Well the GOOD NEWS IS.. we are all okay!!
The bad news is THE CAR IS DINGED UP!
Oh it can be fixed okay but it was pretty tramatic
for my mother.
We decided to go back to the city and buy up
some more fruit on sale. We went to a few places
first and then parked the car in the handicap spot at Krgr..
MOM was inside the car waiting. THEN…………
Along comes an 80+year old woman in a large
van and she could not maneuver it very well.
This woman pulled into her space forward and
tried to take out the passenger side of our car.
Mom yelling and screaming…hysterically! To say
she was tramatized is saying it lightly. Crying
This crunch she managed

took part of the trim off her van door and a big ding
in our fender. )
Sis and I were both in the store and did not see
this happen. When we came out, mom is crying
and all upset because the WOMAN did not even
know she did any damage.
The woman could not WALK INTO
THE STORE. She had some employee come get her
in an electric cart and take her inside the store!
She never said anything about hitting any car to the
person who brought the cart to her. The people in the
store KNOW her. She is a regular customer and
the manager told us..very fussy and demanding, and needs
a whole lot of help. THEN WHY IS SHE DRIVING???
Forget about calling the police… in a parking lot
well that is not in the public street so they won’t come.
With the handicap sign in front of our car we could not
back up our car she was so crooked. WE waited about
45 minutes and then SIS( fed up) decided to hunt her down
in the store to get insurance info and get her to MOVE IT.
GOOD GRIEF… she acted like she had done nothing.
The asst manager of the store came outside with the
security guard to see what was going on. {ME…
OH YEAH  I took about 25 pictures.. from every single
angle.} The manager and the guard were shocked at
how the van looked in it’s space.
He moved the car and we left finally with her info.
Mom was exhausted. Her mind went to a bad place
thinking that the whole bumper of our car was ripped off
or something, but it wasn’t. We were very lucky!!
 She can’t stand for long and
did not get out of the car.
The good thing was… IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!
The bad thing long had this woman been driving like
that?? The van was not small and if she could do that, what other
kind of damage could she do? Scary!!
When my father became ill and could not drive any more, he took
every opportunity to drive he could without our knowing it.
It became a game for him to try to get away with things. Many times neighbors
or friends would call and tell us they saw him driving or how awful it
was to see him all over the roads. Friends would come and drive
with him on country roads just to please that urge he had.
We finally
had to get rid of the truck he drove to keep him from under the wheel
of it. I do know how hard it

is to want to drive and you can’t. I have been there myself on many
occasions and it really is difficult to deal with. Giving up that independence is
just so very hard.

 I don’t know what the laws are here in Michigan, but I will find out. I think anyone

over 80 should have to take written and driving tests before getting
their license EVERY YEAR! Maybe that sounds extreme, but at that age things
change so quickly that they need to be watched carefully!
This woman
came right beside our car and within INCHES of seriously
injuring my mother. I feel so sorry for those others out there who
will be in danger with her under the wheel!
You had bettter believe calls will be made the the DMV about
this,I just have to know some things and you all know how I am
when I am curious and HAVE TO FIND OUT!! Wink
Let’s hope Monday is less exciting around here!


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Sorry for the trauma my friend, you’re certainly right that it could have been much worse. I wish I could say that I’ve not seen such extreme cases of bad driving by the elderly but I have. I dealt with it with my grandpa who I helped care for and understand that it’s a part of a person’s freedom but as you say there has to be the safety of others considered. God bless you my friend.

  2. When I was young, we lived in an apartment building and an old woman lived there, her name was Gramma Dygert. She had so many accidents it was just terrible. She couldn’t see well because she was so short, she could hear if she hit something. One time, she was in a police chase where she was the car being chased and didn’t even know it.This is very sad. This woman probably lives alone and has no one at all to help her. She drives because she has no other choice to get to the store and do the things that need to be done. I’m so sorry this happened, it’s just terribel. It’s terrible for everyone.Hopefully, you won’t have to go thru this again….

  3. Thank heaven your mom is ok. It sure could have been worse. I like uneventful days better than exciting ones.I hope this week is a good one for you.Hugs,Beth

  4. I’m so glad your Mom is ok, I know it was scary for her and you guys. Yes I would look into it and see what are the laws concerning driving and age. Just sitting still can be dangerous now days. Hope your week is better. Hugs, Patsy

  5. Yes, you’re not safe anywhere these days. Thanks goodness your Mom was OK, but the trauma will last a while, I’m afraid. I was relieved when my Mom said she was selling her car (when she made the move to KY) as she had just renewed her license (and she was 90 at the time!). The last time we visited her in AZ, she insisted on doing the driving. She WAS a careful driver, but it still made me nervous (especially with M in the back seat!). Her reflexes weren’t the best, but she drove slowly and carefully. Now, I don’t have to worry, cause she’s not driving anymore—although she could still do it if she had to. I personally think older people should have to take a different type of test than the standard one and pass eye and ear exams. Check out those laws—glad you managed to get the info from that driver for insurance reasons.

  6. I think I would have tried the police anyway. Since most insurance companies ask for police accident report at least the onus would have been off you if they refused to come. I know that came when my dad was hit is a private parking lot here. She definitely needs her to be made to take a test. Sure glad you mom wasn’t hurt. The scare was quite enough.

  7. I definitely would call the police. Yes, it’s private property but they need to know about her. Please call, Sis. That was scary for your mother indeed. I feel badly that she had to go through that and that old lady..was she deaf? You’d think she had heard your mother. This goes along with mine and one other person’s blogs that old people need to be examined carefully for physical problems before granted a drivers license. They are killing people by driving into crowds and so on. They are not able to reason it seems.

  8. So glad it wasn’t any worse. Your mom will have a story to tell for many days. And aren’t you glad you always carry a camera?

  9. Thank goodness nobody got hurt, but I feel so bad for your mom. Hope she’s forgotten about it by now. That woman is a hazard to the commuity and someone should take her keys away ASAP! Keep us posted, OK?

  10. How horrible for all of you. I would go to the exent of wanting those over 80 to take road tests. These days in MA you cannot open the newspaper without reading about horrible accidents caused by those over 80. The was no an issue many years ago, but people are living longer and I believe a lot of them do not have family support. My mother is 88 in assisted living and is not renewing her liscense this October. Recently she thought she might take her car for a short trip to CVS, but then had second thoughts. It is horrible to feel confined, but I am so very proud of my mother.

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