The weekend went by pretty fast. The weather was good really,
not what we expected it to be. Gas prices are low 2.51 here! Open-mouthed
We took advantage of that and went out to the big city and did
some shopping.  I purchased something called LOUD AND CLEAR.
You have seen it on tv..Hooks to the ear to help one HEAR!
I can say here.. IT WORKS!I had a coupon at the BBB and

came out to the car and promptly put the device in her ear
right in the car. NO messsing around.Open-mouthed VICTORY!!

Mom wore it all day long.

It is not meant to be a hearing aid.. but it works very much
like one. Aids cost in the 100’s of dollars now and so that is
pretty much a real strain to think of getting those for mom.
So.. I thought lets try this and see if it works.. if it does and she
can HEAR WHAT SHE IS MISSING..Light bulb maybe we can work on
getting the aids.  WELL that seems to have worked. I can tell
you the TV is not so loud and the repeating and yelling I have to
do to answer her has dwindled. If she can wear that device
then aids will be okay  too.  AM I BRILLIANT OR WHAT?? Embarrassed
Sunday was a pretty dull day but nice weather. Sis was busy
making a deer proof, rabbit proof sort of pen around her
squash plants. I know… a new adventure in Farming.. (oh yeah
I forget we are supposed to call it gardening. Wink)
Anyway.. it is coming along lets hope she gets it right so
that they will stay away. I still say she should have planted
them in a tub or planter on her porch since she has so many
critters who love to eat!!! No…. she lives in the city limits
barely but there is quite a wooded area there too.
She planted them right in front of her barn where the date is on
this picture. Close enough to her house that she could tend to them.
They are doing well blooming but had evidence of some critter having
it’s lunch on them. We will see what happens.. ahhh the trouble we have
to go through to get fresh veggies… Speaking of tomatoes are
going to be great. They are producing and I am thinking by the end of the
month we will have so many we will be over-run with them. YUMMY!
WEll not much more from here…..


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