Daily Archives: December 30, 2009




This sure has been a year of changes for our family. When I look back even
6 months ago I am so surprised at how much has happened to us. Last year
we were not sure if we would still be living here at the homestead. We still
are. Mom got sick and had pneumonia for several months in the winter and
recovered only to be stricken by her gallbladder attack and surgery and
eventual kidney dialysis. WHEW.. that is a lot for us to take in. We have met
some wonderful people and dedicated indivuals who have tirelessly helped
us in so many ways. We have tried to show them how much we appreciate
their efforts. So many doctors and nurses we can hardly count them. I have had
such warm, generous, caring people here at Spaces sending me their thoughts
and prayers it is overwhelming. I TRULY appreciate it more than I can say in words.
YOU ALL ARE SO SPECIAL….Red heart Smile Red heart THANK YOU!!!!  Left hugRight hug
Having mom
reside elsewhere for the first time in over 55 years was a big change. She coped
with it because she had a private room and called it her "house". Now more
changes have occured. The care center had to move her to another room
with a roommate. Mom is not adjusting to it well. She did not sleep much
at all last night and did not eat well today all day long. She said she feels
closed off and doesn’t like it. She spends little time in the room at all
and is exhausted.  She has been placed
on the top of the list to be moved ASAP when an open room is available. Until
then, it is all up in the air.Thinking If she continues to not cope we will have to make

more changes. Bringing her home is the next option. I am making changes here
in case that is needed. So I have been very busy.Disappointed


The new year is upon us…
I can only pray that 2010 is a
better year for us all here,we could sure use it. SO that’s what’s occupying my
time these days..not much on line time at all. I sure miss that. Sad 
 It sounds like the
weather here abouts won’t be too great for some over the holiday. I know I
am glad that we won’t be in the 12 inches of snow zone. Hoping we will only
get a few inches.