Daily Archives: December 23, 2009


I have many rants but I won’t do that on this holiday Wednesday.Wink
It’s a delivery day today all the goodies I made yesterday will
disappear from my kitchen table. Less to tempt me that’s for sure. Smile
Glad all that baking stuff is over until the turkey on Friday. Yes..Sis
and I are having dinner with mom, I am cooking for the leftovers
so I don’t have to worry about food for a couple of days. I love my
crockpot!! When you come home the place smelllls wonderful!!


Mom has a treatment today and I hope it is going well. There is
a big party with a gift exchange at her "house" this afternoon
and I hope she can stay awake to enjoy it. She just can’t believe
everyone in there gets a present! Elves have spent days wrapping
them all. Sis and I went to volunteer but they were already done.
They work fast. The social worker called me at home yesterday
and told me that next week Mom will be losing her "HOUSE"
she will be moved into a room with another woman. Sad
She was so happy with the room to herself. She loved looking
out the window and eating at the big table there. Now things
will change. We will see how she adapts. The worker told me
they were"downsizing" and that part of the wing she is in will
NOT be used any longer. They just have too many in a room
by themselves. Makes more work for the aides I guess.
If she cannot adapt or is unhappy, can’t sleep or feels claustrophobic
we will have to bring her back here at home and I will get
help to take care of her here. NOT the news I wanted this holiday
but we will deal with it best we can. Confused


Biggest news here is an ice and rain storm is coming. It will hit
on Christmas Eve day and night and by the time it is all over,
we will have NO SNOW. We don’t have all that much here and
all that rain will make all the white disappear. I will take the rain..
I just hope the ice doesn’t cause too much damage. Last time we
had ice the power was off for at least 4 hours. Not a happy thought over
the holidays.