. THEY said the
flight crew KNEW about it but.. wonder if they really did??
I am amazed that more passengers could not SEE
that. He was able to video tape it from insde the plane.
Speaking of inside the plane.. I saw a re run of OPRAH
today where she was talking about SKYPE..
They did a whole segment from every place in the world
just about, including a plane flight from San Franciso
I think to LA. LIVE…  ANYONE use this SKYPE thing?
I think it would be great for our service personnel
that are far away. I guess maybe they couldn’t use it
because of security reasons maybe…but what a wonderful
thing to have that allows FREE phone calls. I have heard
of the majic jack before but don’t have one.  Some say they
work just great!!
I also ran across this recipe yesterday for biscuits made into
a coffee cake. NO KIDDIN’! She bakes it in a skillet..
NOW that is cool!!  You can use fresh or frozen blueberries,
but also apples, or fresh peaches.. I think my favorite would
be the peaches!!   YUMMMMMY!!!  I may try this if it cools
down some and we can use the oven this weekend.
Speaking of which..

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  1. Boy, we have to be careful these days, especially regarding the food we eat. Thanks for the heads up.

    As for Skype, I’ve never used it, although my son has. Heck, I rarely use the text messaging feature on my cell phone!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and yours. I hope it has cooled off in MI.

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