Kinda blurry I know but the road was pretty wet with rain. This was
taken in between the wipers moving back and forth. The only clear
place was the windshield. Wink
The skies tried to clear about 5 p.m. or so. AGAIN the ground is covered
with a blanket of gold but the tree in my yard is still heavy with leaves.
Image Hosted by
Still taking some time with the camera. I took advice here
and put it on automatic.. I still have a long way to go.
I have had trouble for three days now getting to my
summary page,loading pictures, getting things to load here.
I have used two different computers. I guess Msn is having some issues
or my server is at fault. I had to download to html to get
pictures of any kind on here. Bummer. Sad
I heard on the news about those two pilots who overshot
their airport and were out of touch for 78 minutes. I sort
of want to know WHY the flight attendants didn’t know something
was up? I mean they always know how many minutes are left
in a flight etc. It sure seems strange to me that NO ONE
could raise EITHER pilot no matter what they tried. Can we say
SCARRRRRRRRY!!  If pilots are that tired they need to hire
MORE and or do something to change that situation.
I don’t know about your area but here people stood in line
for hours and hours to get swine flu shots. They called police
finally and had to shut things down because the area was not
big enough to handle the crowds. DO YOU HEAR about all this
trouble in Canada or maybe EUROPE? I haven’t so far.
Leaves me wondering if maybe AMERICA is a little unprepared
or something. Thinking You can order the supplies sometimes but then
not receive them I guess. So much we still don’t know.

You’ve , no doubt, seen this commercial on tv..if you watch tv,

for something called BLISS, chocolates with a meltaway center.
Yesterday I was in the store and a person who does those store
sampling demos was there. She had
a great smile and looked so happy. She was advertising a product
that was being sold and the profits going to the Young Survival Coalition,
having to do with cancer. She was handing out these little wrapped
chocolates. I don’t eat chocolate a lot because I don’t like the aftertaste
or bitterness. I only eat something that is milk chocolate if I do.
I took the sample and smiled and put it in the pocket of
my coat and walked on.
The day was raw, rainy and cold. I got back to the car after getting
wet putting groceries in the trunk. I put my hand into my pocket for
my hand santizer bottle. Instead I
got the candy. I decided to try it.  Sun   B   L   I   S   S  Sun I had never
had a little piece of candy that melted practically BEFORE I started
and was so smooooooooooooth.  My sister said “what are you grinning at?”
I said..”It must be the BLISS!”  I have had hugs and I have had kisses of
all kinds from Hersheys.. but this little square indeed is velvet in your
mouth.. so smooth you find your tongue running over it and wondering
what kind of oil or butter or whatever they put in it to make it that
smooth. HEAVEN HELP US!! The one I had was filled with raspberry
and I know they have them with different fillings. Now I wished I had bought the whole
bag of candy. Unfortunately we were on our way home. Sad
I just had to pass on my opinion of them. If I see them advertised for Halloween
on a display I just might pick up a whole bag full depending on the cost.
A little Bliss like this must cost at least 2.50 a bag or more. It would have to,
because of the quality of the product. Don’t worry all you dark chocolate
fans.. they have those too. UP to you to decide for yourself.. I am just saying
if you love chocolate, this is one to try out.
I GIVE IT  FIVE STARS!!  StarStarStarStarStar
Sure is cold here.. temps dropped like a rock getting out my winter
coat as the spring one is just not hacking it anymore.
Hope where you all are is a lot warmer.

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  1. PS the MELTAWAY kind of Hershey’s BLISS is the one I had and so I can’t say about the other kinds in particular. I just know it literally melted away in my mouth and was the creamiest I had ever had.
    Wayy better than any kisses or hugs they have. 🙂

  2. Think I’ll pass on the Bliss right now, although they sound heavenly. It’s very cold here today, and rainy. I’m going to putter around in my pajamas. I’m also making chicken soup stock, from my diabetic chef recipe book. Have a good day!

  3. It’s warmer today in Ann Arbor. Haven’t the colors been beautiful this year though? Wonder if it has something to do with the weather. I’ve heard the colors are done up north.
    Have to stay away from chocolate now. I gain too many pounds when it gets cold.

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