Don’t know about you all, but my mind is lacking a whole
lot lately. A friend and I were discussing that maybe
it was our age or maybe just our busy lives.
I know I  have spent time trying to figure out what I went
into the store for, or where the list was I started,
or where I put things that I know I put
in a special place where I could find it. Eye-rolling Sheesh!!
Yesterday I found a load of wash in the washer that
I put there 3 days ago!!! Surprised Holy cow.. I am losing it!
I washed them over with double soap to get rid
of the smell. Thank God sheets can use a little
bleach sometimes to freshen them up. I gotta
get with it! Embarrassed Why was the peanut butter on the shelf
with NO LID? Why was the toast left inside the toaster
un-toasted? WOW.. I must be losing it!
Our lives get so busy and full we lose track of the little things.
My post it notes are piling up and the drawers are full
of odds and ends that do not go together. One lost earring,
a key that I no longer recognize, a chain that no longer
has the clasp. Time to clean them up and sort them out.
The last time I did that.. I found change enough to
buy a burger meal and have some left over. Smile
I don’t have the excuse of kids schedules and needs
distracting me. I don’t have a husband to look after,
or a job to think about.  I guess I just have had a lot of seasonal
things going on. Chores that need doing BEFORE the
first snowfall. Cars cannot be cleaned out by me when it
is too cold outside.. so some things cannot wait.
Make a list I tell myself.. check things off.. OOOPS
I lost the list! Eye-rolling Dang, time to  start over again!  
Can’t tell you how many times I have done that lately.
Maybe it is fall and winter.. time to go into hibernation!
Seems I am more with it in the summer than in the winter.
DO people have SEASONS?? Are they more relaxed in Summer?
If I move to Florida where it is warm all the time in winter
would my memory improve? Well I am doubtful of that. Thinking
As we age, so does the workings of our body, the knees creak
and I find myself emitting a wierd sound when I rise up off
the floor or carry a heavy item out of the car to the house.
They say there is no going back in time.. so we might as well
get used to it.  I, for one am not READY yet!! Guess it is time for
some of that GINKO BILOBA, Vitamin B, C AND E. and Omega 3
fatty acids.. or maybe just some good old…TUNA FISH..
I ate that every day in high school and I did pretty well.
Talk about going back in time!!! Maybe I will just take the
pills!!  Smile 


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Sometimes I think that moving somewhere nice and warm would solve a lot of problems…especially when it’s cold like it is right now. Perhaps I’d settle for going somewhere warm when it’s cold here then coming back when it warms up again…I don’t know. Well, whatever the cause ,I’ve found on occasion that taking some good vitamins or improving my diet helps a lot for certain things. Have a good week my friend.

  2. LOL! We all go there!! My advice is to keep a list!! Do NOT go to the store without one! I would be lost. Also, keep your keys and glasses on your person. Now go find them!! LOL!! The meds kicked in and Buzz is doing much better! Resting comfortably. He will sleep in bed with his Daddy tonight.That photo is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I Love coming to your space!! I Love Autumn!!!! Worried about new wildfires near our cabin but so far, so good. 20% contained but never good. I’ll post tomorrow.Hope you sleep well! NiteBob~

  3. Ok I have one for you … I was talking long distance to my son in Colorado. We always talk a long time, I had to make a call to the school so while I was talking to my son I was looking for the phone. At one point I even said to hubby (yelling) "Where is the dang phone? I need to call the school." My son from Colorado says "Uh mom, you’re talking to me on your phone right?" Aaaaaaack!My husband points to my ear… Sigh………

  4. Well, you DO have a lot on your mind even if you don’t have a husband or kids. I find myself doing the same things. I’m still looking for a pair of earrings I put away in a safe place a few weeks ago.

  5. Oh, been there, done that. Been accused of losing my husbands tennis racket when in my thirties. Put it away and we haven’t found it yet. lol. I personally think he loaned it to somebody and HE forgot who. Great post.

  6. Good post Carol. I have done all of the above mentioned things. To me the days, weeks and months are running together at a horribly fast pace that I am having trouble keeping up with.

  7. Boy, been there, done that! We’re STILL hoping to find Hubby’s keys—and they’ve been lost for several months now. I HAVE to make lists and then remember to look at them, or nothing gets done. They say one needs to exercise your brain to keep it in shape. I guess it goes for your memory too—at our ages, we haven’t had to memorize or learn new stuff as often as we did at young adults and even kids. Therefore, it is harder to do now! I sure believe that! Great post.

  8. I understand completely! It’s because you’re a busy woman, is all. You’ve a lot to do in a day and you get overloaded. Slow down a little and breath, I’ll be you find things start doing better.

  9. This sounds like an Andy Rooney segment, lol! Yes I guess we tend to not focus on what we’re doing. One thing at ah time or we git confused. Have a good day my friend.

  10. I think my mind went off with yours somewhere. Just this morning, during my laundry marathon, I started load #4 in the washer, but never started the dryer for load #3. Man, that set me back about an hour and pissed me off in the meantime. Oh well, I suppose it could be worse, eh?

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