Went shopping most of the day on Thursday. Spent more
time in one store than I wanted to. Found some bargains
and looked into a new camera.Camera The clerk told me that
CANON’s were really rated HIGHER than any other camera
on the market. My camera is okay so far. but I sense that it
is getting tired of me..Open-mouthed  It is beginning to not respond when
I want it to. Reminds me of the computer when it wants to
NOT DO what you want it to. It has a "mind of it’s own"
NOT GOOD. I gotta say I like to be prepared so I look
around and investigate before I buy. Limited budget
in mind .. I am just "looking" at them and checking
things out. Have you noticed that they are all different
colors now? Where have I been.. under a rock??Thinking
 The old silver or grey or black cameras are
gone and now they come in GOLD, GREEN,BLUE, RED, PINK
and PURPLE. QVC has been selling a lot of cameras of color.
Goodness I never even thought of buying one with
a COLOR. My favorite one so far was a Green Canon.
I think now that I will try to buy one with a color so I
will know it is MINE!! I like the idea of personalizing it.
Just think all those cameras we have that use kodak
film in rolls are now obsolete. I never thought I would
see that in my lifetime. We all have antiques! 
Amazing! Camera
Anyway.. the day was gray, cold (60 ) and misty.
Wearing a coat felt good! You really could not believe it
was JULY!!  Gas prices are hold almost 1$ less than last
year at $2.69 and we have heard they are not going up!
We went to the local discount grocery store and noticed
they had bananas 3 lb for a dollar.
NOPE they didn’t sell them all.. Two carts full will make a lot
of banana bread or some hungry pigs really happy!! Open-mouthed  Mom
will attempt to make bread tomorrow because I could not
resist getting some of these. Fruit salad too!




I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I hope you find the perfect camera, my wife and I both own Canon cameras and have always liked them. Mine and hers both are black…nothing exciting there. We had a cool day with a wild wind and rainstorm…it hasn’t been overly hot any day this summer so far. Well, my friend have a great Friday and 4th of July weekend as well, God bless you!

  2. You too , have a wonderful 4th. Yes we need to remember our troops thats why we get to celebrate. You and your Mom take care. Hugs, Pat

  3. I have been looking at video cams for awhile. My brother gave me one of his older ones last year but I have never figured out how to work it properly. I have 2 point and shoots, an Olympus and a Kodak, 5mP and 8mp and I like the Olympus much better than the Kodak. I hope you are able to get you a new one.I hope you have a wonderful 4th.HUGS!!

  4. Happy 4th Sis. I have a super abundance of son’s here this time so that will occupy me for while.Let us know what you get. All my pix that you have seen in my space prior to the ones in the past few months with Victoria, have been made with Nikon Cool Pix. They are around $130 or something like that. They also come in colors. I love that fuchsia pink!

  5. I so need to get a new digital camera… then I’ll need a new computer to load them on.. so I’m thinking I can’t afford the camera! tee hee ….Oh How I wish our store had a sale on nanners…. .59 /lb here! I hate paying that much! O.K. so what time will mom’s bread be done??? yummy!!She’s gotta do something fun cuz her soap isn’t on again today… tennis instead!Have a beautiful weekend. Get out there and check that mater plant once the sun comes out… I’m sure you can watch it grow in front of your eyes! ttfn

  6. I bought bananas for our family but they just sit here—now that I’m not eating them (too many carbs for my diet). Secretly I think they (the boys) would rather have banana bread. The last one I made didn’t even last a day… Yeah, I’ve seen those multi-colored cameras too–pretty nifty and so SMALL. I actually looked for one of those a few months ago (my camera is so big and clumbsy, but still works great!), but decided I really didn’t NEED a new one, so didn’t spend the money. Hope the Nimitz doesn’t have to go near N. Korea too. However S thinks that’s the direction they’re headed. But for now they are still in SD. Don’t think they’ll go out early, but if there is an emergency, they might! S will probably head for home anyway on Sunday or Monday (he wants to get home early so he can prepare for his 6-month tour).

  7. Hope you find the right one for you. Green sound very pretty. Great color or God wouldn’t have used so much of the paint the earth.

  8. I just bought a grandchild a blue Canon Poweer Shot digital Elph. It has image stabilization and that is important. Picture quality is really good and it cost a lot less than a new lens for my camera. It is a birthday prersent and I got a good deal at Amazon for it. Really cheap!

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