I don’t have too much to rant about today but maybe this will
have to do……
It started on Saturday evening. I was watering my tomato vines and
heard a ruckus. I turned to look at that eyesore Quince bush that Sis
and I attempted to trim.( It seemed the more we trimmed it the
larger it became..)anyway..
Many birds who love to gather in
it were squawking and fleeing rapidly. Then a large hawk flew out of the
bush and into the sky landing in the trees above our yard. This is
something we have never seen in this part of the city. I began to hear it’s
distinct call. For days now we have seen NO BIRDS, NO SQUIRRELS
of any kind around here at any time of the day. The pine tree is silent,
the bushes are silent, the bird bath untouched.  NO SKIPPY or his little
buddies!! They all have skedaddled away for other places. DARN
I think that is just rotten that they are so scared now they all stay
far away. As far as I know I am the only house in the whole block
that had a birdbath for them to use. Sad
The large field across the way is void of squirrels
who love to frolic up and down the trees there. SILENCE. I think that is
the most strange thing of all. It had been terribly hot here,
 Now it has cooled off some .. still no birds..
Most early mornings you can hear the birds chirping away and then
quiet down in the heat of the day. NOTHING. The pear tree in the
neighbors yard is usually really busy with squirrels and birds. NOTHING.
They moved on to safer places for awhile I imagine. WE watch and
wait and listen to see if the hawk is still around. I guess as long as
the neighborhood is silent… the fear and danger is still there. Disappointed
I sure do miss the critters.Sad
Our experiment with the hanging tomato planter.. welll
I think it would have been better in a container. Not nearly as
many tomatoes and they are taking so long to ripen. It is so heavy and
hangs so low it has been a hard thing to try to keep the tomatoes off
the ground. I have them on a 6 foot heavy duty shepherds hook and it
attached to a link fence, otherwise it would be hanging even LOWER.
When I see those ads on tv.. well they did some mighty pruning to keep
their tomatoes like that. I tied mine up but they still do not look anything
like the one on in the ads do. I am a first time user though, maybe other
people who have done it before know more about what they are doing
than me. They do NOT tell you to hang it HIGH. and boy bending down
to try to pick them or seeing them hang down near the ground is
rotten. So much for this rant…
Well that’s all from here.. pretty quiet in the neighborhood. We like it
that way… tomorrow is another day and you just never know though…




I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. You know it’s weird but here too it’s been much more quiet with the usual birds that sing seeming quieter this year than ever before. I don’t think it’s hawk or anything…not sure what’s up with that. I miss it when it’s pretty much deadly quiet here during the cold months then quiet for the summer…yuck! I wondered about those tomatoe planters…we thought about getting one but never did. Another rant that helped me out LOL! Have a good one!

  2. Do you think the hawk is actually eating some of the critters? I hope not. I enjoy watching hawks but they belong in the country not in town.Hugs to you and mom.

  3. Hawks mark their territory and yes, they eat other critters. Ask any farmer if they have lost a chicken or two. When I was working one day this last spring, I saw a hawk swoop down through the trees and snatch a robin away. Owls are worse. They take bunnies and to me that just ain’t right. Couldn’t see the sense in hanging a tomato plant. Waay tooo heavy, especially with the amount of water they need.

  4. I hear you on the tomato plant. We had to raise ours and now I have to use a step ladder to water it. We have tomatoes but ot the abundance they show on tv. They must leave out some instructions. Sounds like you have a hunting hawk there. You hate to see them take other creatures, but it’s nature’s way of survival.

  5. We have a pair of sharp shinned hawks hunting around here and the birds are in hiding too. Remember, it’s all part of nature’s food chain.I’ve seen many hanging tomato plants and the only ones that look healthy are the ones on tv.

  6. I wondered how the tomato plant would do. I was tempted but not any more. Hawks are being forced more and more into cities and towns because man has taken so much of their wooded habitat for houses and shopping centers. Hawks have increased their territory to where food might be found and that means yards and even cities where they hunt for rats. It’s sad for the song birds, but it’s even more sad for the hawks who are losing a place to live and hunt in peace. I don’t mean to be grandstanding Sis and sorry if it seems that way. 🙂

  7. We don’t have one of those hanging tomato plants but those who do aren’t having much luck with them either. Have a great day and I hope the hawk goes to another neighborhood soon.Hugssherry

  8. Sorry you lost all your birds to that hawk. We hear birds all the time here, in spite of the hawks—mostly the crows who make a racket when they spy one of the cats out hunting! Wish you could have seen the experimental gardens at Disney World with all the tomatoes on overhead vines with the tomatoes handing down and away from the plants! How cool it was!!!

  9. Good Rant!! You saved me some money because I was thinking of getting them for next year’s tomatoes. Maybe that old hawk will go away now since all the birds and squirells are hiding. My sister has to deal with them where she lives and she has a small dog and she has to go outside with it as not to let the hawks get her!!! They are beauitful birds but they sure can cause havoc. have a great day. Hugs, patsy

  10. What about using a gallon bucket with handle for the hanging upside down tomatos? You could drill a larger hole in it for the plant and then smaller ones for weep holes and then hang it from a hook on the patio? You could use a burlap mesh to keep the dirt in but let the water seep out. It would be a lot more sturdier and you could have more hang room… just a thought.Yeah… Hawk’s’ll do that to a neighborhood… they’ll eat anything smaller than them, squirrel or birdie… If the critters aren’t there, then he’s still poking around. They’ll come back when he’s gone.

  11. Yep them little critters know when there is danger around and they will hide. Oh by the way on the tomato plant thing….that was probably their 47,953rd plant before they got one good enough to show on TV.

  12. I know what you mean Carol, my birds have all disappeared too and I don’t know why. We have a water fountain that they have been using for drinking and bathing and now nothing but we still have the squirrels. I could do with less of those as they make holes in the lawn. We have even had a skunk in our yard, I saw it one night when I went to look out the patio door. I wasn’t long closing it. Too close for comfort that was. LOL

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