Daily Archives: December 14, 2009




 Our family doesn’t have a whole lot of traditions at
this holiday time. We had stockings made by a neighbor
for each us kids. Those are gone now each child
got theirs when they grew up and left home.
This year though, it will be the first
time in 58 years there is no Christmas tree sitting in
the living room. Now, I am sad over that statement.
In one way I want to set it up and make the house all
cheery etc,in another, I just don’t want all the work.Thinking
The tree is not the problem really, it is a newer two piece
one that is simple to set up. The main problem is just
no incentive here with just me and mom being in another place.
Sis and I decided that we would get one for mom’s room
and that would be it. Mom got a sad look on her face when I told
her that there would be no tree in our house this year.I guess I should
have kept mum about it.

Last year I put one up around Thanksgiving and mom
really enjoyed looking at it. I knew then it might be the last
tree we would have here. The 2 foot optic tree Sis bought is a big
hit with the people there and mom loves sitting in a dark room
and looking at it. "It sparkles" she told me today. "People here
really like it!!" I was sure glad she enjoys it.  When I saw the Optic
angels that Beth Marie has collected it gave me the idea to get one
for mom who loves anything angels. Sis and I will be looking for one
on Monday when we are out shopping. When the tree comes down
hopefully the angel will be there to replace it in the room.

Monday will be the first time in awhile I have been able to go out
and shop a little. I sure hope the weather co-operates with us.
It has rained here and there are  slushy streets and it is slippery
in spots. I guess we will just wait and see what happens.
Whatever your holiday plans are….