Daily Archives: December 16, 2009




I had whole day off yesterday.. Oh I did work here at home sort
of. but I never left my house! I realized about noon time that
it was my first one since November. Wow, could that be right??Thinking
Yep. Sis visited mom after she came back from a treatment. She
had had a particularly hard day there. Was pretty confused and
gave the workers a hard time. Being tired and have a treatment
is pretty stressful on her. She never did calm down most all day
long. The RN told us to just leave her be and maybe she would
eventually. Works for me. I called later she was fine. Maybe
we are over-doing it with the visits but when we don’t go we hear
from her about it too. You just can’t win. Eye-rolling


 H1N1 Here I come!!
I called the local health department yesterday too. They told me that
ALL H1N1 SHOTS are FREE! Wow , I had no idea that was true. I heard
a rumor about it.. but don’t trust everything I hear. They have opened it to
all people now regardless of age etc. ONE hangup.. only ONE day a week
so far. Naturally.. the place was packed. I decided to try again next week
maybe go earlier and see if I could get one. Wish me luck!! 

Today another trip out of town with mom in the wheelchair van. She thinks of
those fellas as her personal chaffeuers now. I told her not to get too used to
it because eventually she will need to be able to ride in the car again. We have had
many drivers lately and every one of them very good with her. Sis and I have had
certificates  made for them so they will know how appreciative we are .Smile

WELL Off to the day now..