Well Friday is here and wow..ths week sure has been strange.
I have spent more time trying to get INTO my space than really
on it. I have spent time reading people’s posts, but not being able
to comment on them. Glad to be able to get here this morning anyway..Smile
It cooled way way off here and overnight we actually got some nice rain.
Much needed here as things were pretty dry. This morning it is 63 and boy
it is hard not to stay in bed and just sleep away in the cool of the day.
This cool will be good to continue what chores I have…
WHAT’s been going on here is >>>>>
I have been trying to gather things together for the clean up that is
coming next month. Takes a lot of tme to go through stuff.
I found some large BARREL size trash bags and when they are full..
lets just say they are as big as I am. So .. I have to make sure I can at
least maneuver them and that they will fit in the car because this time
we will have to transport them to the dump site.
For all the money the city is saving by doing it this way.. the citizens
are doing most all the work. I feel so sorry for those who want to
take stuff and have NO WAY of transporting it there. Larger items
you are out of luck! Sad
GAS prices fell a lot… here’ he deal.. in the larger cities gas is
2.17.. here it is 2.38.. Now that is a lot better than last week’s
2.52..but  why such a big big difference has me stumped. WE are in the
lower end of the state and trucking it to us should not cost as
much as the higher cities in the state. WEIRD!!! I guess we should
just be glad it is low here in JULY a very popular month for vacations
and tourists.
You may have heard about the bridge collapse over the I-75 freeway
in the DETROIT area. It is far from me here but I do know that
with 160,000 people who used that way to get to work in Detroit
everyday.. it has caused some troubles. It amazes me that with a
fiery crash of a car hitting a gasoline truck.. NO ONE DIED!!
The blaze went on for hours and wouldn’t you know the truck landed
and exploded right in under a bridge. SO that section of the
road is GONE now for weeks, both ways. Sad
Well nothing new here in town itself though.. Numerous calls to the
police dept have been fruitless in getting the CURFEW siren to sound
again at 10pm so I think it might be a topic at the next city council meeting
on Monday night. Apparently NO ONE knows how or where to push a button
at 10PM each night. Sarcastic The city passed the law years ago and it was upheld
until recently. Neighbors called the city manager and no help was gotten from
that… soooo  what is next. maybe the MAYOR?? During the summer the curfew
is very helpful for those children who are out and about when they really
should be home.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Good Morning Carol, I hope your day is off to a good start. Cooler weather is coming here for the weekend with a low in the 50s and high in the 70s. My favorite kind of weather, I am off now to exercise.Hugs to you and mom!!!

  2. Been out of the loop as we had our home site campout and didn’t here about the bridge and gas truck. Sure is a mracle no one died. Bridge collapse sure will cause problems for sure.

  3. $2,17! WOW! I’m thrilled to get gas in a neighboring town for $2.77! I too don’t understand why there should be such discrepancies in prices of gas from place to place…Glad you are getting some cooler weather this summer. Should be easier on you and your Mom. Hot enough here, but it does cool down at night!

  4. I’m amazed no one was killed in that firey crash! I sure wouldn’t want to be in that daily commute! Gas here is 2.21. We finally got rain early this morning and it cooled down considerably…..69 here now. For the past month I’ve been waking up to lower 80s! Hope you and your mom have a pleasant weekend.

  5. GAs is $2.38 here too but I like $2.17 better. I hope it gets to that here. I hadn’t heard about the bridge, I hope no one was hurt. It is amazing no one got hurt in the fire crash though. How lucky were they! 48 here this morning but it sure felt good sleeping with the window open.You and mom have a great weekend.HugsSherry

  6. That is a big difference in gas prices for sure…better then us…still 2.53 around here. I think there’s something really screwy with the prices period. We’ve got several refineries right here yet it seems to make no difference whatsoever in bringing the price down. It seems you can take it to the bank….or out of the bank as the case may be that in summer it goes up no matter what. For all the talk about green…the only green I see is leaving my wallet to pay for gas that’s always over priced. It’s a big sixty-one degrees for us but I have no doubt it will warm up. Enjoy your Friday my friend.

  7. That curfew siren should be automated. Prolly, there was some belch in the system and it got reset and then someone is too lazy to deal with it. I remember growing up in Charlevoix the curfew siren went off and it was time to start thinking about going home. I say start a petition and then ambush them at the next City Counsel meeting.

  8. Now Carol, do you really mean to compare yourself to a barrel size trash bag? That made me giggle. Wow, the gas prices are super. Up here it’s $2.47. It was $2.39 in Madison…last week.

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