Been spending a lot of time cleaning up my private MSN spaces that
I have. I learned that photos posted inside your blog entries are
public domain for anyone not even signed into hotmail really
surprised me. The images you place on your blog post go
into a BLOG PHOTOS album and the settings cannot be
changed. Sad SO… I had to remove a whole lot of photos.
WHEW that was a real job. Confused I know that at other blog
sites written content and photos CANNOT BE SEEN unless
you have permission or are signed into that blog if it is PRIVATE.
It’s just too bad that MSN has it another way entirely.
Sleeeping weather here has been wonderful. Who would have
thought you needed BLANKETS in JULY?Surprised NOT ME!!
This morning it was 55 here! It’s not really a shock but we
are enjoying it because we know what is coming soon…
back to 90!! Sun Michigan should have a wonderful holiday
weekend with little or no really problems weather-wise. It’s about
time too. Too many activities have been rained out in the past.
Classic Car shows and flea markets and sidewalk sales, and
Hot Air balloon shows all coincide with JULY 4th. It is a pretty
busy time in other cities nearby. I hope to at least get to
visit some of those soon. Smile
HELL HOUSE got it’s lawn scalloped yesterday in the rain!
The city crews came and cleaned that place up!! Oh happy
day!!!Open-mouthed Now I can run weed killer beside my fence and all
that grows up will not invade my yard. Amazes me how they
can get anything done in the pouring rain. They have pretty high
powered equiptment though. It’s fast!!
So much for news from here.. nothing much going on. The freeways
are busy the stores are busy and we all know why. Yesterday in the
big city I came across a good buy on a new camera.Camera I looked it over
and was ready to buy UNTIL.. I noticed that it did not take VIDEOS!
I thought all digital cameras did that now but they don’t I guess.
The clerk explained to me that this was an "older model" and that
is why it was marked down. RATS!! Sad I was tempted anyway because of
the deep price cut 39$ I knew there must be a catch .. nothing is that
cheap anymore..LoL  Open-mouthed Keep looking I guess. The camera I have still
works.. I am  "WEARING IT OUT!!"   That is what Sis says. Oh well
in time maybe..



I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I know what a relief it is to get that grass cut over there. I have the same problem lawn-wise with my neighbor. I think I’ll go take a picture.

  2. Sounds like wonderful weather to me… fantastic. I’ve found that MSN seems to do things exactly opposite of other places because they can… strange but true. They’ve already made Spaces so complicated that it’s hard to use and unwieldy.

  3. It has been reather cool at night here too for the last couple of summers. There’s never been a day yet that isn’t hot with a night cool enough to be under the covers…weird don’t you think? I’m glad some cleanup finally came to that house, I know that’s been a pain in the butt for you. I hear you on the camera. I have seen some that don’t allow for video and that’s just not an option. The camera I’ve been eyeing will cost around four hundred bucks…yeah, I think I’ll be waiting a while on that unless God has other plans.

  4. Dear Carol, Am loving the cool nights and even drempt that it was snowing in July. Was looking at video cams yesterday too but could not make up my mind. Have a great weekend andAs ever be well

  5. The weather here the last 2 days has been heavenly. I enjoyed it so much. It is warming up right now to 80 by the afternoon.I don’t have any pictures posted that I can’t share with the world. I know that the orchid pictures of my brothers are floating all over the world right now. I asked him about it and he said "Let ’em have them." You would have to know my brother to understand him. LOLHugs!!!

  6. I could take a whole summer’s worth of this kind of weather. A little sunshine would be nice, but if I’ll take this cool stuff any day. I’m with Beth and my pictures. I don’t think any of them are award winners…You could add a watermark if you’re really concerned about others using them. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend up here too. Low 70’s and lots of things going on. Should be fun.

  7. Perfect weather and it can stay if you ask me. Except the sun can shine a little more. Suer helps you sleeep good doesn’t it.That’s too bad about the camera darn it all. That would have been a steal.Have a great holiday weekend. Go out and watch the fireworks.HugsSherry

  8. Glad the city cut the neighbors yard. They can easily clean their equipment. Not like our lawnmowers which are awful to take apart and clean underside. Happy you have nice weather for once. It was goo you found out the camera didn’t have video! My old can take a video BUT NO sound! So keep that in mind as some cameras don’t have both!

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