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The two things don’t mix. Everyone knows it.
You would think by now, 2010, that someone
or anyone would have some kind of soloution
to that problem. It is a tragedy that the people of
the Gulf Coast states sat and just waited for the
oil from that accident to drift to them and destroy
their livelihoods and coastline. Is it a good idea
to have MORE oil rigs set up along our coastlines? ..
I think not. IF they, and I say IF, they survive this disaster
this should serve as a message. IF you do not have
the means to stop oil from spreading to our protected
shoreline.. then DON’T put them up there. Simple logic.
Just my opinion on that.
Kentucky Derby Umbrella
I like to watch it. I don’t follow the horses and who’s is
the best. I think with a race that is so important to our
culture, it is crazy to run it in storms and rain. Like Oil
and Water… rain that bad does not mix with a very
important race. Horses can run in the rain. but shouldn’t
be running in heavy rain or thunderstorms. I hope they
make the right call tomorrow and save the horses from
a tragic outcome.Confused
OPRAH.. NO CELLPHONE  ZONE Mobile Phone   Mobile Phone
Like oil and water.. driving and texting and using
a cell phone do not mix.
Our Governor of Michigan will be on Oprah today
and she will sign into law, live on television, a
no cell phone zone. It allows the police force in
our state to stop ANYONE talking on a cellphone
or texting while driving. If anything can be said
for the last season of "OPRAH" on public television,
it would be how she helped keep people ALIVE by taking
a stand against cell phone useage while driving.
We are not talking about zero cell phones useage in a car..
we are talking not using it while driving.. which is the
best idea I have heard of in a long time. This truly will and
probably has saved many lives already. Bravo to our
governor for taking a stand too. It is a simple thing to
just pull over and stop your car if you "have to" answer
a call. More people should. Smile
Gorgeous day here today in Michigan and maybe
part of tomorrow to. Sun Sunny and 80 I am loving it.
I hope where you are it is a nice day too..


Here it is a few days before May 1st and there is white
frost on everything this morning, Sheesh tomorrow it will
be 80. Good Grief!  Spring in Michigan, you just
never know what will happen next. There are so many
flowers and plants blooming already it will be a shame if
the freeze is a bad oneWilted rose. Guess we just wait and see.Confused
Red rose  Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose   Red rose
Yesterday was a chore day.
Our schedule has been so mixed up.. most days we get
a call and have to leave early. Makes things pretty
unsettled around here. I try not to start something that I
have to put on hold until later. Makes baking and dinner planning
almost impossible. Thank God again for my crockpot! Smile
I guess I started something with this new kind of shoe with the
rocker sole. I have a lot more research to do on line about what
exactly they do for the body. I just know I feel better wearing mine
then when I wear the old shoes I had been wearing before.
Maybe they were supposed to be just for working out or
walking etc.. to tone you while you do it.
Yes, you can feel it working.. but more than that,
 I get relief in my back and that is
what was most important to me. Trends come and go and so we
shall see if this one sticks around or is just a phase.
Been busy making necklaces and bracelets still. Using up some of
the beads that I bought and creating unique one of a kind projects.
I noticed recently in the major stores, that simple beaded bracelets
go for quite a  bit of money nowdays. If you buy a set with
necklace and earrings.. you can be looking at 40 to 50 dollars.
Why do that when you can make your own? So it keeps me
occupied while I watch tv at night. This new schedule we are
on now is sure wonderful. I actually get to watch tv again and
enjoy some down time before bed. Mom and I both are resting
better and that’s a good thing! Things worked out okay in the end.
I sure don’t miss getting up at 4 AM like we were for sure.


Here is another view from my weekly travels.
I have no idea how those pink branches got into
that tree but it was eye catching for sure when
in full bloom. I spotted it on the way to my favorite
wifi spot about a block away. We had a lot of storms
this weekend with pretty heavy rain. I hate to think
of how stripped that tree is now. Glad I got the
photo before the storm.
BUSY day here, the sun will be out and in the 60’s. Glad too.
Traveling in the rain is not much fun.
I noticed that the shoes I got are now on sale… well sort of.
Buy one pair get another 50% off. Am I buying more? YES..
I certainly am. After walking in them the entire weekend.
I can give an honest opinion and say that.. they do work
for me and that is a good thing. Here is a LINK for them,
so you can read up on them for yourself.


Ever notice that things can be going just great
and then WHAM.. you tweak, stub or hit your
toe and a shock goes through you? Something
about your feet that just take the brunt of your
whole body weight. The pressure points for
your whole system are there on your feet.
They are on your hands as well, but something
about your feet.. well when they hurt
all over.

I thought it was new shoes. (I get a new pair of

shoes in the spring. Always something comfortable.
Never had a problem until this year.) All of the sudden..
I got a little toe that is killing me. I investigated and
it was swollen. Darn new shoes, long story short..
went back to the old ones. NO HELP.. it still hurt.
Ahhhh now we have a problem.. if it isn’t the shoes then
what?? After two weeks of limping around I finally
went out and bought another pair of shoes. This time
it was a pair of those new rocker sole therapy shoes. 
You have seen them advertised on tv. I didn’t buy
the high priced ones mind you, $100. is ridiculous!
These new shoes are wider in the toe area and really
do make you walk differently. When I first put them on
I thought… NO WAY..Thinking these feel terrible. I walked
around in the aisle with them on, Thinking amazing how
you feel like you are propelled forward and just glide
along. MY toe feels fine!! Got to be something to it!
Anyway.. just letting you know that you really can’t knock
new trends in shoes I guess until you try them out. They
are now making them in sandals too. Is this the new trend
of shoe? Maybe.. who knows.. worked for me!
Will be a wet day here today.. cool too.. ahh Spring at least
the pollen count will go down after the rain. Smile


To my shock the neighbor calls me and says."what’s going on
over there to your house?" I said.."Huh.. what do you mean?"
She says.. "the news is in front of your house!" Well you know me
by now.. I grabbed the camera before doing anything else.
Sure enough there sat the car and the crew was across
the street interviewing a local resident about the new
code law passed by the council to keep kids or people
from walking in the streets. The mayor said "no exceptions"
so the public safety officers were giving tickets out like
crazy and some of them "not real offenses." I mean if  a
person doesn’t have  a sidewalk to walk on how can you
ticket them.. right? Wrong.. they were giving tickets to anyone
walking in the street. Oh Boy.. what a hornet’s nest got stirred
up. It’s $110. for a jay walking ticket.. and most of them given to
juveniles whose parents have to pay! Did the kids know not to
walk in the street? YES.. the word got out and they did know but
they did it anyway. What do they care.. they are not paying the tickets.
It’s a big mess. The news outlets got wind of it and were interviewing
residents about the problems that have arisen. One local teen was taken
out of town to the county jail and her mother had to "bail" her out.
I think that was a case of her fighting with the officer over the ticket though.
The city council meeting this coming week will be a doozy. I won’t be home
in time but I will tape it to see what happens. I hope changes will be made
for the better.
As a  side note..
While the news crew was in town they were summonded to the middle school
two blocks from our house. Seems a 50 year old beloved teacher there had a
massive heart attack while preparing for his class and died before he could get
to the hospital in the next town 15 minutes away.We will never know if we HAD
a hospital whether his life could have been saved or not.Sad


Here is the latest place I stop to get my WiFi fix
I love the blooms and this tree was gorgeous right
now. Not so great for allergies, but great to look
at while you spend time on line. It’s sunny the last
few days but rain is looming for the weekend.
So far we have been lucky and nothing violent yet,
mother nature is saving that for May and June I guess.
Never fails I got gas at 2.98 and two days later when the tank
is full it goes to 2.89 when will I learn to just fill it half way and
wait. Thinking Biggest news in these parts is that the school board
decided to cut back 7 full time teachers and the schools here
are downsizing into to three buildings. More people will be
leaving due to no jobs. NBC had a special on the other night
about Detroit and how bad it is there. All I can say is .. every
word was true and GLAD I don’t live near there. Sad


What is happening with Spaces?? Are people leaving
and cutting back? Recently I have noticed that this seems
to be happening now.  Are people getting tired of blogging
and  moving on to a quicker type of communication? Maybe.
Twitter and Facebook are alive with action now. It’s one
of the reasons that I started a facebook account again.
I still don’t care for the applications and games there, but
I wanted to find out just how many of the spaces family
are there now. I was not surprised to find most of us
there. Leaving messages and keeping in touch with
each other. I found some people that I had not heard
from in a long time. Smile It is nice catching up with them.
I will NEVER abandon my space here, but don’t be surprised
if I the entries are not as often as  I have posted in the past.
Things change.. I am busier now than I have  ever been and
so I know it’s time to scale back here. I will continue to visit
and comment.. I will keep in touch at facebook and twitter.
So just wanted you all to know what was going on
here and so that said……………… Just know I say this
prayer for all of you….You are family and that is so