Thought I would change things up here some and
go blue. Those flowers are called cornflowers
or some people call them bachelor buttons. I was drawn
to how really brilliant blue they are in color. They originate
from Europe and boy in a wildflower garden they really
stand out. I saw some artifical flowers and thought
surely this flower is not THIS blue.. but it is. Wink When
I did some research on them I found that they do well
in containers and if pinched back they can keep on
blooming. They can be dried easily and used for
years to come in arrangements.
The only bug that bothers them is the aphid
and that can be controlled. So.. if you are in the mood
for blue.. this flower is for you.
As Mom and I drove up the driveway yesterday Mom
started yelling.. "what’s that?" I didn’t see what it was
but Mom did and she said. "that’s NO squirrel or cat!"
It ran in under our ramp and stayed there. Having a
history with skunks here I stayed inside the car and backed
the car down in the driveway. I sure wasn’t going to get
out the car with an unknown critter lerking about. Eye-rolling
So we sat there watching.. nothing happened.
Whatever it was was not budging. Confused So I slowly
walked up the driveway to the garage and
got a broom. ( AM I brave or what! ) Mom yelling
she was NOT getting out of the car! First I whacked
the wooden ramp, with the broom, from as far
away as possible. Embarrassed (chicken) Then I whacked
the under part of the ramp. Nothing!! Sarcastic The bugger
was probably terrified, but not moving. I couldn’t see
what it was at all. FINALLY I gave up and stuck the broom
under the ramp and out he ran.. A big fat groundhog!!
Good Grief. he couldn’t find a way out so he
dug under my fence with me watching. Dirt and
lava rocks flying everywhere. YES something
had been digging at my fence but I thought
it was the neighbors dog. Embarrassed Big mistake on my part.
We are two blocks from downtown.. this is not outside
the city limits.. but it is now becoming a major
area for all things wild. What’s next .. DEER????Eye-rolling
Well I repaired the big hole in my lava rocks
and hope he doesn’t come back but I won’t hold my
breath on that either. Sis laughed and said she thought
it was probably a gopher. I told her NO it was too large
to be one of those. I googled it to make sure and YEP
I was right.  Now if he could just tell us
when the last FROST would be around here that would
be great. Wilted rose Where was he when we needed some
guidance back in February??
Woke up this morning to white everywhere again. Down
into the upper 20’s last night..The furnace is running and
the winter jacket feels good. What a spring this is turning out
to be! Smile Red rose
Hope where you are things are sunny and you


I was a caregiver for the elderly on and off for over 30 years.I am now retired and enjoying a new life. I love blogging and have kept a personal journal for 40 years. I enjoy the freedom of being creative and interacting with the millions of other bloggers in the world.I love learning the new things that the computer world has to offer. I have made friends that will last a lifetime blogging, something I never ever thought would happen. I hope you enjoy my blog,and will continue to visit me in the future.

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  1. I love bachelor buttons. The blue is so pretty and they will grow anywhere.Groundhogs were a common site in my little town. I think they are nasty creatures.

  2. They are a beautiful flower. I’ve seen them before but didn’t know what they were called. Last year we had a ground hog coming to eat seeds under the bird feeder but I think he got into a fight or a trap someplace. The last time we saw him he was dragging his hind legs and haven’t seen him since. Be careful, they can get nasty.Have a great day

  3. Yes, let’s hope he’s gone for good. We had raccoons in our yard a couple years ago. Jack live trapped them and took them out to the country. Maybe I should get some of those flowers and plant them along the front of the rose bush bed. They would add pretty blue to the pink, red and yellow roses.

  4. Yupper…that’s a groundhog alright..plenty of the things around here along with all the other wildlife I’ve mentioned thru the years. Good part is, they won’t bother you if you walk up and they’re under there..they’ll just scare the dickens outta ya! 🙂

  5. A groundhog? I’ve got business with him…if he’s the one responsible for this lingering cold…it still doesn’t feel like winter completely left in these parts for goodness sake! We have plenty of deer and antelope around there though this year the flowers haven’t really gotten with it because of the unseasonable cold…usually the antelope love to eat the blossoms. I don’t understand the cold at all and worse it passes us and leaves things cold while it moves on to give other people floods and tornados…this weather is no good for anyone.

  6. I love it. When I lived in Charlevoix we were continually having deer running through down town. In Houghton, MI its not uncommon to have bear wandering around down town, so a ground hog… sounds kinda interesting…. poor thing was scared to death!!

  7. Not any of those guys in the city here but I do see skunks, rabbits and far too many squirrels but with the Cooper’s Hawks nesting in a tree two doors over, they are keeping themselves invisable most of the time. Oh I hear you about the cold. The roof of my neighbor’s garage was white with frost this morning. Brrr!! Back in March we had a day with the temps in the eighties and here last night they were down in the upper twenties. What’s up with that I wonder? Weather catastrophies everywhere. It makes a person wonder where it will go from here. I have had my furnace on for a few days now.Have a good day hun and watch out for those critters. LOL………………..Rusty ((HUGS))

  8. Oh those ground hogs can tunnel everywhere and under buildings and weaken the foundations. Wood chucks are a nuisance. Snow? Oh what strange weather we are having huh? Tornado alley is on alert today. Be well my friend and warm!

  9. Groundhogs can really be a problem. They like to get in under stuff and build their nest. I remember when I stayed with Margaret for month (as a child when my parents went to Australia—7th grade, I think), they had a ground hog living in their garage. He was enormous and Margaret’s Aunt had tried to get rid of him with a shotgun and he wouldn’t leave. They warned us to stay away from the garage and not mess with him! I’ve always had a great respect for groundhogs since then…Boy, that flower sure IS blue! Cool.

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