Daily Archives: December 24, 2009



It is the season of Miracles. I got onelast year..I know how it feels. This
year it’s truly amazing that we are still living in this home here on Cass
street. Mom isn’t present.. at least YET.. could be soon, we just don’t know.
It depends on a lot of things.. so we wait and see.  If she cannot cope in
her new situation she will be coming home. She has improved
and is stronger than she was and the fact that at her age she is going
and doing dialysis 3 times a week is truly a miracle too. It was something she
really didn’t want to do and wasn’t planning on doing, but she is. We are truly
blessed to have her with us this Christmas. Red heart


At this season I am reminded that we lost a wonderful Spaces friend this year
in our "GRIZZLY AL". Although we didn’t know Al for long. he really made an
impression on us all. His sudden passing was a shock and left us missing
his wonderful stories and joking ways. He was a blessing to us all, someone
we won’t forget. I know that his spirit is with us here in our spaces family.
Everytime I look at nature, those deer crossing in the winter fields I think of him
and say a prayer for his family who truly misses him at this time of year. The link
above goes to his old space and there are many pictures and stories there
that the family have shared with us. He truly was a very talented man. 
This Christmas Eve day I hope you all are safe and happy with family and
friends and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!!!!