I gotta brand new bag!!   I really had to!!
I got a brand new purse back in September for the winter-time.
This one was bigger than I would like, but thought it would be
okay. WRONG! When mom got sick I had to put her stuff
with my stuff plus a whole lot more. There was just NO
room.  Sometimes I was carrying a tote bag, a purse and a
another bag of things and it all got to be just too much.
I went shopping again at KMT for something else, I didn’t know
just what. Thinking

I haven’t been able to go many places to see what’s out
there now.. but need came before anything else.Confused
Carrying a large bag has always been a NO NO for
me.. who wants that thing wearing down on your
shoulder?  I really dislike them, but now things have changed.
I found there are a ton of large bags available because
that is the trend now. I was kind of grateful for that.
I saw one called a "BUTLER" that had built in dividers
inside it, so all you had to do is place things in there. Nice
but again.. NOT large enough for what I needed. I finally
decided to try one out and just see how it would work.
It costs more than I wanted, but had a lot of things I could use.
It is huge, in my eyes, but when I saw the inside and how
it worked.. well I was satisfied . I had notebooks and papers
and wallets and cell phoneS.. (YES TWO).. a camera and
all sorts of junk I need that I can’t run home for. Sis laughed
and called it my "diaper bag!" I preferred the word TOTE!
It totes a WHOLE LOT! Water bottles, Boost,
mom’s snacks, important papers and notebooks,diabetic
items. It has a section for a small laptop..but I use that section
for cameras and cell phones. The padding is great!
I kept the "tote" very clean and left the tag on it for a few days
to see if I would really really want to keep it.. TODAY I snipped
off the tag.. no going back..Smile Now my "tote" needs a cart
to tote it, because it is one BIG BAG..
I have to admit that I have taken some things out
and placed them in a smaller bag when I went
shopping recently. Why bring the whole house when
one room will do..Wink if you know what I mean. It worked

On the news about mom.. the staff working on comments by mom
have replaced her BED for the third time. This bed is new and lower
to the floor but still large enough for her to not fall out of. I tell ya they
are working!! Star On top of that.. they came in the room and saw
that mom, sitting in the wheelchair, had laid her head down on a pillow on the
table in the room. She told me she didn’t want to go to bed, she just wanted
to rest a minute. WHAM.. today they delivered an almost new lazy boy
chair that is nicer than the one we have at HOME!!! She can sit and recline
and put up her feet too. AMAZING! StarPretty soon her "house" (what she calls
her room) will look just like our house!!
Some people just go all out and next time I will tell you about
"TWIG" a superior human being who goes beyond the job to help out in
any way he can. Star




I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. Your new tote bag is beautiful!! I love a big bag and I have several of them.I am glad they are finally working to make your mom more comfortable.HUGS!!

  2. I hope your bag works out for you my friend, looks like you’re set! I’m so glad to hear about the chair, that should make a real difference, not to mention the chair! Blessings to you both my friend.

  3. Good news on the tote. Compartments for everything. I may look into something like that.So happy your Mom is getting the needed attention. You sound more chipper too. Hugs!

  4. That is wonderful they (via you) are making your mom feel comfortable and at ease. That is so significant in healing! Boy that is a big bag. My mom had told me once to never get a bag bigger than your head! haha So when I have to travel I have this over the shoulder pack thing that stores everything and then carry my regular purse along in case I have to go in a store or restaraunt. Isn’t it crazy that our lives are so nuts we require bigger bags? But it’s full circle, diaper bags to adult bags! Say hi to your mom from us and let her know we pray for her continued recovery!

  5. Really nice tote. I’m with you…hate carrying around too much stuff and the weight of that stuff is a pain. Good news on the improvements Sounds like it’s time to bake some banana bread or some other goodies for those thoughtful workers. That goes a long way when it comes to thanking them for a job well done.

  6. I an just so glad that the staff is so responsive to your Mom. That makes an amazing difference and helps your mom stay positive. I have gone to medium sized bags. I need a large tote type once in a while so I have one or two but I always hope I don;t have to take it. Trips sometimes though but they are a pain to haul around. Like luggage. 🙂 I have bitty ones that hold a phone, money, cards, lipstick and that’s it. That goes out with me when I hit the track so I don’t have to worry about hiding the purse thing. If you buy a big one, you will fill it up and have to lug all that around. We pledge we won;t do that but we always do. I have begun to look at what I have and make decisions about how often I use all that stuff. If I don’t use it, it comes out and my purse is so much lighter. 🙂

  7. Carol, you sound like me. I prefer a medium ‘bag’, but they’re so hard to find these days. Especially one with inside compartments. I like to have the compartments so when I’m driving down the road I can simply reach in a compartment and pull out what I need without ‘fishing’ for it forever! So, I rarely buy a new bag because I just can’t find one I like. I think it’s a consipiracy and that all bags are designed by men! They sure didn’t ask me what I like in a purse! Of course, you realize that if we didn’t have to be pack mules for everyone else’s stuff, we wouldn’t need all that space…..:) I too am glad your mom is getting the attention she needs & deserves. That is so wonderful!Hope you have a great day!Twila

  8. Nice handbag… it looks good. It looks like you’re going to use it just fine and really get some benefit out of it. I hate large handbags, too. I just carry too much "crap". There’s loads of stuff… girlie things, perfum (in case you bump into someone) carmera, hair goop (small amount) wallet, pain pills, head ache pills, cold pills, sinus pills, hair clips and the list goes on and on. So… my handbag is rather big. But not the large "Tote" size.I’m very glad that mom is doing better and that they are really making an effort. I know it’s because of all the hard work you’re putting into making sure she has everything she needs. You’re hard work is paying off, good job!.

  9. I’m afraid to get one of those BIG bags. I’ve carried a little fanny pack for so long, I didn’t think I’d change back. But the pack wore OUT and I was forced to look for another one. Lo and behold they don’t make them anymore! BUMMER. So I went back to a smaller purse that I like and have—works well now. Love the Mom updates!

  10. Love the tote. I used to carry a big bag but have cut down to medium. Most of the time I just put my checkbook with all my cards in my pocket, my keys hooked to my jeans and my cell phone in the other pocket. Hands free and no weight on my shoulders. I realize you can’t do that, but it sure is nice. Glad to hear they are doing so well with Mom now and I’m jealous of the recliner, lol.

  11. I’ve never like large bags either. I don’t carry that much with me and if Bill and I are going some where together I don’t even take my purse. I can see why you would need a bigger one now tho. I’m so happy to hear you are getting results there and that some at least are trying to help and do their best. Bet that makes you feel good. I love my recliner and if it broke I’d go right out and buy a new one lol.Wishing all of you a good day today.

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