Every since I was a child if a mosquito or bee bit me I would
swell up something terrible.. never mind the itch of the
“skeeter” bite.. the swelling was terrible.. it took days, literally,
to go down. WELL I resorted to using so many things I can’t recall
all the names.. one was listerine, one was absorbine JR. one was
something called Solarcaine. None worked very well. Recently,  since
the weather has been warmer, the mosquitos have practically carried me
away while I was watering and tending the tomatoes.  I started to
look for something that would STOP the itch AND take the swelling
down. Mom said use aloe vera jel.. tried it didn’t work..Sad then I tried
calamine lotion. It worked some, but the swelling was still there.
The other day we were in the WALLY store and I looked at all the
remedies for mosquito bites and itching. Boy there were so many
I could hardly choose. I decided on two and bought them both in
case one did not work.  I am here to tell you ONE WORKED great,
and ONE took care of my bite so well I could NOT FIND it the next
day. I was shocked and went around telling everyone I knew how
well it worked!Light bulb  You have to understand, up until now, I could always
stop the ITCH but not the swelling that went with it.
This product was just what I wanted.. it also had an anti-bacterial aid and
a numbing cream included that would make the bite or itch disappear
almost immediately. I tell you I LOVE THIS PRODUCT..
The product is
and it works wonders. Well worth what I paid for it.
If I had poison ivy etc. or a bee sting…. I would reach for this hands down.
IT GETS StarStarStarStarStar approval from me!!! Have I ever led you astray???
BAD storms rolled through here Sunday night. The county near us had a tornado
spotted, we were lucky. We had high winds and very heavy rain. The humidity
did not cease and it still feels so humid outside.
At the time there were so many counties in a warning they could not
list them all. The lightning strikes built up to over 14,000 for one area in an hour.
People were told to evacuate the beaches at the lakeshore as 70 MPH winds
came through there just howling. We were so lucky to NOT lose power..
I prayed all the time for it to stay on. Breathing is hard enough but with no AC or at least
a fan… it would be a very very difficult night. I still say that this year has been
a terrible one for lightning, more than usual. Not sure why.. it just seems so.
Getting ready for round two coming overnight into Monday Morning. It’s
gonna be a short sleeping night in my opinion.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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