Daily Archives: December 15, 2009


I did a search on the internet for an optic angel and boy
was I shocked. SO MANY!! Narrowed it down to T**GT
and called them. They promptly told me they had only
ONE left  that they could not hold for me because
it was on sale. Sis and I took off for the store 20 min
away. I saw the picture on the internet and it looked
really nice.. 15 inches tall..but getting to the store and plugging it in
it exceeded my expectations. This is it lit up.
(click for better view)
The optics make it just glow. Mom will really
enjoy this. I also bought myself a Christmas tree!  It’s
tiny but cute with it’s optic display also. So this old
house WILL have a tree allbeit pretty small! I really
like how optics work. They remain cool to the touch and
just look so amazing. I found the stores not too crowded on
Monday and shopping was easy. Gas went to 2.55 a gallon
from 2.49 a few days ago. I found milk on sale for 1.75 a gallon
and the stores are loaded with fruit and some of it is pretty
high priced. Grapes were 2.49 a LB!!
Pineapples looked good.. it must be the season in Hawaii right
now. YUM! Bought some Ham on sale for the holidays so
Sis and I will have some for New year’s.
It was a pretty good day for shopping here. Foggy in
the morning and misty in the afternoon. It wasn’t too
cold but that is coming ..time to get ready for the
winter again now that almost all the snow is  almost