I was told by “Twig”  the transport driver, that regardless the weather report, and if he
had to go 10 miles an hour or slower he would be going tomorrow
 morning to take mom to the treatment center. Shocking.. I know!
I ask if they would cancel it and he said NO.. only if the center has no
power or closes down. WOW! Over 10 years ago my dad had treatments
too and it was up to us to take him 3 times a week. When we couldn’t get
there because of snow, we called an ambulance to take him. It won’t hurt
her to miss one more day but it sure throws the center into a real
schedule mess. Treatments take 3 to 5 hours depending on the patients
needs. Sure can’t put a lot of people in treatment when the machines are
busy.I sure don’t like the thought of my MOTHER being out in it,
but if she lived at home here with me I would be trying to figure out
how to get her the 12 miles to the center.
It will be interesting to see if we get “HIT” here as bad as they have
west and north of us. Today we were on the major freeway when it all
of the sudden went “whiteout” and we had to slow with everyone else
down to a crawl. A car in front of us swerved in the passing lane and
went right into the median. WHY oh why they have to drive so crazy in
weather like this is beyond me? They have been warning about a BLIZZARD
coming all day long, but where we are it may only be 4 inches. I will take that!!
Right now I sure don’t feel like plowing through it. Sad but you do what you do
when you live in the Winter Wonderland state.

I have been taking pictures lately, but mostly of mom, a kind of photo
journal of her odyssey since she got seriously ill. I have managed to get
some amazing shots without the flash. Mom has no idea I am taking
the pictures and they are mainly for the family.
The dialysis center has only 8 machines. The day runs
so long there are three shifts of at least 6 employees.
One of the workers told
me that he hopes that they will invent something so
that people don’t have to go through this procedure, of course
(click for a better view)
then he will be out of a job.Sad The machines are
smaller and more quiet than they were 10 years ago.
Computerized and more up to date than ever. They
monitor so many things. ALL of the TUBES you see
there on that machine and the filter are removed
and put in for waste pickup 6 days a week. They are
very careful and won’t even touch a machine unless
they have gloves on. Now that mom has been there
a week or two she had gotten more used to the bells
and noises and will fall asleep for a few minutes. The unit
manager told me that she is the only person in there
who stays mostly awake watching things. For a person
her age (83) they are amazed! Smile
Well I sure hope where you are, there are no blizzards and the sun
is shining!!


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