Was a busy Saturday here, lawn mowing and errands to run and
the weather co-operated nicely.  Nice 
Just about PERFECT! I took mom for a ride along
while I got my errands done and she really enjoyed herself.
The temps were not hot enough to zap her energy.
I was happy about that.
I stopped off when I saw this barn and took some
pictures of it. I loved the way the vines were draped over it
and you could hardly tell it was really a barn.
It sure was green there. Don’t know what the vine is but it sure
is a fast grower!  (click for clear view)
AS I was leaving I saw this giant IRIS with many buds on it. It must
have been 16 inches tall and the buds were at least 2-3 inches long.
Neighborhood news is the lady across the street is 5 days over
due having her baby. She has tried many things to get
things going. It is her first baby and yes they can be late, I didn’t
think that was such a big deal anymore.
She says her doctor told her he would induce her on
Wednesday if she doesn’t go into labor. This woman SMOKES
like a chimney! You hardly EVER see her without a cigarette.
I feel for the child both prenatal and after it is born. It surely
will have problems and the air in his life will be badly
polluted! SAD…Sad (it’s a boy!)
Well enough of this I must get this posted…..
PS Thanks again for your advice per the
tomatoes. Makes me want to pull them up
out of the ground and replant them in a pot…I know
the damage has been done though. Sad


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Hi Carol, The pics are lovely and thanks for sharing them. The stories that old barn could tell if it could! That’s nice that your mom got to get out with you to enjoy the day. When I hear of mothers not caring enough about their unborn to quit smoking for the fetus/infants sake, that infuriates me! Take care and hope your Sunday is pleasant. Hugs, Deb

  2. Such wonderful pictures! We’re freezing here…I mean almost literally…down to 35 with record lows all over the place…sometimes I feel we take the deep freeze so everyone else can have it better 😦 I’ve had friends that were over due…yikes…not fun…that was never a problem for us personally fortunately.

  3. The pictures are great Carol. I love old barns and the Iris is beautiful.I feel sorry too for the child. So many health dangers there.Hugs to you and mom.

  4. That’s what I love about MI in the summer—everything is so GREEN and nice! The barn pics are super and I’m glad you could get your Mom out for a spin. I feel for that poor baby with the smoking mom. The child will undoubtedly have problems due to that. I know when S was born and Don (my first hubby) smoked, that I made him smoke only outside or by an open kitchen window—never in the car or anywhere else in the house. S still had bronchial problems as a kid and I suspect it may have been due to that smoking (and the fact that some of his friend’s parents smoked). Have a great weekend and don’t forget the new Part3 out today!

  5. Cool old barn and man, things really are fresh and green. It’s so stupid for that woman to not care about her unborn child. Sort of uncaring and selfish if you ask me. Poor kid…I hope he lucks out and is born without too many effects from his mother’s bad habit.I’ll have to go look at your tomato plant…

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