In the news they said that this rapist murdered at least 11
people. He lived in a house in a big neighborhood and
NO ONE knew a thing.Thinking Oh, they smelled a foul odor coming
from his house..they didn’t call or anything. The authorities checked
out his house and they didn’t FIND anything. Surprised I find the whole thing
just confounding that  NO ONE knew anything at all. People were
reported missing in the block..several.. and this man had a
rap sheet and a reputation in that neighborhood. WHY
I wonder, didn’t they investigate him more thoroughly when
people started vanishing. It just amazes me. If in my neighborhood
something stunk that bad.. I think I would have been very
suspicious and called someone. This man buried someone in
his backyard.Surprised No one saw him do it.. just amazing and scary.
This case is on-going in the news now here because it takes
place in OHIO, our neighbor to the south. They just keep
finding body parts. It is so weird.  I sure am glad he didn’t
live here in Michigan, but then do we know our neighbors like we
used to? Thinking No we don’t.. guess it is wise to be aware all the time.


I watched an ABC show called V on tape last night. I was busy watching
NCIS in real time. Anyway.. V is a remake of a show that was on
some time ago. Now days with all the special effects they can do,
well it is a more modern style show. Can we say CREEPY?.. Yes I think
that’s it. I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I would be
over it. I was creeped out over the thought that they portrayed all
the sleeper cells of ordinary looking terriorists, out to do our country harm, as the
"V" visitors. That is how they were able to do things and the authorities
not be able to detect them so easily. Confused That got my attention. I shudder
to think about it. I think I will stick with the CAKE BOSS and maybe
my old favorites Survivor and 24 from now on. Those shows don’t give me

  Awhile back I said we had trouble with our mail service here. I received a
visit from a nice lady today who we got her mail by mistake. We sent it back
to her so she came to say Thanks and tell me she had gotten some of OURS
too. She was concerned because the mail was her bank checks and important
bills. She met with the head postmaster about it and told him how it was happening
more often. Seems some of the carriers cannot tell EAST FROM WEST! Sarcastic
They are NOT checking the names on them just the addresses and they
are doing it by hand. We have about 3 or 4 different mail carriers
and never the same one every day. NO WONDER we can’t get good service.
I told her that if I get anything else of hers I will go to the post office personally
and tell them about it too. She says she sends my things back to me… I will
never know how many things have went astray though. It sure is frustrating.
They get paid good money, yet we have to do their work for them. Disappointed




I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I’ve watched that case with that rapist in absolute horror, my goodness! What a terrible tragedy…let’s hope they don’t go ahead and let him go for good behavior now! I missed V but I sure loved it when it was on before, I hate missing a show that I really would like to see 😦

  2. OMG Carol, that is terrible about that rapist and murderer. Sounds like something I might see on Criminal Minds, my fav show. To bad the people in that area didn’t watch that show, they might have pushed for someone to keep checking further. The world can be such a cruel and wicked place.As for that show "V" it sounds interesting. I think I have seen the previews. We have had the same thing happen once in awhile with our mail carriers but usually it is the number of the street. They will deliver it the next block over. Usually if I get mail like that I hand deliver it.You have a great day too hun…………….Rusty ((HUGS))

  3. I think this must be the reason why I have a post office box. I rarely get anyone elses mail and if they get mine I don’t have anyway of knowing. LOLNOPE we musn’t let anything get in the way of NCIS!! My favorite as you all know.

  4. I think the mail thing is about as scary as it gets! I will have to do a blog about that tomorrow too. Sis, you two have a good one. (((HUGS)))

  5. Yeah, I’d raise the roof if the mail person was that irresponsible that often! We recently had to move our mailbox to our side of the road because the stand that it was on (along with our across the road neighbor’s) was falling down and he would do nothing about it. They sent us a notice saying they would not deliver any more mail if it didn’t get fixed. SO, I wonder if they have quit delivering his mail?! Horrible about the murderer on the loose. You just never know about your neighbors, do you?!

  6. I think if I smelled something that foul I would report it too. In fact I know I would. It reminds me of the John Wayne Casey case years ago. You sure don’t know your neighbors anymore like we use too. We had our car insurance canceled once because the post office stamped moved no forwarding address on it and sent it back. We’d lived her for years and had no plans of moving and had not given them a change of address notice so who knows why they did that. Needless to say I called them up and read them the riot act. That could have been disastrous if our agent hadn’t called us wondering.

  7. It sure is hard to comprehend how they couldn’t know or see something. We all need to go back to the era of front porches. I remember as a kid we knew every neighbor in this little area. Heck, we were related to most of them, lol. Kids grew up and bought houses here. There were about 5 different families that extended throughout. It was a great place to grow up. V didn’t impress me in the trailers they kept putting up to get you to watch and like Beth Marie said, NOTHING gets in the way of NCIS. Once in a while something gets mixed up here when there is a sub but most of the time things are okay. Though if there is something that won’t fit in a mailbox and no one answers a door the mailman has been known to take it to a certain neighbor knowing it will be taken care of. They used to drop things off at my parents quite often as they knew everyone on the street.

  8. CSI is not real….Real people just do their jobs and get away with the minimim I guess. I watched V and it seemed like a right-wing paranoid show. The graphics were terrific but I don’t think I will be a regular V customer. Don’t get me wrong…I do believe aliens are among us and they are out there. They are probably better beings than us since they did not kill us. We generally kill enything unknown or different from us. Maybe they are waiting for us to evolve a little more before landing in a public place to cure our diseases and save Mother Earth.

  9. That story about the guy in Ohio reminded me of Jeffrey Dahmer. That whole mess with your mail is unbelievable. Those people don’t deserve their jobs. I’d keep complaining about it and maybe someone will do something about it or at least teach the carriers how to read. Sheesh…..

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