Daily Archives: December 22, 2009




MOST people traveling over this holiday time are having
quite the time of it. Funny how the US Government would
pass a LAW so that NO PERSON has to sit in a plane longer
than 3 hours and it go into effect A F T E R the holidays when
people are NOT traveling as much. The recent snowstorms
had passengers sitting in planes up to 6 hours and more!!
Terrible conditions and no hope of getting back to a terminal.
Hmmm Thinking seems to me that SOMEONE someplace could
have made that law go through much faster than 120 days.!! 
I mean if some Senators or Congressmen were themselves
sitting in those planes going nowhere…maybe just maybe..
things might have went a lot faster!! Wink
 More snow and bad weather coming again which may cause a lot
of trouble Christmas eve would make this driver think twice about
flying anywhere and more like trying GROUND transportation
choices. (That is just me though! Wink)
Talk about slippery..underneath our streets here was ICE.. plenty of
it ..took two days to get where I wasn’t sliding out of the driveway.
Normally I wouldn’t worry about it.. but with MOM elsewhere and I having
to go visit her "house" it’s a strain. Word of freezing rain on Christmas
Eve or day really sounds like a nightmare to me. Glad I won’t be out in
it. Mom’s treatment will be on Saturday this week and I will be sweating
it out unil they arrive back to her "house" safe and sound. Sure not used to
all the action in the winter weather. Nurses at the treatment say mom is fine
now until she has to go back to her "house" in the weather. A tense time
for an 83 year old, especially seeing cars in ditches and swerving all over
the roads. Sheesh!Sad Winter  BAH HUMBUG!!


Spent most of yesterday in the kitchen baking and visiting mom. Sis got her shot
but I am waiting for a week or so. Attended the bake sale at mom’s "house"
we bought her several cookies. All proceeds went to the needs of the residents
of the tendercare. Her diet is so bland that a cookie or two is very welcomed!
She came back from her treatment with gifts from the center. They had had a
party afterwards and she ate pigs in a blanket and had CAKE! She was so excited.
Her granddaughter showed up with her husband for a visit and we had
another party in her room. I called later and the Rn told me she was "KONKED
OUT" in her room by 5 PM. What a day she had! Smile They put her to bed early.
Well that’s up to date with things here. I have a massive job ahead of cleaning
up the house and delivering items to people here and there.