Yesterday was a day of many errands and dodging rainy skies.
Very windy too. Saturday looks to be even cloudier and colder.
Used the new camera yesterday while out and at least learned
a few more things about it. I did manage to finally figure out
how to put the date and time on a picture. Now what would MY
pictures be without that? LOLOpen-mouthed Still a learning process.
 Here is one I took of the last sunflowers of the summer bowing their
heads to fall that has come.
 This one is better if you click it. I see I still have a long
way to go..I entered the wrong date..but the sky is
really neat!
Had trouble at hotmail again yesterday. I would not open
no matter what I did. You know what would a month be
without some kind of e- mail screw up?
Guess what? Mom changed her mind about the cake and wanted COOKIES
instead. She said they would last longer.. she is right about that.
So I made her Sugar cookies, she only eats one or two a day. 
YES I HAD to take their picture.. Recipe given upon request.
Well not much more from here getting off to a late start.


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. The cookies look super! I wish I had thought of cookies yesterday. I could have bought one for me and one for youngest.I particularly like the picture of the barn. Almost looks like a book jacket photo. 🙂

  2. Love the barn picture! I’m glad you got a new camera so we can still enjoy the photos you take. Do you use a sugar substitute? I use Splenda when I bake for Bill and it’s not bad. The cookies do look delicious!Enjoy your weekendHugsSherry

  3. Figuring out a new camera at leisure is one of my favorite things! I’m glad you’re having fun with that. Having cookies is a wonderful idea! I can almost taste them!

  4. I decided to have all my hotmail sent to my gmail box. I really like it that way. It looks like you and your new camera are getting along very well. Great pictures.

  5. Wow, that barn picture reminded me that I am on the lookout for pictures of a screaming rooster weathervane on an old barn for the cover of my next book. Soooo, if you come across an especially scary, decrepid, screaming rooster, PLEASE take pics and send them to me! Been sifting through the ones on Google but the right one hasn’t popped out yet. The cookies look really GOOD!

  6. is it just me or have you changed the color of your space i love the green………simply lov eit………..and i want cookies too…………lol…

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