I sure had a busy day Monday. Nice weather helped a lot. We got a lot
accomplished. Mom had her Dr appt and the specialist was pleased
at her weight loss and her blood pressure. He TRIED to convince
her that she was doing so well BECAUSE she was watching what she
ate and how much of it. Doing the right things are really paying off.
He even took her off one of her meds for blood pressure. I was
pleased at that. The less drugs your kidney has to filter the better.
I don’t however agree with the exact weight loss though. I find that
anyone, regardless of how old or sick who loses a lot of weight
rapidly.. welll there is something up. We will be watching her pretty
closely now to make sure she keeps eating and doesn’t lose a lot more
DID he get reports from her regular dr. NO! Despite my efforts to have them
SEND copies to his office…they didnt do it. I will keep trying though..
hand carried them again and boy it sure helped.!
(The sun was shining so brightly that the clouds
were reflected in this large office building.)
After the visit we went to a neat store where all the workers are volunteers and
all the proceeds go to the local Christian Schools. It was sort of like a GOODWILL
store only lots nicer stuff and clean and organized really well. I had never been
in a store like this, that had stuff even covering items you might find in your
garage! A to Z you could sure find it there. We definitely will be going back
to check more things out soon.
Then we went to the KRGR store for their sale on produce and fruit.
WOW they had milk there 1.59 a gallon, peaches, grapes and corn on the cob.
All had wonderful prices. Mom has done so well that she deserved a treat.
I bought her a marionberry pie. It was delicious!
A berry that is larger and sweeter than a blackberry I have been told. All
I know is the pie is fantastic. Funny they were selling 1/2 a pie in containers
for TWICE what a whole pie was selling for. Confused Just buy the whole pie!!
Stopping by Wlmrt store their produce was sky high compared to the other
store so I knew we had made the right choice.
Yesterday BethMarie spoke of buying a whole chicken and that sounded
wonderful. Got one of those for dinner and it was delicious. NO COOKING
(I really liked that!! )She is right though.. lots left over to make many things
The weather has been so crazy lately.  Some large dark clouds that look like they
can dump a ton of rain and NOTHING comes of them. They just float by.
Other clouds are light and fluffy and pure white. I hear that
rain is coming soon though and the nice cool temps will
be a thing of the past. It sure has been nice sleeping weather..
that is if one can really get settled down to sleep.
That’s another story…. Wink
P.S>  I know some people are asking the question where
were you when MAN WALKED ON THE MOON?
I was babysitting with some children and I gathered them
all around the tv to watch and listen to Walter Cronkite.
They immediately wanted to run outside and look and see
if they could see them walking on it. It was a great game..
for them. One of those events in your life you never forget.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I’m glad for the good report with your mom but know the danger of the weight loss actually being too much…that happened with my grandpa and once it goes down too far it’s not so easy to get that back up again. Our weather is being kind of weird too. I don’t quite understand it. Tonight it’s about 69 which is pretty nice to sleep to so I’m not complaining. I wasn’t even a twinkle in my mom and dad’s eye when the first man walked on the moon…imagine that.

  2. Glad to hear your mom is doing well! WallyWorld’s prices are outrgeous in many departments. Definitely not what it use to be. My husband and I were in Florida to personally see the liftoff to the moon. An experience we’ll never forget. We then travelled back to my parents home in Alabama and watched the walk. Wishing you and your mom a great day.

  3. I’m proud of your Mom… but i feel the same way. Large amounts of weight lost quickly is always a red flag for me. I know you’ll be viligent and keep and eye on your mom. You’re doing a great job helping her out and keeping her on the straight and narrow ;-)I wasn’t even a glimmer when Man walked on the moon. I wasn’t born until June of ’72. ;-D

  4. I am glad your mom is doing well. I never do any grocery shopping at Walmart. They are right across the street from Meijer and Mejer has them beat on all grocery items. I have never heard of the berry you talked about but I am all for pie any day, just bring it on.Hugs to you and mom!!

  5. Mom is doing better. That is so great. Those cloud refections on the building is really neat. Guess we all knew when Wallyworld drove everyone else out their prices would rise. Trouble is here there is only one other store to go too and I hate bouncing bake and forth. Also the produce in the other isn’t the greatest. Love the sleeping weather but miss the warm temps in the day time. Old timers has taken over because I can’t recall at the moment what I was doing when they landed on the moon.Have good day.

  6. Super that your Mom is improving—perhaps she will realize it is because of all the work YOU’ve done to keep her on the straight and narrow. Hope you don’t get too muggy weather with the rains coming. My allergies are better these days without the wind and molds, I think. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing during the moon walk—I do remember watching it on TV, though, probably with Walter Cronkite—and probably the same channel you saw!!!

  7. I am so glad your mom has improved. That’s the best news of all!!I do some shopping at W*****t but not all. Their selection is small. And I never get meats there,as they have additives. However I have never found them higher than anyone else. One thing that got me shopping there is the lower prices for what little selection they have. A dollar less per can for coffee..75 cents less for bread (name brand..not GV) so I was surprised to read anyone found prices higher. Not defending them, just surprised.xox Sis

  8. Glad to hear about your Mom say Hi to her for me ok Love the pictures so that’s what tall buildings look like I had forgotten lol lol oh by the way I stole your background I love it

  9. Most of the doctor’s appointment sounds good. Glad you got her a special treat for all her (and your) hard work.I remember the night the man walked on the moon like it was yesterday. I was driving home…at the time my parents lived in the country. I had the radio on. I just pulled over and parked on the edge of the road, looked at the dark sky and listened to the guy on the radio in utter amazement.

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